The Guy on the Roof

November 17, 2017
By saqibsyed187 BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
saqibsyed187 BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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I was just laying on my roof top of the apartment building minding my own business. Doing assignments, studying, doing my own stuff, etc. The sun burns on my skin as it slowly heats up, trying to not to pay attention to it as I do my own things, oh gosh.
POLICE OFFICER: (With megaphone) Hey you! On the rooftop, what are you doing?
ME: I'm just working. I´m not doing anything wrong!
POLICE OFFICER: Can you come down, I have a few questions to ask you.
ME: Do I have to? I? in the middle of completing an assignment.
POLICE OFFICER: Yes you have to. You´re on a roof top.
ME: Struggling to get down the building using the ladder carrying all of my belongings.
POLICE OFFICER: What where you doing on the rooftop?
ME: I was doing homework. What was wrong about that?
POLICE OFFICER: You're not suppose to be on top of buildings unless you're doing construction or any type of work.
ME: But I wasn't doing anything wrong. I was doing homework and studying.
POLICE OFFICER: I don't care what you where doing. You´re not suppose to be up there. Got it?
ME: Got it.
ME: The next day, I decide to do the same thing, climb up the building with my stuff, finish my homework and stuff. When I finished, I study my notes and homework some more. This time I try to not get noticed.
POLICE OFFICER: When the police car was driving around, the officer got out of the car and started to look around when the officer somehow decided to look up and then saw me on the roof. (With megaphone) Hey you! On the roof! (Once the officer saw my face, he was surprised) Didn't I tell you not to be there yesterday?!
ME: Uh, yes, but I have good excuse, I had work to do and needed some quiet.
POLICE OFFICER: Can you come down here, I need a private conversation with you.
ME: I slowly climb down the building with my belongings. You called?
POLICE OFFICER: I have to search your bag for any weapons or anything dangerous.
ME: You can´t, you need a warrant to search my bag.
POLICE OFFICER: The police officer took out a warrant.
ME: Wow.
So the police officer made me clean out my bad to make sure nothing bad was in it.

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