November 8, 2017
By Nickelodeon BRONZE, Hebron, Kentucky
Nickelodeon BRONZE, Hebron, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
You may have your friends for life, but you have your family for eternity.

Cast of Characters

Desmond (Des): A 17 year old teenager trying to pass senior year. Multiple encounters of drama and childish people. Takes bullying, but doesn’t fight back. No one seems to like him, until one day he makes a friend, but what he doesn’t realize is that he has more friends than he thinks he does. Desmond is also a hard worker in class, but he has his moments of anger.

Valkyrie (Val): A teenager like Desmond and close to the same age. Just a bit younger. She’s been bullied in middle school and now that she is a high schooler and a sophomore she will not tolerate anyone, nor bullies. She’s very blunt and will help anyone when she can.  She doesn’t even know that she and Desmond will be best friends. Goofs off a little in class, but works most the time. Also, moments of anger when something makes her mad. Great friends with Azel.

Azel: A friend of Val, best friends really. They are like family. He sits and literally does nothing besides goofs of in class or sleeps most the time. Somehow he still passes. Azel is a junior, really should be a senior. He becomes best friends with Desmond before Valkyrie and soon introduces him to her. Always talks about random things.


In school and out of school


The present

Early morning getting ready to go to school. All three get on separate buses. Beginning of the school year.
Desmond: (Walks up three stairs and turns facing the emergency exit door, walks halfway down the aisle before getting tripped but doesn’t fall) *Grunts with a straight face looking at the person that did it*
Random Kid: *Laughs* Watch out devil worshipper *Looks back at his friends as they are laughing as well*
Desmond: *Whispers to himself* Great I’m already getting bullied the first day of school by kids younger than me. *Continues to an empty seat and sits down*
As Desmond and the others a getting well acquainted with others already, they all have a trip to school to finish.

Buses arriving to the school one by one, few by few. Kids rumbling off the bus. Desmond arrives at the school before Valkyrie or Azel. Next stop for Desmond, the cafeteria for breakfast.
Desmond: (Walks through the doors and quickly glances around to find an empty table. Spotting one he quickly walks over to it and sits down.) *Talking to himself* I wonder if I’ll even get to make any friends this year.
Valkyrie: (Walks through doors smiling and lip talking)
Azel: (Walks in a few seconds behind Valkyrie.)
Desmond: (As he is talking to himself, he sees this beautiful girl walk through the doors. His style (Emo) along with a couple of her guy friends and girlfriends. Eyes widen, but quickly shakes his head and says to himself.) No, it’s too early for that.
Valkyrie: (Walks past Desmond’s table and glances at him sitting alone.) *smiles and waves slightly so no one else would see* (Continues to the table next to Desmond’s.)
Azel: (Sees Desmond and decides to walk over and be friendly.)
Desmond: *Waves back* (Watching her the whole time until she sits down.)
Azel: *Sits down across the table from Des* Hey! You’re that new kid this year aren’t you?
Desmond: (Gets startled) Uh (pauses) *looks back over at Val and back to Azel* Yeah- yeah I am.
Azel: *reaches hand out* I’m Azel
Desmond: *Grabs his hand in a shy way, saying your name in a shy way as well* Desmond
Azel: (In excitement) Awesome, dude we should like totally be friends and stuff!
Valkyrie: (Gets up to walk out of café while looking at Desmond until she passes him, her smile fading away as he’s not looking.)
Desmond: Well *says shyly* yeah we can.
Azel: Cool! Well school is close on starting so I’m going to go to my locker and class *Prepares for a fist bump*
Desmond: Oh okay well I’ll be leaving here in a few anyway, but yeah it was nice meeting you *Closes fist and bumps Azel’s*
Azel: Alright Des catch you later man (Walks out of café.)
Desmond: Later Azel *slightly smiles and whispers to himself* look at that I got a new friend finally. (Continues to think about that, but then realizes that Valkyrie was right next to him. He turns around, but when he did she was gone.) *smile slowly fades away and says to himself* Oh, well then I guess better start to find my first class.
All three kids go to class and then the first class begins with a bang. Desmond doesn’t realize that he’s in the same class with Valkyrie. Valkyrie not knowing yet either.

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