Unexpected Murder

November 26, 2017
By theatregeek27 BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
theatregeek27 BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
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Cast of Characters
ELENA: Middle aged business woman, Blonde dumb
BONNIE:  Woman detective, very intimidating
SILAS: Muscular looking business woman, Kind of scary






(The sounds of a crackling TV are heard. The volume starts low but begins to rise, making the TV crackling louder. A woman is portrayed on the TV screen with a microphone in hand. Behind her lie New York City’s busy streets.)
BONNIE: (Speaking into the microphone) my name is Bonnie Wright; I am an investigator for New York Police Department. Twenty-Three murders have taken place. Be alarmed as you walk the streets at night. Stay safe and you won’t be the next victim. We are doing everything we can to find this murderer. Thank you.
(The sound of the crackling TV is ceased. The setting changes to an office. In the office there is a big window that looks out to New York City. A woman was sat in a chair looking very nervous. A man walks inside the office and greets the woman)
ELENA: Good morning sir! My name is Elena Evans. I am here for the job interview.
SILAS: (shakes Elena’s hand while speaking) Of course you are ma’am. I am Silas, the boss of this magazine company. I will be your interviewer today.
(Silas sits across from Elena in a big desk chair. He pulls out paper and starts writing notes.)
SILAS:  Elena is what you said your name is?
ELENA:  Yes, That is right
(Silas continues writing notes nodding his head up and down as Elena speaks)
SILAS:  Why would you like to work here Elena?
ELENA: Well, as a kid I would write stories all the time. I just love writing. It makes me feel better when I’m down. I believe having a job as a writer would be a great opportunity for me.
SILAS: Great. The job is all yours! Welcome to New York Times Magazine. Now I just need you to write down your number right here and you will start Monday morning.
(Elena acts surprised but writes down her number as told and hands the paper to Silas. Silas snatches the paper and leaves the room)
ELENA: Hey! Wait- (The door shuts before she can finish her sentence)
(The setting changes to a living room inside of an apartment. Bonnie and Elena are sitting on the couch speaking. The room is rather dark.)
BONNIE: He just gave you the job after asking only one question?
ELENA: (critical-astonished tone) Yeah, It’s amazing.
BONNIE: More like suspicious to me.
(A phone goes off in Elena’s pocket. Elena picks it up and reads the text sent to her out loud)
ELENA: Hey Elena, Its Silas, Meet me for coffee in 10 minutes.
(Elena looks over in confusion, a sense of something ominous)
BONNIE: Last time I checked you are not supposed to have your boss’s number.
(Bonnie gets up and walks towards the kitchen. Alarmed, Elena steps in front of her blocking her way)
ELENA: Well, I am going to meet him. Who knows? It could be about my new job
BONNIE: Just be careful Elena. He could want anything
(The scene changes to New York City streets. Elena enters stage left as Silas enters stage right. They both walk downstage center)
ELENA: (smiling) Long time no see.
SILAS: (laughing) Nice to see you too Elena
ELENA: (sarcastically) let’s pretend it’s not weird to invite your new employee out for coffee at 8 o’clock at night.
SILAS:  Maybe I just wanted to see a pretty face like yours
ELENA:  (flattered) I can’t pretend that didn’t flatter me
SILAS: Shall we?
(Silas and Elena exit the stage together. Bonnie enters stage left and crosses to center stage. Behind her the apartment living room is set up.)
BONNIE: (speaking to the audience) Months have passed now, Elena and Silas have grown close. I barely even see her anymore she is always working or on a date with Silas. That is not the only thing keeping me down, the number of murders is increasing by the minute and I am nowhere close to cracking the case. People are depending on me to figure this case out and I don’t even have one lead besides thirty five dead bodies.
(Bonnie sits down on the couch as a door opens, entering Elena. Bonnie stands back up and faces Elena)
BONNIE: (Very stern) Elena where have you been its two in the morning.
ELENA: (with attitude) I was out. When did you become my mother?
BONNIE: I’m not your mother; I’m just worried about you. Why haven’t you been coming home after work? You have missed our Friday movie night tradition 4 times in a row now.
ELENA: I’ve been going out with Silas Bonnie its nothing to worry about. You’re overreacting
BONNIE: Oh I am? I am trying to tell you are being a horrible friend. I blame Silas for it and if you want to continue to be my friend and live in my apartment you are going to stop seeing Silas.
ELENA: That’s not fair!
BONNIE: Then get out.
ELENA: No! Bonnie listen, I’m sorry. Let’s talk about this calmly. I’m going to go get you some water and we can talk okay?
(Elena walks to the kitchen area of the small apartment set. She fills a glass of water and then pulls out a little glass bottle with poison written on it. She pours the liquid of the glass bottle into Bonnie’s water then takes it to Bonnie, Who takes small sip)
BONNIE: I’m sorry I ye-
(Before Bonnie can finish her sentence she begins to choke as the poison enters her body. She falls off the couch as the poison kills her she goes limp)
ELENA: You cannot control who I see now.
(Elena exits the scene dragging Bonnies lifeless body off stage right. A knock is heard from the door and Elena comes rushing back in to answer. She opens the door revealing Silas who enters the room and sits on the couch)
SILAS: Elena we need to talk.
ELENA: Then talk to me
SILAS: First we should sit down. I’ll get us some water.
(Elena sits down on the couch as Silas makes his way to the kitchen. He pulls out a glass and fills it with water. He then looks around to make sure Elena is not watching. He pulls out a bottle reading poison and dumps it into the glass of water. He then takes the glass to Elena and sits next to her on the couch.)
ELENA: You have something to tell me remember?
SILAS: Oh right. Well Elena we have been getting closer over this past month. I really like you.
ELENA:I really like you too Silas.
(Elena takes a huge gulp of her drink. As Silas begins to speak, Elena starts choking.)
SILAS: But sadly I don’t like you enough to not murder you like the rest of them. It was nice knowing you. Oh and thank you for taking care of the investigator for me. Night Night. (Evil laugh)
(Elena falls off the couch and dies.  Silas exits stage right and the scene ends with a blackout)\

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