Cream and Sugar

April 18, 2017
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Max Richter’s “On the Nature of Daylight” plays after the intro credits and the title has been aired. The screen is black and the music plays for five seconds before the darkness begins to fade.
[Cut to]
A little girl around age 6 is laying stomach down on her bed. The room is decorated in my little                    pony merchandise and her room is a slightly darker shade of pink. Her bed is Barbie themed and she is coloring heavily.
[Enter Girl’s Mother] She is about 35 years old and is dressed in blue jeans and a short sleeved white t-shirt.

Ally how are you feeling baby?


When is daddy coming back momma?

The mother sighs deeply and tilts her head slightly, almost as if she’s wincing in pain.
Shooting over the shoulder of the mother, the camera zooms in slowly upon Ally’s face.
The mother’s speaking cannot be heard, but Ally’s face begins to slowly transform from curiosity to utter sadness. Her tears fall heavily, but she is obviously holding back her tears from pouring over harder. Sound returns and we are on a close up of Ally, she nods her head breathing heavily.
Ally (hesitating)

Okay momma.

Tears fall from Ally’s eyes and her mother caresses her cheek gently.

Mom (Gently)

It’s okay sweetheart. We’re going to be okay.
The mother also begins to weep as she holds Ally close to her bosom as they both over pour with sadness.
Mom (coughs a bit and sniffs)

Hey…lets go get some ice cream.

Ally’s face softens slightly with relief and she responds with a gentle nod
[Cut to]
An aerial shot of the car driving along, the suburbs are littered with small children playing and adults conversing upon their front porches.
[Cut to]
Shoulder shot over mom towards Ally’s face. Her depressed expression vividly seen in her puffed eyes.
[Cut to]
Scenes of Ally and her mother playing and laughing. Time passes and we see the growing of Ally from a young girl to a teenage girl. She is wearing a dark grey t-shirt of an indie band and is wearing a beanie and ripped jeans. Her shoes are converse and her hair is dyed a light red in a straightened shoulder-length cut.
          [Fade to]
Ally lying belly down upon her bed. The room is now painted a dark navy blue, her bedsheets blackened with a case-less pillow and various posters aligning the wall. Other objects are littered throughout the room clumped as they range from; video games, to band posters, to some vinyl records on display.

Ally (melancholic)

Maybe if I text her she’d understand…
[Cut to]
Close up of Ally’s phone. Her thumb trembling above the keypad as she hesitates several times her approach. The number labelled “Victoria” with no previous messages sent.

Ally (determined)

Come on, you can do it! I mean if she really didn’t wanna talk why would she give you her number?

Ally is frozen in nervousness and finally types “Hey. This is Ally from 4th period.”
Several fades as ally is seen looking intently at her phone with each new frame. Shifting her resting position with each fade.
It is visually darker outside of Ally’s window by the 7th fade, and several lights are on in her room.

Ally (sighs)

No response huh? I figured…
[Cut to]
Close Up of the phone screen as it lightens up when Ally walks out of her room.
[Cut to]
Wide shot of Ally’s living room, the stairs to the second floor adjacent to the TV area. Ally is seen walking down the stairs in PJ’s with little bear designs on it. She turns the lights on to the living room and it is an obvious wreck. Bags of half-eaten chips align the coffee table, empty wine bottles across the couch and futon, as well as clothes sprawled out along the kitchen table seen behind the living room through opened doors.

Nice to see you’ve finally decided to leave the room like a normal person.
[Cut to]
Close up of mother’s left hand. Obviously aged and spotted. Her wrist is decorated with cheap jewelry and her palm grasping a bottle of chardonnay. She sounds intensely drunk. 

What are you doing up there that’s so important you don’t want to see your dear momma?

Throughout this scene we are never taken away from the sight of the mother’s hand firmly grasped upon the bottle.

You haven’t even been home for three days!? Where were you?

(Chuckles slightly as her hand is seen going up then down, with visibly less chardonnay in the bottle.)
I was on a business trip. (Coughing hard after a slow buildup of wheezing.)
Ally (Angrily)

Really? You think I’d believe Walmart gives you                    business trips!? You’re a cashier! I have to work two jobs to help pay the bills, while you just sit there and drink!
[Pan to] Slight CU of Mother’s eyes, showing only her forehead and nose bridge along with the eyes. They have turned sour with anger and are filled with resentment.

