Yes or No?

November 13, 2017
By Faithmjc GOLD, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Faithmjc GOLD, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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Setting takes place on an empty city sidewalk in the dark of night. A wealthy couple is walking together, visibly annoyed. The woman, is in an expensive dress with jewels covering her from head to toe. The man is in a tailored suit, wears pricey shoes and watch. The couple has just left a restaurant, and are on their way home. There is a couple of cars out on the streets, expensive and new. Street lights are faint and it is quiet, except for the sounds on cars screeching around the corner.  The roads are wet from recent showers, and the sewers are overflowing with leftover water from the previous storms.

Olivia: Of course we had to go to (snarkily) that restaurant.

Julian: (rolls his eyes) What was wrong with it? I thought you loved their garden salad.

Olivia: Oh I was enjoying it, before you asked to taste their entire wine selection.

Julian: You have a problem with what I drink now?

Olivia: No. I have a problem with the tawdry blonde waitress you were flirting with every time she came back with a new bottle.

Julian: Oh come-

Olivia: Don’t even try to deny it. I saw the way you looked at her. (scrunching her face, disgusted) And the way she giggled at your offensive jokes.

Julian: I’m entitled to talk to who I want, am I not? Because as I recall I am a grown man who can make his own decisions and speak to whoever I wish.

Olivia: (annoyed) Not in front of your wife! Do you know how embarrassing it is to watch your husband try to impress the staff.

Julian: Liv, calm down. Everytime I make simple conversation with another woman, you freak out.

Olivia: (sarcastically) I'm sorry if I struggle to trust you, but when a guy cheats on his wife some people have trouble forgiving that!

Julian: That was 5 years ago! I don't even remember her name.

Olivia: (whispers, barely audible) Sydney.

Julian: What?

Olivia: (sounds extremely annoyed) Her name, was Sydney.

Julian: Olivia, I’ve apologized a thousand times. What else do you want from me?

Olivia: (sighs) I don't know anymore.

Julian: Well you want to know, what I know?

Olivia: Not really.

Julian: (he ignores her, and continues) I know that I’m sick and tired of you using things from the past against me. I should’ve known you would lecture me about this, you never let things go.

Olivia: And I should have known that you were exactly how my mother described you to be.

Julian: Oh no. Don't bring your mother into this.

Olivia: She warned me that the pretty ones always turn out to be hideous on the inside.

Julian: Then by her logic she should look like Marilyn Monroe.

Olivia: (Gasps) Don’t you dare speak about my mother like that!

Julian: She’s terrible Liv! She’s tearing us apart, filling your head with awful things about me! I can’t believe you’re foolish enough to listen to her.

In shock, Olivia gasps and is left speechless. The couple stops in the middle of a dark and gloomy alley. Julian leaning against a wall, hands in his pocket. Olivia is fuming and you can almost see the smoke coming out of her ears. She breathes out heavily and turns from Julian. Julian continues to roll his eyes and looks over at the street to his left, watching as the cars go by. Drops of rain slowly hit the ground from the old and rusted pipes above their heads.

Olivia: Well maybe she’s right, Julian. Maybe she’s right.

Julian: (laughs snarkily) How typical. Taking anyone's side, except for mine.

Olivia: You haven’t given me a reason to.

Julian: What’s that supposed to mean?

Olivia: (she sighs, looks down at her shoes, not making eye contact) I don't know.

Julian: (angrily) Well when you figure it out, by all means Liv, tell me.

There is a short pause between the two. She focuses on a beaten up box with black hearts printed on it in a corner. Olivia is pensive and forgets why she is angry for a couple of seconds. Julian is silent and remorseful. He doesn’t dare look up at Olivia.

Olivia: (voice becomes low, her anger has faded) Was it always this hard?

Julian: Was what always hard?

Olivia: Loving each other. Was it always this hard?

Julian: (in a calmer voice) Liv, loving you has always been hard. When we are together, we fight and scream, but when we are apart I’m empty. Losing you has never been an option.

Olivia: No, you’re wrong, it used to be different. We were happy together.We went on picnics, you wrote me love notes, and I made you you're favorite meals. We were in love.

Julian: (shocked, can barely speak the words) Were? We are in love, I love you.

Olivia: (holding back tears) No, this isn’t love.

Julian: (unable to conceal his pain) Olivia, do you still love me?

Olivia fidgets with the bottom of her dress,  she becomes anxious, unable to piece together what she wants to say. Julian steps towards her.

Julian: (quietly) Just say it.

Olivia: I.. I.. don't know.

