The Necklace

May 28, 2017
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Maidservant – a young woman in her early thirties with a heavy c***ney accent; she wears a plain brown dress with an apron and a white bonnet
Lady – a woman of approximately the same age; she has a posh British accent and wears a gown


The Lady sits at a table before a targe mirror. She stares at herself and runs her fingers through her long, dark hair. She is beautiful but solemn. 

Maidservant (running into the Lady’s bedroom chamber): My lady, my lady! I bear great news for you.

Lady (looking into mirror): What is it? Tell me.

Maidservant (picking up a hairbrush and brushing Lady's hair): Well I was putting the horses in the stable. You, know the one next to the inn. Nothing much ever happens there. I just brush the horses off with my brush and give them a good rinsing so that they are nice and clean for my lady.

Lady: Go on, go on. What happened?

Maidservant: But today, while I was brushing off the brown mare, your favorite, I saw someone. A man. He was stabling a white horse. I’ve seen most of the men that stable their horses there. They’re regulars, you know? But this man has never been to the stable before, not that I’ve ever seen him. He was tall and had long brown hair. And he wore clothes made of velvet. Looked like the ordinary men who stable their horses to me, but guess what he wore? He wore a necklace with a gold hand on it. Is that not the necklace that you once wore?

Lady (turning around): I…I…that necklace left this castle a long time ago.

Maidservant: I know, I know. I just can’t help wondering why he’s back. I mean I never met him myself but wasn’t he the one that you were…

Lady (grabbing the brush and putting it on the table): Enough. That is all I want to hear. Thank you.

Maidservant: But there is more. Not recognizing the man, naturally I asked the stable manager who he was. But the stable manager didn’t know his name. But he did say that when he asked the man about his whereabouts, the man said that he plans to come here. My lady, do you want me to fetch him for you? After all, according to rumor, he is not supposed to come…

Lady: I said enough. You have probably been confused. The man who bears that necklace would not venture back here, I assure you.

Maidservant: I had better get back to feeding the chickens then, my lady.

Lady: Yes, do so. I bid you good day, miss.

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