The flash of Life

December 7, 2017
By Emmett114 SILVER, Grundy Center, Iowa
Emmett114 SILVER, Grundy Center, Iowa
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"There comes a point where you no longer care if there's a light at the end of the tunnel or not you're just sick of the tunnel."-Ranata Suzuki

The screen is pitch black. The light slowly fills from the middle of the screen, spreading to the top and bottom as if someone were opening their eyes. We watch through the perspective of a teen lying in his bed. Looking around the room, we see a television, a dresser, a counter with DVDs and CDs scattered on it. We also spot a sketchbook with a journal beside it. We look over toward the nightstand beside us and the phone laying on it lights up; on the nightstand is a tipped over pill bottle empty and an unknown bottle. The screen focuses on the time displayed on the phone as it reads 8:17.


After a few moments, a white flash fills the screen and we see a family. A mother, a father, and two little boys. The children are around the same age; no older than eight. We hear no words only the sounds of the town in which they are living. We hear cars and honking along with wind blowing.  As we watch the family sitting in the yard of their house, we see that they are playing a game of cards.


The screen flashes black, and we see the younger brother sitting against a wall his head in his hands. As the camera pans around to the other side of the wall we see the parents are angry. They are yelling at one another furiously. The screen flashes black once more and we see as the two brothers get out of a car with duffel bags. As the camera pans to the house they are walking to, we see their father standing on the porch waving to them. The two brothers look back and wave goodbye to the mother as she pulls out of the driveway.


A white flash fills the screen; we are presented with the two brothers two years later. The two brothers are in the driveway of their mother’s home with a basketball. We watch as they play together for a few minutes. We see their mouths moving, speaking but we hear no words. The mother walks out, smiling as she sees the boys playing. We watch the younger brother push his older brother down and we hear laughter as the screen flashes white.


In a room, not knowing where more than likely their home. We see the younger of the two brothers is sitting watching his older brother smoking a pipe. The younger brother looks not sad or happy as he watches his brother. All we can hear is music playing in the background.


The screen flashes black. We see the two brothers both seeming angry. The older brother appears to be drunk with beer cans on the floor of the room. We see the two brothers yelling back and forth.


The screen flashes white, and we see the two brothers along with their father in a car. We see as the car drives down the road passing by buildings and other cars. They all appear to be rather happy. The younger brother sitting in the back. We see everyone's lips moving but hear nothing. After the older brother says something, the screen starts to flash black as we hear laughter.


In the father's home, we see the two brothers. The older brother goes to the kitchen, and we see the younger brother's face as the smile he has fades away. We see the older brother pour what he had in a pot on the stove into a mug. The younger brother looks a little disappointed as he watches his brother sip from the mug while walking back to the couch.


The screen flashes black, and we see the younger brother standing in the doorway of his older brothers room. The older brother is laying on the floor just beside his bed a blanket covering half of his body and clothes scattered around the room, as the camera zooms in slowly onto the older brothers face we see his eyes are open. Zooming out we watch as the younger brother steps toward his brother lying on the ground. Slowly, he kneels down beside his brother and reaches out a hand touching his brother. He pulls his hand back, holding it with his other hand and looks at it before looking back to his brother. We see as the realization takes over his face and his mouth drops. The younger brother on his knees grabs his brother pulling him into his arms his brother’s head laying on his left arm. We watch as the younger brother looks into his brother’s eyes. The screen fades to black as we see the younger brother look up at the sky his eyes squeezed shut as he begins to scream.


The screen flashes black; we see the young brother dressed up as he walks towards a funeral home with his father. As he walks inside, he sees his mother and walks over hugging her. The young brother walks into another room and we see an open coffin. We watch as he takes a deep breath, exhales and walks towards the coffin as the screen flashes black.


The young brother gets out of the driver side of his car and walks over to his brother’s grave. He pulls a letter from his pocket along with a lighter. As he gets down sitting on his knees he lights the edge of the letter laying it on the grave as it burns. The screen zooms into the letter that reads “I miss you.”


The screen flashes white and we see the younger brother at his school. He is sitting with a small group of people and they are all talking happily. He looks at his phone seeing the date. The screen flashes black, and we see the brother lying in his bed clutching a pillow. He reaches out and grabs his phone lighting it up we see his face red and wet with tears. The camera looks at the screen of the phone to see the date as the same from the previous scene.


The screen flashes white, and we see the brother with the same group of friends. This time he isn’t smiling while his friends are. He is simply looking at them, his face blank as he looks down keeping to himself.


The screen flashes black and the brother is at his father’s home. His dad walks in as he is sitting on the couch. His dad is clearly drunk having a hard time walking. As soon as the young brother sees his dad, we watch his face overcome with fear. We see the father yell as he walks over and hits the boy. Once, twice, repeatedly hits the boy until finally he stops, and yells something else and walks off to his room. The camera pans down looking up at the boy’s face. He is crying as he holds his head in his hands.


The screen flashes white, and we see the boy get out of his dad’s car and waves goodbye as he walks towards his mother’s house. The screen flashes black and we see the young brother ignoring people trying to talk to him as he walks through the halls at school people he would normally talk with. The screen flashes black and we see as the brother picks up his phone and go to snap chat. He messages a handful of people. The message says “Hey, if you could talk, I could really use someone.” The screen flashes black once more; we see as he picks up his phone going to snapchat his face red and covered with tears. As snapchat opens, we see all the messages he sent have been read and all ignored.


A black flash covers the screen and we see the young brother sitting on his couch in his room in the basement. As the screen pans to his back, we see him on his phone. The screen zooms in closer and we see he is looking at a photo of his brother. The screen comes back to the front of the young brother looking at him head on we see a tear run down his face as he puts down the phone and grabs a knife from his coffee table. The camera pans to his side, and we watch as he puts the open blade to his scarred arm. The screen fades a black flash covers the screen and we are in the original room watching the brother alone in his room sitting on his little couch beside his bed. He has music playing as he is leaning forward over the table in front of his couch writing in the journal that was beside the sketchbook we saw. The screen pans around to the back of the young boy and slowly zooms in closer we see over his shoulder and we see the paper full of words as he is writing at the bottom of the page. We can see his left hand holding the paper not quite obvious but it is covered with scars. Just beside the paper is a bundle of bloody bandages. The screen focuses and the most prominent words we see are at the top of the page the letters bigger than the others. The words read simply “Forgive Me. I Am Sorry.” The screen flashes black and we are back to the same visual as the movie started we start blinking slowly as if our eyelids are heavier and can barely stay open now. We look down as we are lying in the bed. As our left hand comes into screen we start to see red. We see blood covering our hand slightly and on the bed sheets. As our arm comes into sight we see it covered in blood. Bleeding from the middle covering our arms the blood soaking into the bed sheets. Finally, we look over to our right side looking towards our shoulder and slowly looking down our arm towards our hand. In the right hand is an open knife the blade dripping, lightly covered with blood. As the screen begins getting darker we look back to the nightstand, the screen focusing on a framed picture of the young brother alongside his brother and his father when they were younger and they are all smiling. The screen darkens and darkness begins crawling over the screen approaching the middle from both the top and bottom of the screen as if eyes are closing. Just before the screen is unable to be seen clearly the phone comes into view. The time reading 8:18. As the screen goes black we hear two words. “I’m sorry.” Once the screen goes black after a few moment the national suicide prevention lifeline 1-800-273-8255 fades in. Underneath it reads the words “Everyone is fighting an invisible battle no one else can truly comprehend. Be there for someone so that one day they may be there for you.” The words being voiced over as they appear on the screen.

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