How could you

April 19, 2017

Cast list
Detective Alaric
Friend/suspect Violet
Witness Rosemary
R’s boyfriend cheat on her with V. And I saw him with R, I went upstairs and pinched him on the neck. I pinched so hard that he died at the instant. And R went upstairs again, she find her boyfriend dead. R telephone to report the death and the detective questioned her while V was by her side.

Scene 1
(A lie on the ground dead)
N: Alaric cheated on Rosemary with Violet her friend. One day, Violet came to visit Rosemary and found her with him and got very angry. Violet pinched Alaric on the neck and at the instant he was dead.
R: Alaric x3! Dios mio.(shake him)Wake up, please wake up. Don’t leave me!
R: (110) Rome 100 Lane 1000 Road cielo, my boyfriend suddenly died. Somebody must have killed him…
R: (called V) Violet, come here at once. I can’t deal with this situation.
(V run onto the floor)
V: (hug R) It’s okay, my dear.
A(come onto the stage) Ms .Chen, I believe I can deal with this case. (turn to Violet) Who are you?
V: I’m her friend.
A:Ms. Chen, could you tell me who was present at that time?
R: It must have been nobody else.
A: Let’s go upstairs to investigate.
(V stayed behind. Alaric returned. )
A: How mysterious! You said that there was nobody there but there must have been someone who killed him. The criminal might have left some other evidence.
(found a zip and pick it up)
A: Oh look I’ve found something.
R: How could this zip look so familiar to me…em I remembered it might have fallen off from Violet’s shoes.
A: let’s go and find her.
A: Are you sure that you weren’t there at that moment?
V: I’m 100% sure.
A: Then would you mind if I take a look at your shoes?
V: Why? My shoes. Well, okay then.
A: Oh see it’s a perfect match!(turn to Violet) How do you explain this?
V: ew…
R: It couldn’t be Violet. She’s my best friend.
A: It should have been her who killed your boyfriend. She’s using your trust and friendship to steal your boyfriend. The guilty one must be you!
V: Okay, stop torturing me! I’ll tell the truth. I used to go out with your boyfriend so upon seeing him with you, I got crazy jealous and he even told me he didn’t love me anymore but I never meant to kill him, just to give him a taste of my mind.
R: I’ve always treated you like my sister. I could have never known the truth.
A: You’ve committed bloodguilt and you’re under arrested.

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