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June 16, 2017
By Gvall SILVER, COVINGTON, Louisiana
Gvall SILVER, COVINGTON, Louisiana
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Hitman 1- an older man in his late sixties with a New York accent; he wears a striped, black/white suit and black pants
Hitman 2- a young man in his early thirties with a New York accent; he wears a tight leather jacket and tight black jeans

Both hitmen sit in the front seats of a black SUV. Hitman 2 sits in the driver's seat, tapping the steering wheel impatiently. Hitman 1 sits upright in the passenger's seat with his arms crossed. Both stare out the windshield at an empty bench about 20 feet away from the car.
Hitman 2 (stops tapping the wheel and checks his watch): Alrighty, it's 3:00. Our target should be here any minute now.
Hitman 1 (continues staring at the bench): Then let's go over the plan.
Hitman 2 (shakes his head): We went over the plan like three minutes ago! You old folk always forget shi-.
Hitman 1: I didn't forget nothing. I'm just making sure you don't screw up like last time.
Hitman 2: It was one time! One goddamn time! Sal got over it, so you should too.
Hitman 1: How do you know Sal got over it?
Hitman 2: Well I'm still working for him, ain't I?! I'm still paid the same amount, ain't I? Sal still trusts me.
Hitman 1: Then why did he send me over here to babysit you?
Hitman 2: Cus it's a two man job!
Hitman 1: That's what Sal told you. Chances are, he lied.
Hitman 2: He wouldn't lie. Sal has never lied to me.
Hitman 1: Now, how the hell do you know that?
Hitman 2: I just do. We're tight you know.
Hitman 1: You guys were tight, until you screwed up.
Hitman 2 (leans head on steering wheel, grumbles): It was one goddamn time.
Hitman 1: Hey, sit up! We're gonna miss this guy if we don't keep our eyes peeled.
Hitman 2 (sits up): Who is this guy, again?
Hitman 1: Sal didn't tell me anything about him, just his name.
Hitman 2: Well, what is it?
Hitman 1: What's what?
Hitman 2 (rolls eyes): His name!
Hitman 1: Oh, Gunther Siskel.
Hitman 2: Christ, that's an awful name.
Hitman 1: Yeah, but it probably means something.
Hitman 2: It probably means his parents hate him. That's what it means.
Hitman 1 (chuckles): Probably.
Hitman 1 (answers his vibrating cell phone): Hello?...Ayy, Salvador! We're just-...uh huh. What?! You've got to be...yeah, yeah, I know. Alright.
Hitman 1 (hangs up): Damn.
Hitman 2: What, what is it?
Hitman 1: Sal called the whole thing off.
Hitman 2: Why?
Hitman 1: Sal just realized that he already got someone to take care of Gunther Siskel last week. He just forgot.
Hitman 2: Or he lied.

The author's comments:

Inspiration draws from movies in the crime genre and The Killers by Ernest Hemingway. 

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