The Pastel Boomerang Clowns Episode 1

May 11, 2017
By Death2_point_0 SILVER, Montgomery, Illinois
Death2_point_0 SILVER, Montgomery, Illinois
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Death Army
The Pastel Boomerang Clowns
Episode I





By: Death

It is a quiet day for Death Army, the last remaining guild in the Gamer’s Realm three of the members, Kitten, Mad Hatter Revolution, and The Wild Card are out on a walk through the forest, but when they return back, the day is not a peaceful day anymore, meet the Pastel Boomerang Clowns and there treachery.

A young neko with pink fur that once quickly appeared out of nowhere with GentlemanWolf, one of the eight legendary heroes, the Neko Hero. It is said that Kitten is Gentleman Wolf and Lady Wolf’s child. She is with the guild Death Army for a promise made to GentlemanWolf by Oroeth Strongfist, who is another of the eight legendary heroes, the Orc Hero. She typically wears a pink onesie and stands at about 3 feet, she is usually treated as a child.
Mad Hatter Revolution (“MHR” for short)
Always seen with his customized Modified Revolver and beam katana he is a force to be reckoned with, he is a breaker, heavy, and gun builder. He typically only wears a gray tank top and black pants and boots, and stands about 5 feet.
The Wild Card
Why is she named “The Wild Card” people ask, that's simple, because she is a wild card, with her anything can happen. She is a explosive expert and a high level tamer, given enough time she can even tame a dragon. She wears slightly revealing black and red checkered one piece, she is not really tall and only stands about 4 feet.
Raider 1
A short and pretty young lady, the leader of the Raiders.
Raider 2
A big and bulky man, the strength of the Raiders, who isn’t too bright.
Info Broker
A tall figure, whose face is hidden in a cloak, and wearing a suit.
The King Orc Clown
The Orc-Giant villain, he is Oroeth Strongfist’s brother. He wears a clown get up, and carries a wooden bat designed with flowers. He is approximately 5½ feet tall. He is a bit roundish on the edges, with fat.
Clowns (King Orc Clown’s Minions)
Varying shapes and sizes of build, but they all wear clown outfits.
Oroeth Strongfist
The Orc Hero, he is the King Orc Clown’s brother. He typically wears a suit made of dragon scales, that he made from a dragon he once slayed. He stands about 5¼ feet tall. He is a bit roundish on the edges, but unlike his brother these are muscles.

In the forest, Mad Hatter Revolution (MHR), Kitten, and The Wild Card is walking down a path, then they start to talk to each other.

Kitten: How much further are we going to go?

MHR: We have no certain destination, we are simply out on a stroll aimlessly wandering with no purpose, in the fine time of summer. Look around enjoy the scenery.

The Wild Card: I’ll have to agree with Mad Hatter, take a breath, look around, it's not everyday that we get to take a stroll, and it's definitely not always peaceful like this.

Kitten: Aw, okay. *Kitten goes off trail and picks a flower, then comes back to the group*

The three of them start to head back to the guild, as they get close to the guild house, they see a ship going off the shore, and Death Army has no lights on, and the door has been left open.

The three of them enter the guild house, and the request board has only one item stuck to it.

(Letter is shown on screen while being read out loud, the writing is barely legible.)

Dear Death Army,
“We have taken your guildmaster Oroeth Strongfist, and we have
him captive on Froth Cay Island, we will release him if you find, and give us 3 pounds of ISA Herbs”
~The Pastel Boomerang Clowns

The shot is taken back showing the three of them in the empty hall, with Mad Hatter Revolution holding the letter.

Kitten: Who are the The Pastel Boomerang Clowns and what’s ISA?

MHR: ISA herbs is medicine used for treating Clown-laughosis, a common sickness for clowns. The Pastel Boomerang Clowns is a local mercenary group they killed a lot of innocents in the past, but then their activity stopped, looks like there back at it again.

Kitten: Are they dangerous?

The Wild Card: Very dangerous if you don’t know their only strength is their numbers, but their leader is who is the most dangerous, let’s go, we need to save Oroeth Strongfist.

Kitten: Who is their leader?

The Wild Card: Their leader is the King Orc Clown, he is Oroeth Strongfist’s brother.

Kitten: No one told me of him before.

MHR: That's cause he wasn’t a threat until now. Now let's go, I’ll drive.

While Kitten is in the vehicle MHR and The Wild Card is talking to each other.

The Wild Card: You sure we should take Kitten, she’s still young and inexperienced.

MHR: It’s either that or we can leave her here alone, and risk the Pastel Boomerang Clowns coming back here without any defense.

The Wild Card: Yeah, fair points, so we going to go in weapons ablazing? *holding a custom IED she made*

MHR: No. *looks at Kitten in the vehicle* We are going to comply with them for now, too dangerous right now to go after them completely. Time's a wasting we should get going.

