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June 22, 2017
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Mr. G- an overweight, middle aged crime boss with a thick New York accent; wears a black/white suit and always smokes a cigarette
Ronny/Donny- skinny twins in their late 20's that work for Mr. G, wear matching black leather vests, and tight black jeans
Ethan- a 19 year old, in-shape worker for Mr. G; wears a plain, white T-shirt, and blue jeans.


Donny, Ronny, and Ethan sit together inside an empty, closed diner. Ronny and Donny sit on one side of the table and Ethan sits on the other. 

Ronny: So did you hear the news about Vince?
Donny: Yeah, I was there.
Ronny: I know you were there.
Donny: Then why are telling me what I already know?
Ronny: I'm not telling you anything! I was talking to Ethan.
Donny: Then say so, next time.
Ronny: I just did.
Ethan: Wait a minute, Ronny. What are you telling me, again?
Ronny: I'm telling you the news about Vince. Unless you heard it already.
Ethan: I didn't hear it.
Donny: How could you not? It's all that everyone's been talking about the last week.
Ethan: I haven't been here the past week.
Donny: Then where were you?
Ethan: Out.
Donny: Out where?
Ethan: None of your damn business, that's where.
Ronny: Donny, could you shut your mouth for a second? I'm trying to tell Ethan something.
Ethan: Tell on.
Ronny: It's about Vince.
Ethan: What happened to him?
Ronny: Nothing. It's what he did.
Ethan: What did he do?
Ronny: You won't believe it. He-.
Mr. G walks in. The trio stands up.
Mr. G: Sit down, fellas.
The trio sits down.
Ronny: Look, Mr. G-
Mr. G: Quiet, Ronny. Let me do the talking. I called all of you here to explain the situation. The cops are watching Vince, 24/7. They know he's done something, they just don't know what. But the cops gave up on trying to figure that part out. They're waiting for him to screw up and as I said, they're watching him closely. When Vince meets up with his pals, the cops follow him. When Vince calls his parents, the cops hear it. They've got him by the balls. Now you three know that I don't give a damn about Vince. Hell, if I stepped onto my porch one morning and found his dead body lying there, I would only be pissed about the cleaning I would have to do. Vince has screwed me over more times than I can count. But I was thinking real hard last night and realized that if the cops got to Vince, then they just might get to us too. Vince knows about our business just as well as his own. Vince is a squealer and it's best not to associate with squealers, epecially if they don't like you too much. Unfortunately, we've already made that mistake.
Donny: Wait a minute, Mr. G. What makes you think that Vince is a squealer?
Mr. G: Look, Donny. Trust me on this. Through all my years in this business, I've worked with cowards, crazies, rats, and others. But the worst type of person is a squealer. I know a squealer when I see a squealer and that right there, is the biggest squealer of them all.
Donny: Alright, I'm sold. So, what do we do about this situation?
Mr. G: We bump off Vince before the cops get their little mitts on him. We take care of Vince professionally and efficiently. By the time we're done with him, the coppers won't have any hands to cuff.
Ronny: Sounds good to me.
Mr. G: Great, now let's go over the plan.
Ethan: Wait a sec, Mr. G. What exactly did Vince do?
Mr. G: Nobody told you yet?
Ronny: I was going to-
Mr. G: But you didn't. You won't believe it, Ethan...
Donny: What is it?
Mr. G: Shush. Do you hear that?
Donny: What?
Ronny: I hear it too.
Donny: What?
Ethan: Cops!
Several policemen enter the diner. They arrest Mr. G, Ronny, Donny, and Ethan.
Mr. G: What is this?
Policeman: We got a confession from-.
Mr. G: Vince!
Policeman: We arrested him hours ago. He exposed this entire business of yours and we have more than enough evidence to put you four behind bars.
Ethan: What the hell did he do in the first place?

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