Mom- (Angrily)

“Don’t you yell at me again! I have been working these past ten years to support you lazy girl! (Mockingly) “Ohhhh mommy I work two jobs, I work haaard.” Guess what Ally, selling your body and selling your green stuff don’t count as jobs! You think I got these necklaces just by using my body like you do? (She holds out two necklaces laced in sapphire stones, however they are obviously low in quality.) Heck no! I work like a real woman should, you think you’re a real woman huh!?You don’t know s*** about being a woman, real women sacrifice, real women earn their respect, and you think any of those boys who use you at school respect you? Heck no!

Ally (Aggressively)

“You got those rocks from an old pawn shop, they aren’t real you psycho! I’ve told you that too many times!”
[Cut to]
Wide shot of the living room. Mother gets up and punches Ally hard across the face, sending her into the couch with a hard thud.

Mom (Horrifically)

                            I TOLD YOU NOT TO YELL AT ME AGAIN!
[Cut to]
Close up of Ally’s face, she is bruised and bleeding from the mouth. Her tears welling up and peircing anger seen in her eyes.
Get out of my home. Now.
[Cut to]
Tilt up shot following Ally as she walks up stairs. She grabs her phone, a charger, blanket, and pillow, then makes her way back downstairs.
[Cut to]
Wide shot of the living room once more. Mother is seen watching TV from the couch, finishing off the alcohol. She appears as if she’s hit a brick wall of emotionlessness. She is dazed heavily.

Ally (Softly, holding back tears)

Why do you hate me momma?

Mom (Coldly)

You look just like him…it’s disgusting.

Tears fall from Ally’s left eye, and she wipes her cheek with the wrist of her right hand which holds the charger and phone.
[Cut to]
Pan shot of Ally walking down the road. They no longer live in the suburbs and are living in what most people would call “ghetto”.
[Cut to]
Wide shot of Ally sitting above a drainage ditch weeping. She takes notice of her phone and opens her notifications.
[Cut to]
Close up of her phone. Victoria has typed “Heya! Sorry I was doing a physics project it was awful lol. So I was wondering if you would maybe wanna meet up for breakfast tomorrow. If that’s okay with your parents that is.”
[Cut to]
Extreme close up of ally’s left eye. Bruised and still remnant of tears, but visibly more joyous.
[Cut to]
Ally’s phone screen, she types “Yeah that sounds fun! How about we meet at that café next to school? ?”
A quick response follows from Victoria and she says “Sounds great! Good night! ?”
[Cut to]
Wide shot of Ally laying in her blanket upon the drainage ditches concrete elevation. She is weeping once more.

Ally (Gently)

I miss you daddy…
Ally closes her eyes and the screen fades to black.
She wakes up at mid-morning around 9 AM and checks her phone. Victoria has texted “On my way right now. Can’t wait to see you. ?”
[Cut to]
Scene of Ally sneaking back into her home. Her mother is passed out drunk in the same position she was in when she left.
[Cut to]
Tilt shot of Ally quietly running up the stairs. She takes a shower, brushes her teeth, and changes her clothes into another band-tee with similar yet slightly darker jeans.
[Cut to]
Wide shot of the living room. Mother is still passed out and Ally is seen sneaking by her with caution out the door.
[Fade into]
INT. of the café. It is decorated with old novella’s proclaiming they’re there for a “Free Read”. The paint is of a slight rustic nature and only two other people (An adult man, and a little girl) are seen in the café.
[Cut to]
Vertical shot of Ally looking at the man and child. She becomes physically discombobulated and bites her nails a bit in response.
[Cut to]
Close up of the Café’s doorbell being rung by an entering customer.
[Cut to]
Close up of Ally’s face. She is delighted and smiles in the direction of the door.
[Enter Victoria]
Over the shoulder shot of Victoria. She is the same age as Ally and has piercing blue eyes and red hair similar to that of the little mermaid. She is smiling at Ally and her face quickly shifts to that of concern.


Victoria (Alarmed)
Oh my god are you okay? Your eye is so bruised! What                         happened?

Ally (Shaken)

I-I fell into a pole yesterday. That’s why it took me a while to text you back I was icing my eye.

Victoria (Jokingly)

Oh my gosh you’re such a klutz ha-ha!

(Ally smiles a bit and the waitress approaches)
Enter Waitress. Around 35 years old and southern accent heard heavily.

Waitress (Happily)

Hey you two! My name’s Donna and I’ll be takin’ care of y’all this mornin’. Y’all wan’ any juice, or coffee for breakfast this mornin’?


I’ll have a coffee. Two cream and some sugar.


Alrighty. And what about you missy?

Ally (slightly hesitant)

S-Same thing. With cream and sugar too.
The waitress walks off leaving the two girls as they laugh with one another, looking at each other with soft eyes and warmness. [Fade into black]

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