It is shown that MHR is driving a vehicle that resembles a truck with on the back of it is mounted super gun, with Kitten sitting shotgun of the truck, and The Wild Card is mounted on the super gun. The scenery around them is a forest.

MHR stops the car between two trees hidden with moss around, and The Wild Card jumps off the back of the truck as MHR talks to Kitten before going.

MHR: Kitten stay here, Wild Card and me are going to be right back, you’ll be safe here.

Kitten: *talks annoyed* You people always treat me as a kid.

MHR: GentlemanWolf asked us to protect you while he saves LadyWolf from Death, so that's what the priority is, your safety.

Kitten: *talks in a sarcastically remorseful voice* Ugh, okays.

As MHR and The Wild Card leaves the truck, Kitten is pouting in the truck behind them, with the same flower she picked up from earlier.

Kitten: When are they going to stop treating me like a kid. *sighs*

MHR and The Wild Card are behind some trees with a raider camp behind them, talking quietly, with the raiders fully armed with armor and big guns.

The Wild Card: How shall we deal with this, they are blocking the path to the ISA herbs?

MHR: I see, our strong suits are fighting not diplomacy though, and something tells me they don’t want a talk.

The Wild Card: Hang on, I think I got something. *She pulls out an high tech looking grenade* This is a EMP I made, it should knock out their systems, then we can detain them.

MHR: Is it tested?

The Wild Card: Yeah it can be tested right now.

MHR: Typical. Throw it in the middle.

As she throws the EMP grenade, it lands directly in the middle of the Raider’s camp, then MHR and The Wild Card come out. With two of the Raider’s coming to greet them, they noticed their gear is offline.

MHR and The Wild Card stand at the edge of the camp, with two of the raiders standing across from them nearer the camp, both looking very annoyed. As one of the Raiders start to talk.

Raider 1: Who are you?

MHG: We are part of Death Army, and are on a mission which we need to get ISA herbs, which you all are blocking our mission.

Raider 2: We were here first back away before you get hurt.

Raider 1: *to Raider 2* Quiet brute, let me do the talking. *to MHG* What is in it for us?

MHG: How about not dying?

Raider 1: I think we’ll take our chances. Brute attack them.

Raider 2 starts to move toward MHG and The Wild Card, as Raider 1 starts to run back to the middle of the tents, the other raiders see this, and start to run forward, as The Wild Card tosses a grenade right in the middle of the raiders and blow them up, and MHG takes out the brute with his revolver.

The Wild Card: Now what?

MHG: Scavenge the tents and get the rest of the ISA herbs.

They are seen scavenging the tents, when a slight rumbling noise comes from far away.

The Wild Card: What was that noise?

MHG: I don’t know, keep looking.

The Wild Card: Found some!

MHG: How much?

The Wild Card: More then enough!

MHG: Cool, let’s head back to the truck.

They are walking back to the truck that is between two trees, and they see Kitten on the back of the truck.

MHG: Kitten get down from there, it’s dangerous.

Kitten: *in a disgusted and sarcastic tone* Fine, dad.

MHG: Don’t act like that, get in the truck, we need to move.

The Wild Card: I’ll get you a dessert when we get back.

Kitten: *says in a slightly remorseful tone* Okay.

The three of them are back in the truck, with MHG driving, Kitten sitting in shotgun, and  The Wild Card on the back of the truck. Back through the forest, with a cave to the left with light coming from it, as another rumble happens.

MHG: Kitten, check the map of how to get to Froth Cay Island.

Kitten: Okay. *she looks at the map* There are two ways according to the map, one is by boat at the harbor, the other is a upcoming cave to the left.

MHG: We’re taking the cave.

All three of them are seen leaving the truck, and entering the cave, with MHG and The Wild Card in front.

In the cave (that has overhead lights on), the three of them are moving along as a tremor happens, as the cave starts to collapse behind them.

MHG: *hurriedly says and moves* Watch out! *pulls Kitten out of the way of the collapsing rocks*

Kitten: *looks away shyly* Thank you.

MHG turns on his flashing on his revolver, then scuttering noises come from further in the cave, as two scurries come toward them as MHG and The Wild Card fights back, with Kitten behind them.

MHG: We got scurries! Kitten stay back!

Kitten: *snaps back* What else am I supposed to do?

MHG: You ask why we treat you like a child, that's cause you act like one. *gunshot noises*

MHG: Come on, let's keep moving.

The three of are shown leaving the exit of the cave, behind them is a 8 story casino next to a harbor, and a small store in the distance away from the harbor and casino.

Kitten: Where to now?

The Wild Card: Uh… seems like they renovated the entire place, I don’t know.

