November 17, 2017
By Jaylie BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Jaylie BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Working on Conflict: Playwriting/Dialogue Scene
A mom talking to her child who she abandoned 20 years ago. Crystal is her child name, because she and her husband hope her child could be as shine as crystal. She tried to contact Crystal months ago and she didn’t reply any until she heard that this woman will die in a few months. Her mom Olivia has cancer and there are only 6 months or less time for her. The last thing she wants to do is to see her children even though she didn’t grow her up.

M: “ Emm, how’s everything going”?
D: “ Don’t you think it’s too late to say this”?
M: “ I am not here to ask you forgive, and I just want to know something about your life”.
D: “ Okay, I am doing so well WITHOUT YOU”.
M: “ I know that you hate me.  This is what I deserved for all the things I did”.
D: “ I come here is not because I am trying to talk with you but my mom ask me to do that. She is the most kind person in the world, and I only have one mom, only her”!
M: “ I know that I don’t deserve to be your mom, and I will never wish you to call my mom”.
D: She She glanced at this woman“ Oh, then I’m so glad you know that. All the things you said are absolutely right.
M: “ I come to here is because I hope you can understand why I did that”.
D: “ I don’t want to know anything about you. Please just leave me away like what you did before”.
M: “ Crystal, I...I know I shouldn’t to meet you again. But I just want to tell you what happen for the past years. I wasn’t attempt to give up you.
D: “ Do you think I will believe your make up story? No, Never”!
M: “Please just give me sometime and listen to me. I think you also don’t remember your father anymore. He was gone when you was young”.
D: “ Okay, maybe you don’t understand. I don’t need someone waited decades to tell me who is my father and mother. I have dad and mom, and they are all nice and kind”!
M: “ Please just give me 15 minutes to explain what happen these years. I and your father met each other in college and we fall in love with each other. Then we got married after we graduate from college. We had you on the third year after we married. Your father was a businessman and his dream was to travel around the world. So he went to Africa when you was 3 years old, he tried to across the north Sahara with his friends. But, unfortunately they  encountered sandstorm and none of them survive. People can’t even find their body. At that time, I had no idea what I should do. I was afraid to raise a child by myself. I also can’t believe your father just gone like that. So I decided to go to Africa to follow his footsteps and knew about his journey. Because you so too young, I can not bring you to there. I asked my uncle to take care of you for a month. However, when I came back, my uncle’s whole family was died in an car accident and you just disappeared. I looked everywhere, but no one knew where did you go”.
D: have a moment contemplation. “ Stop making a story, my life was not a drama and I would not believe any words you just said. Even all your words are true, I still only have one mom forever. I already live without you and all of your story for years, then why you still tried to disturb my life. I can live very well without you. You already ruined my life once, why you came here to ruin it again. Can’t you just let me go, I am so tired for this. I don’t care who I am or who my blood bond families are; it’s all doesn’t matter to me. I just trying to be happy with my family right now”.
M: “ I am so sorry that I made you feel painful again. I shouldn’t tell you anything but I just don’t want you hate your dad. He loved you so much and you are the princess for him. You brought so much happiness for us, but we only brought pain to you. I so sorry that I was not a good mom or can’t even be your mom. I know I will die soon, so it might be the last time i see you. Hope you will be happy and tell your parents I said thank you for their helping”.
D: Frown for a second with infinite sadness and painful. “ Okay, I am glad you think that. They also don’t need you to thank you, who do you think you are. My mom? Or what? Who ever you are, please just get away from me”.
M: “ I feel so sorry but I love you”>

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