Eh Whats Up Doc?

May 23, 2017
By BigCheezy BRONZE, Cedar Point, North Carolina
BigCheezy BRONZE, Cedar Point, North Carolina
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Characters: Bugs Bunny (B), Doc (D), The Carrot (C ), Lola (L)
Setting: Therapy session

(Bugs walks into the office with iconic carrot stage right to see his relatively calm Therapist (Doc) sitting patiently for him on a stool next to an a empty recliner or laid back chair. The voice is coming back again. The urge is becoming stronger)

B- (Nervously shaking, Scratching his neck) Eh, whats up doc?

D- Please……. lay down

B- (Looking down, walks over to recliner and lays down)

D- Its been talking again has it? It was about time….. I told you to stay away from it.

B- I tried I just can’t….. I've been trying….. I just…. Can’t… it has been with me through everything…. I’m nothing without it (Pauses looking down at carrot) Nothing…..

D- Yea you became something, a psychopath is what you have become

B- (Breaks down emotionally, yelling) You don't understand! It’s been with me through everything!!! Everything!!! (Gets up fast angrily, pacing around the room) It made me!!! The mischievous Bugs Bunny everyone knows and love!!!! Dang nabbit!! Nothing without it. I’m nothing!!!

D- Yeah, that’s why it had you kill your significant other… Lola, that’s her name, correct?

B- (Angrily paces closer to doc to the point his finger is pointing on Docs chest) Don't you bring her into this!!! I had to… He (Pauses by inhaling, breaking down) said it would make for a good episode.

D- (Intrigued) Episode? Can you explain perhaps?

B-(Calms down sitting back on the chair looking down with his hands on his face) I can’t tell exactly. He explains every event I have as an episode. I don't get why, but when I murdered Lola (Pause taking hands off his face) He said it would make for a great season finale. (Stares into the carrot)

D- It’s been getting into your head, Bugs. It's gone too far

B- (Looks up at Doc with crazed eyes turning hostile) Or have you been!?

D- And let me guess the…. Carrot said that… I presume that’s the “He” you’ve been explaining, correct? What's his name?

B- (Looks down, firmly gripping the carrot) He calls himself the director, animator, (Lays down fully on the recliner chair looking up at the ceiling speaking calmly)  he has different name.s I recall four of them: Ben, Bob, Tex, and I think Avery but whatever he his…... everyday he reminds I’m nothing, every dimension…. he made, every move…. he predicted and wanted. But he doesn't like you

D- (Confused) Ah, he's your creator? I’m not grasping the concept.

B- I don't expect you to, but that what he says.... he makes me who I am… he said he has been with me all this time through my years making me…… me.

D- And why do you believe this animator?

B- Why not?.. Through every stick of active dynamite you’ve seen me been through, every mischievous plan you seen me construct, who has been by my side?

D- Hm… I see

B- (Gets up sitting on the recliner holding the carrot)Can you give me a moment? Alone?

D- Sure.

(Doc leaves the scene, stage left)
(Bugs Bunny is sitting in the chair firmly grasping the carrot facing stage right, talking to the carrot (Off scene speaking) the sinister voice is stronger now)

C- (Giggles) Are you really listening to him?

B-  I know….

C- I literally made you don't you turn back on me. You know what i’ll do, what I have done

B- You made me kill my girlfriend.

C- Ratings weren’t doing to good, but eh, it got us past Season 4

B- (Frustrated) What are you talking about!!! You always say this type of stuff I don't get it!! I'm done! I can't stand it!! (Throws carrot down at the floor) Done!!

C- (Chuckles) You wanna play? I’ll play, but don't say I didn’t warn you.

(Lola enters the scene stage left with a lighter and a stick of dynamite approaching behind Bugs Bunny)

L- (Walking directly behind Bugs Bunny) You know what to do…

B-  Doc what? (Shocked turns around, and gets up) Wait, Lola!! How!! You died!! You’re not supposed to be here!!

L- Think again..

B- But I killed you... I saw you die

L- Here (Grabs the stick of dynamite, Lights it gives it to Bugs)

(Lola exits scene stage right)

L (Offstage)- (Chuckles) Don't say the director didn't warn you!

(Bugs Bunny standing with the lit piece of dynamite seconds from exploding)
(Doc walks in stage left)


B- (Holding the stick with dynamite with crazed eyes) Eh, what’s up doc?

(Bugs and Doc dead on the ground)

(Off stage speaking) C- (Exhales) You were getting old anyways, Bugs. You had a good run but this is where you’ll have your Series Finale.


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