Stuck in 2016

May 19, 2017

Parker is your average twenty first century teenager; rebellious, addicted to all things social media, and full of teen angst. Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, you name it. Parker is obsessed with it all. When Parker’s mom gets sick of the amount of time Parker has spent on social media, she takes his phone away and Parker storms out of the house in anger.

Running into the forest behind his house, Parker trips on a branch and hits his head. Parker then wakes up to find himself surrounded by four characters that took over social media in 2016. Hooded Kermit, Common White Girl, Ash Ketchum and Donald Trump stare down at Parker as he gazes up at them confused. Hooded Kermit suggests they just leave Parker to fend for himself, Common White Girl sympathizes with Parker but is a little simple minded, Ash Ketchum wants to help him and Donald Trump starts rambling about a wall.

After much arguing, the four proceed to inform Parker that he is stuck in the year 2016 and has only one way out. He has to find Harambe and stroke his fur. Hooded Kermit, Common White Girl, Ash Ketchum and Donald Trump join Parker on his trek to find the gorilla that stole the hearts of American teens. Excited and a little scared that he will be trapped in 2016 forever, they start searching high and low.

They try looking at parks, in the forest, at local zoos, each time left wondering where he could be. Parker is ready to give up and accept his fate when he heads back to his house where he had his fight with his mom. Once inside, Parker glances out of the window and all of the sudden is hit with relief when he sees the solution to his problem. Harambe is sitting outside when Parker runs out to stroke his fur, but hesitates when he gets there.

Thinking about his journey and how he got there, Parker can’t help but feel nostalgic but is ready to get home. His fingers had just grazed the fur on Harambe’s arm when he wakes up in the forest, back where it all started, except this time there is no one standing above him looking down. Instead, Parker hears his mom shouting his name so he gets up and sees her in the distance. Overwhelmed with many emotions, Parker instantly forgives his mom for taking his phone away and then runs to go meet her. Parker realizes that maybe social media isn’t all that is important to him.

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