January 26, 2017
By Melifluous_Stranger BRONZE, Hartford, Connecticut
Melifluous_Stranger BRONZE, Hartford, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
"The path to true love is paved by the person who doesn't see your flaws as imperfections."
"Just because your single doesn't mean your heart isn't taken."

Marissa has been here this whole. time. Loving you consistently, always being there for you. She has always been by your side no matter what. She throws her problems away for you.
Yesterday, when she saw that dead body? She called you and she wanted you to say something like, “ oh my gosh that horrible, are you alright?” you didn't even ask her if she was gonna be ok.
She called me afterward and i had to make her feel better. She told me about how she gave you love advice sometimes, after you broke up. Do you have any idea how hard that was for her? Being so desperately in love with you, wanting you to be happy so badly that she gave you advice on how to stay with another girl? She told me about your other relationships too. After you broke up, you went out with two other girls who both treated you like s***. She told me how when you were dating you said things like you'll love her til you die, that she was one of the best relationships you had ever had. Why did you throw that away? You broke all of those promises to her, you hurt her and she still loves you and she would do anything for you. She talks to you all the time, trying to make you realize, giving you time, space,  hoping that maybe it will make a difference, but she knows that when she hangs up the phone, what she said won't have any affect. She wastes her breath, constantly on you, and the thing is, there is no one she would rather waste her breath to.  Me, i'm gonna eventually stop talking to you. I don't feel the same way you do, and honestly i think your an idiot, complaining all the time about how you don't have anyone who loves you when there's one standing right in front of your face. You have a person who thinks you deserve to be happy, and would drop dead right in front of you if that would make you smile. Do you care? Why don't you feel the same way? What your looking for is right in front of your face. It might not be in your ideal form but it's there. She talks about you all the time, how much she loves you, that there's nothing about you that makes her want to run away, that she doesn't think you have any flaws, she loves you completely and fully. You know that right? No matter what people tell her, there's nothing that would make her pull away from you. No one can love you like Marissa can. She doesn't have anybody. She can't call me all the time, her foster mother is horrible, her dad is a money hungry psychopath who tried to kill her and her mom when she was being born, and her mom has a personality disorder that's going to keep Marissa from ever going back to live with her.  She is one of those kids who is going to end up being in foster care for the rest of her life. And with all that, all she cares about- is you. Your problems, what going on in your life, how you're doing, making you feel better. And she pretends it doesn't tear her up around you but you don't do that for her anymore and it hurts. I know what you used to say. That she was amazing and cute, that everything is ok, that nothing bad is gonna happen. Now she just deals with her s*** while you sit quietly and don't say anything. If you're not gonna go out with her at least act like you care. She calls me everyday, hurting because of something you did, but still doesn't believe there's anything bad about you. Just open your eyes, Ok? Stop being dumb.  If you don't want to go out with her, at least stop complaining about not having anyone who cares, cuz you do. Its Marissa

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