February 8, 2017


JANUARY: college student, avid reader, shy
THOMAS: film student, avid moviegoer

A movie theater. Two theatre seats sit in a row, facing the audience. The actors’ action ns reveal that the movie screen is in the audience. A purse sits below January’s seat.

(JANUARY sits in one seat. She watches the screen. THOMAS enters, carrying popcorn and candy. He takes a seat next to JANUARY and looks at the screen before turning to her.)
THOMAS: (to JANUARY) Any good previews?
JANUARY: (startled) Excuse me?
THOMAS: Any movies coming out that look good?
JANUARY: I don’t watch movies.
THOMAS: But you’re here.
JANUARY: I read the book.
(JANUARY and THOMAS look at the screen. After a few moments, JANUARY speaks to THOMAS.)
JANUARY: Did you?
THOMAS: Excuse me?
JANUARY: Did you read the book?
THOMAS: Oh, no. I don’t really read. I watch more films.
JANUARY: I read more.
(Both nod. THOMAS starts to open his candy.)
JANUARY: But you do read, right?
THOMAS: Occasionaly. When I’m not too busy scripting or filming or editing.
JANUARY: (desperate) You’ve had to have read Pride and Prejudice! Little Women?
THOMAS: (defensively) I took high school English.
JANUARY: (embarrassed) Sorry. (explaining) I’m a literature major.
THOMAS: That explains it.
(They smile at each other, then watch the screen.)
JANUARY: That movie looks interesting.
THOMAS: I think it is co-produced by on of my peers a few years back. (truthfully) Honestly, he wasn’t that polite…
JANUARY: (smiling) How would I know? (tilts her head as she watches the next preview) What is that?
(They grow more and more puzzled and confused as the trailer goes on.)
THOMAS: Does anyone actually watch that?
(JANUARY breaks out into laughter. THOMAS soon follows.)
JANUARY: The acting!
THOMAS: It was so cheesy! And that videography!
JANUARY: This is why I don’t watch movies!
(JANUARY leans back in her chair and smiles. THOMAS starts to eat his popcorn.)
THOMAS: (offering his popcorn bag to JANUARY) You want any popcorn?
JANUARY: (caught off guard) Um, sure.
(She nimbly takes a handful of popcorn and eats it.)
THOMAS: I’m Thomas, by the way.
JANUARY: (covering her mouth until she finishes chewing her popcorn) I’m January.
THOMAS: (genuinely) Cool name.
JANUARY: (blushing) Um, thanks.
(They make eye contact briefly, then look away.)
JANUARY: So, you come to the movies often?
THOMAS: I have days that I’ll go to three movies in a row. Research. For inspiration.
JANUARY: And this movie was on your list today.
THOMAS: Yah, the next film on the list is supposed to be a cinematography marvel. (getting an idea) Hey, you should see it!
(He pulls a ticket out of his pocket and hands it to JANUARY, who reluctantly takes it.)
JANUARY: But what about you?
THOMAS: I’ll sneak in.
(JANUARY freezes in disbelief. THOMAS lets out a laugh.)
THOMAS: I’m kidding. I’ll buy another ticket.
JANUARY: (embarrassed) Oh! (smiling) So, you haven’t read the book the movie’s based on?
(THOMAS shakes his head.)
JANUARY: You can have my copy. You have to read it! (She reaches into her purse, pulls out a book, and hands it to THOMAS.)
THOMAS: You carry books around with you?
JANUARY: You carry around movie tickets.
THOMAS: Good point.
(As THOMAS takes the book, their hands momentarily touch. JANUARY immediately pulls away.)
JANUARY: The movie’s about to start.
THOMAS: It is.
(They hold hands and smile. The lights dim into a blackout.)


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