Marco Polo

May 23, 2017
By julia_brownnn BRONZE, Newport, North Carolina
julia_brownnn BRONZE, Newport, North Carolina
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Marco Polo
(Eleanor & David duck hunting in the middle of the woods)

David: I can’t believe I haven't shot anythin’!

Eleanor: (nervously) I’m sorry baby. It’s starting to get dark. Shouldn't we start heading back?

David: Are you kiddin’? It's the last night of the season, please just wait a little longer. (Grabs her hand) Just  until 6.

Eleanor: (nervous) Ok. (looking around)
(Let’s go of his hand and goes on her phone)

Eleanor: Oh my gosh! Babe my phone died! Yours is already dead; we won't have a flashlight!

David: Get down! Here they come! Down! Down!

(Both crouch down and David takes 2 shots)

David: (excited) I got one! Just wait here! (Runs off)

Eleanor: (sarcastically) uh… ok.. I’ll just wait here. (looking around) In the middle of the woods… All alone... It’s fine...

David: What in tarnation? (pause) Elly, I got my waiters full with water!

Eleanor: (concerned) Oh no! (Looks at phone) Oh yeah! My phones back on!

David: (struggling to get out of the water) Did you even hear me?

Eleanor: (Lending a hand to him) Grab my hand. I’m sorry. But my phones on!

David: I can't believe I lost em’!

Eleanor: We’re going to lose our lives if we don’t leave now! (looks at phone) Oh! Its back off! (Hits phone)

David: I’m not even scurred. We don’t need phones if we have each other.

Eleanor: (sarcastically) Um, I’m sorry. Do you have special powers that let you shine a flashlight from your eyeballs? We are lost in the woods; stop trying to be cute!

David: (grabs her hand) We’ll get out of here together. Don’t ya trust me?

(She nods yes)

David: Ellie tell me.

Eleanor: I trust you.

David: Ok. Just hold ma hand and follow my steps. (Leads the way step by step while holding her hand)

Eleanor: I’m scared.

David: (encouraged) You're doing great. Just breathe and hold ma hand. (Walking) Ok, now we have to walk through this mud. Just take small steps and don’t let it go over your boots.

Eleanor: Holy… Jesus take the wheel (takes really deep step and falls because her foot’s so sunk in) Oh!! (catches fall with one hand in the mud) Bleh! ( shakes hand in disgust)

David: (laughing softly) We’re almost there!

Eleanor: (annoyed) Better be. I’m gonna kill you just as soon as we find safety, and I don’t die of natural causes.

(Walks for a while holding hands)

Eleanor: (confused) Uh… Babe… We just passed that tree 10 minutes ago. Really? We’re going in circles!

David: (sternly and assured) We ain’t goin’ in no circles? All the trees look da same in here. That’s why i’m leading the way and not you. (looks around a little worried)

Eleanor: David…

David: (swiftly) We ain’t goin’ in no cotton-picken circles Ellie! Just enjoy the nature and da moon in yer eyes.

Eleanor: (mumbling) More like bring out the bug spray.

David: (relieved but trying to sound stern) See! There’s that dern truck. I told ya we weren’t lost. (Laughs nervously)

Eleanor: (laughing softly) I’ve never loved or appreciated a vehicle more than a person before! (Looks over at david)

The author's comments:

I was duck hunting in the woods with my boyfriend and similar events took place.

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