Julian: (yelling) You don’t know? Olivia how am I supposed to work off of that? This is a yes or no question!

Olivia: I think we should take a break.

Julian: (forcefully) No. Absolutely not. This is marriage, not a childish highschool relationship, you cannot just walk away.

Olivia: Julian, what we are doing, it isn’t healthy.

Julian: Have you not been listening to a word I’ve said? I love you!

Olivia: Then why don’t you act like it! Because as far as I’m concerned you aren’t in love with me if you can casually flirt with waitresses like it’s not a big deal!

Julian: This is ridiculous. You are ridiculous. I won’t stand here and listen to you whine about every little thing I do. And I sure as hell won’t stand here and help you figure out whether you love me or not!

Julian storms out of alley, Olivia  following. He walks up to a parking meter and puts his hands down on it and lays his head down in despair, thinking. Olivia stands speechless behind him focusing on the few cars that are screeching around the corner. Rain drops start to fall.

Olivia: Everything has changed. We aren’t good for each other anymore.

These words run right through Julian’s ear drums piercing everything inside them. His heart throbs and the air is foggy. Rain drops hit Julian’s back like blood dripping off  a knife.

Julian: (Whispering) You don’t mean that.

Olivia: I’m so-

Julian: (In a higher pitched voice) You can’t not love me anymore. It's not possible, you took a vow!

Olivia: And so did you, you promised to be faithful but you broke that vow.

Julian: It was one night, a dumb mistake. Why can't you just forget it already!

As soon as those words leave his mouth, Olivia's hand connects with his face, leaving his cheek stinging and red.

Olivia: (extremely angry) Forget it? How could I possibly forget that!

There is a long silence. Julian looks Olivia straight in the face emotionless. Olivia breaks the staring contest by walking out into the shoulder of the road to get in their car. Julian still stands shocked for a few seconds.

Julian: I didn’t plan for it to happen, it’s not my fault that you were gone for so long. You took a damn cruise with your mother, and left me behind.

Olivia: (Laughs) I can’t believe I thought you could change. But you still can't even admit that this was your fault. You blame me for spending time with my mother, as the cause of your affair.

Julian walks out onto shoulder approaching his wife. He wipes away her tears and pushes her hair back behind her ear.

Julian: I…(he sighs)

Olivia: (quietly) I can't believe I thought you would change for us.

The tension builds up again between the two. Julian stops caressing her hair and steps back.

Julian: (shocked) Did you say ‘us’?

Julian moves closer to Olivia, trying to read the expression on her face. Olivia turns away, avoiding eye contact with her husband.

Olivia: I was trying to tell you at dinner, but you were too busy drooling over the waitress to listen. I… I’m pregnant.

Julian: You're pregnant! We are going to be parents!

Olivia: No. ‘We’ are nothing now.

Julian: You can't shut me out! I’m the father!

Olivia: Watch me.

Julian: I swear Olivia I’ll take you to court, and we both know I’ll win.

Olivia: No, you won’t because… (extremely hesitant) you’re not the father.

Something inside Julian snaps, he steps back in shock and desperately searches Olivia’s face for a hint of the woman he thought knew. The joy and sadness he was feeling falls away, leaving only anger to take its place.

Olivia: I had hoped this baby would bring us closer, but tonight I realized that you would be a terrible father and I would gladly be a single mother rather than spend another minute with you.

Olivia storms away in anger. Julian is close behind. Olivia stops at the street corner waiting for a taxi. She would rather let a stranger drive her home than her husband.

Julian: So that’s it? You’re just going to walk away? And you telling me we’ll never work even though I have desperately been trying to fix things between us?

Olivia: Yes, Julian. I’m sorry, but this is unfortunately how it had to end. Taxi!

Olivia flags over a taxi she sees in the distance. Meanwhile Julian is enraged off in the distance trying to process all of this. He is too mad to think about anything, but violence. He then looks at the oncoming taxi cab and quickly approaches Olivia.

Julian: (whispering) You know, you really shouldn’t have said that. I can’t have people knowing you want to leave me...

Olivia: Julian what’re you...NO-

Julian pushes Olivia right in front of the oncoming taxi cab. She makes direct contact with the car and dies almost instantly. The driver brakes and has an expression of horror on his face. Julian-realizing what he has just done-gets in his car and drives away from the “accident” leaving his wife dead on the street. Olivia lies motionless on the street covered in blood from head to toe. The driver gets out of car, looks at Olivia, then gets back in the car only to drive off leaving her.

The author's comments:

I wrote this script with my friend Alexa Diamant, who contributed so much to this piece. Thanks Alexa :)

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