MHG: The store away from the others is the local info broker, lets go there.

Kitten: Okays.

The three of them are at the entrance to the local info broker’s store, which resembles a stand at a fair, with a open window facing them, the local info broker is standing inside the building.

MHG: We need some information, you are the local info broker i presume?

Info Broker: Yes, what kind of information you looking for?

MHG: We are looking for the Pastel Boomerang Clowns.

Info Broker: That information will cost $1000¥. (Read as 1,000 money)

MHG: Ugh, fine. *painfully hands over the money*

Info Broker: The Pastel Boomerang Clowns hideout is at the back of the casino.

MHG: Okay, thank you.

MHG, The Wild Card, and Kitten head toward the back of the casino, with the info broker behind them.

The Wild Card: Hey the back door is unlocked, and it opens to an elevator.

MHR: Hang on, don’t press or touch anything.

The elevator buttons are shown, and there are only two buttons: “NOT THE CLOWN’S SECRET BASE” (Labeled in all caps) and “Outside world”.

The Wild Card: *says in a jokingly tone* Which do you think it is?

MHR: Let's go, be prepared.

During the way down another rumble happens, and the lights go off, but the elevator continues down, and MHR turns on his flashlight again.

The elevator stops, and the door opens up to a natural cave, full of Krystal-ite, an extremely rare natural jewel, that glows a natural light, and is said to be the most valuable thing in the universe, but if you touch it with your bare skin, you are immobilized for life.
The clowns are mining the Krystal-ite, using giant mechanical battering rams, that are causing the tremors to be felt even 30 miles away. You see Oroeth Strongfist tied up to a wall, on the other side of the cave.
Three clowns armed with machine guns, follow the Giant Orc Clown. On one of the walls is Oroeth Strongfist tied up to a wall.

MHR: *quietly to Kitten and The Wild Card* Kitten stay back, Wild Card if anything happens take Kitten, and run.

Kitten: *scared but calmly says* But what will you do?

MHR: *tries to reassure Kitten, but it’s clear he knows this is a very dangerous situation* I’ll do what I must.

The Wild Card: Come stay back here with me Kitten.

Near the entrance of the cave’s elevator the King Orc Clown is towering above 3 of his minions with MHG in front, closer to the elevator of him with a calm face and in one hand he is holding a bag of ISA. Behind him is Kitten who is worried, and The Wild Card who is holding Kitten’s hand trying to calm her down, but trying not to show that they are worried.

King Orc Clown: *in a booming, annoyed voice* Give us the ISA herbs. NOW!!!

MHR: *shows the bag* Bring us Oroeth Strongfist, and we’ll give you the ISA herbs.

King Orc Clown: *to his minions, whom follow his orders after* Bring Oroeth over here.

Near the entrance of the cave’s elevator the King Orc Clown is towering above 3 of his minions with two of them holding Oroeth Strongfist down who is tied up, with MHG in front, closer to the elevator of him with a calm face and in one hand he is holding a bag of ISA. Behind him is Kitten who is worried, and The Wild Card who is holding Kitten’s hand trying to calm her down, but trying not to show that they are worried.

MHR: We’ll do this as a trade-off, we both set them down, closer to one another, deal?

King Orc Clown: Give it to us, NOW!!!

MHR: *looks back at The Wild Card and Kitten* Okay. *hands over the ISA herbs*

King Orc Clown: Finally, now we can get back to work. *to his minions* Let Strongfist go.

Clown 1 & 2: *letting go of Strongfist* Yes sir.

Oroeth Strongfist: *walks to MHR and talks quietly to him* We should get out of here, right now.

MHR: I agree. *walks back to Kitten and The Wild Card* Time to go, let’s go.

Back atop near the harbor with the Casino in the distance, Kitten, The Wild Card, MHR, and Oroeth Strongfist are standing together.

Oroeth Strongfist: I owe you all one, now how’d you get here.

MHR: We took the cave, but it collapsed.

Oroeth Strongfist: Probably because of the mining the clowns are doing, when we get back, I’ll send a team to stop them.

Kitten: Um… how are we going to get back?

The Wild Card: Don’t worry I got this. Let me call in a favor to air base, they owe me one. *takes out her phone and starts talking*

Oroeth Strongfist: Go ahead get us home, again I owe you one Mad Hatter Revolution.


By: Death

The author's comments:

Outside of school, I am (at the moment of posting this) working on my own tabletop rpg game, which for reference Dungeons and Dragons as well as Shadowrun as tabletop rpgs. The first mission of the game I made was called "The Pastel Boomerang Clowns" and I decided to have the three most complete NPCs (Non-playable-characters) go through the mission in a script format. Here is the script, I enjoyed making this, I hope you'll enjoy reading it. 

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