just a co-win-sa-dance

November 28, 2017
By grace.schoen1 SILVER, Louisville , Kentucky
grace.schoen1 SILVER, Louisville , Kentucky
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{The scene opens to a car driving across a neighborhood street in Arizona. The family has just come back from the doctor’s office. Inside the car, we hear only the faint sound of music playing to try and lighten the tension rising. They stay in silence because no one knows what to think let alone say. A young boy of 6 sits in the backseat, his name is Liam. He is small for his age, he has light brown hair with hazel eyes. He is wearing a blue t-rex shirt with jean shorts. He is very shy and gets anxious very easily. he sees his father’s straight face through the front mirror of the car. He can feel tears forming, but quickly tries to suck them back. He already sees dried tears on his mother’s face. He believes he should stay strong for her. After a few more minutes pass, the family pulls up the drive way. The young boy quickly exists the car and gets to the front door as fast as he can to avoid eye contact with his parents. When he enters his room, tears he was holding back silently drip down his cheeks. We quietly hear his large golden retriever enter his room and lay his head on the boy’s thigh.}

Liam: That man told me it wasn’t my fault... {the dog whines as he gently rubs his head.}
Liam: but, my belly still hurts. Like, when I know I did something bad. {he shuts his eyes tightly as he tries to stop the tears falling, the dog licks his knee to show comfort.}
{he suddenly gets from his bed, the dog jumps backward and follows him as he exists his bedroom. We slowly start to see him walk down a short hallway and enter a new bedroom. An unfinished bedroom... some walls have the same grey painting from before; while some have a new coat of pink paint. His toes feel the fresh new carpet underneath, while his eyes bring him to a large white crib in the corner of the nursery. He sits down gently, crossing his legs; his hands begin to fidget and shake, which causes him to get frustrated.}
Liam: stop it, stop it! My belly hurts, please I just want to feel better! he said it’s not my fault… {his mind begins to repeat itself.} it’s not my fault, it’s not my fault, it’s not my fault!
{tears are dripping from his chin onto his hands and the new carpet, the dog lays his head down on his lap and begins to whine again. We suddenly hear the door creak to reveal the boy’s father. We can see small tears forming in the back of his eyes but, he won’t let them come out.}
Dad: Liam… what are you doing in here?  {he jumps, quickly turning around to reveal his tear stained face. his father’s face softens; we then see his father move into the bedroom and sit next to his son. He silently lifts his son into his own lap. He hugs him gently and kisses his temple.}
Dad: What’s the matter scout? (quietly into son’s hair)
Liam: I know you and mommy are mad.
{Liam’s father lifts his head and looks at his son’s face.}
Dad: Liam, honey we are not mad at you for what happened… what happened-
Liam: I wished it.
Dad: What? What do you mean you wished it? What did you wish for?
Liam: {beat} I wished for mommy not to have the baby.
{his father’s eyebrow moves closer together in confusion. He moves his face closer to Liam’s to have a better look of his face.}
Liam: I got the idea from watching that movie.
Dad: Which movie?
Liam: The one where the man makes his puppet alive.
Dad: You mean… Pinocchio?
Liam: Yeah… I saw him wish for his puppet to be a real boy, and when I saw that pretty fairy make the wish come true, I thought I would wish for something I wanted too. But I didn’t think it would work! I did because I was scared, that mean boy at school told me once mommy had the baby that you wouldn’t love me anymore because you had a new baby to love. And I know you said not to listen to him and that’s he’s just being a {he says as if his body rejects the word} jerk. and I just- I just don’t want you to be mad at me…please, I’m so sorry daddy. I’m sorry-
{his dad stops him from saying anything else. He hugs Liam tightly, bringing his whole body into his chest. His father now has tears fall from his eyes.}
Dad: (voice cracks as if he was holding back tears.) Liam, don’t you dare even think for one second that me or mommy would ever not love you. Don’t you blame yourself for what happened; yes, mommy and I wanted to have this baby and we were very excited. But, I don’t think you wishing the baby away made what happened, happen. I think it was just a coincidence of some sorts.”
Liam: what’s a co-win-sa-dance? {he said this muffled into his father’s shirt.}
Dad: {chuckles} a coincidence (puts emphasis onto.), is when something happens by chance. So, yes, you wished the baby away, but son the baby wasn’t going to survive anyway… the baby was {beat} “sick.”
Liam: Why?
Dad: I don’t know why bad things happen, but it happened; I don’t want you ever believing it was because of you though.
{Liam begins to cry silently into his father’s shirt, gripping onto the fabric tightly}
Liam: I’m sorry...
{Liam’s father begins to stroke his head and lifts him and Liam up and exits the bedroom. We see his father carry his son to his own bedroom the golden retriever following close behind.}
Dad: you’re something special scout, you know that? And you know what, it was never your fault-
Liam: (softy) just a co-win-sa-dance
       ( Liam’s father smiles as he enters his son’s bedroom, the scene beginning to fade into black as the door closes.)


The author's comments:

this is a dramatic monolouge put in the perspective of a young child 

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