Quest for the Team

November 18, 2016
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Original Edition
(W/O Commercial: 10 Female, 6 Male, 1 Flexible; W/ Commercial: 15 Female, 7 Male, 1 Flexible, 1 Ensemble)
(In Order of Apperance)
Narrator (Flexible)= Lucy Davis
Sara Greene, President of the United States (F)=
Sanae, a competitive gymnast (F)=
Lyndsey, Sanae’s pesky, petty, and bratty little sister (F)=
Dakota, Sanae’s mom (F)=
Samuel, Sanae’s dad (M)=
Sun, the DJ (F)=
Kia, Becky’s mom (F)=
Becky, a competitive gymnast and Sanae’s teamate and friend (F)=
Keith, Becky’s younger brother (M)=
Lia, Becky’s older sister (F)=
Xander, the announcer (M)=
Jay, a judge (M)=
Laura, a judge (F)=
Marcus, a judge (M)=
Mary, Sanae’s and Becky’s coach (F)=
Lucius, Becky’s dad (M)=
The following characters are in the Commercial, so they are easily cut from the show:
DJ Octavio, leader of the Octarians (M)
Octarians, an ensemble in the Commercial Scene (Includes Kayla, Alice, Ceceilia, Meena, and Elicha, but NOT Octavio unless specified) (M+F)
Kayla, an Octoling (F)
Alice, and Octostriker (F)
Ceceilia, and Octosniper (F)
Meena, a Twintacle Octotrooper (F)
Elicha, a Singer (F)
After Commercial; must be used:
Koyishiri (NO LINES, F)

(At rise: SANAE is sitting in the living room watching TV. SHE is Japanese-American with light red hair, medium skin, and a pink gymnastics leotard. Her sister, LYNDSEY is trying to get SANAE to change the channel to watch her favorite little-kid show. SHE has blond hair, light skin, a pink tank, and a purple maxi-skirt. DAKOTA and SAMUEL are in the kitchen preparing snacks for the upcoming meet. DAKOTA is Japanese-American with dark brown hair, medium skin, a “Mom knows best” T-shirt with Gothel on it, and jeans. SAMUEL is an American-born father with light red hair, light skin, a Lucy Maud Montgomery University hoodie, which shows which college he went to, and sports pants.)
Narrator: At a normal house in a normal city in a normal state in the United States, the big meet is today.
Sara: (On TV) This is Sara Greene, your president speaking. Are you playing a sport? If not, you are breaking the law, punishable by 5 years in jail!
Sanae: At least I love gymnastics. (Trembling) That big meet is today!
Lyndsey: Na na na na boo boo! Sanae’s a liar!
(SANAE gets angry)
Dakota: Lyndsey, please don’t tease her like that. And “liar” is not a nice word.
Samuel: (Agreeing) Your mother’s right there.
(Sanae and Lyndsey go exit; a few minutes pass.)
Dakota: (Yelling) Sanae! Lyndsey! Time to go!
Lyndsey: I don’t care!
Dakota: (Yelling) Sanae will be late for her big meet!
Lyndsey: (Teasing) I hate my, stupid, dumb sister!
(DAKOTA gets angry)
Dakota: (Yelling) LYNDSEY! HOW DARE YOU SAY THINGS LIKE THAT ABOUT YOUR SISTER! GUESS WHAT? YOU’LL BE WORKING SO HARD DOING YOUR CHORES FOR THE NEXT MONTH, (calms down, speaks like the announcer on a game show) for nothing!
(LYNDSEY dashes to enter, then exits, crying.)
Narrator: At least they enter the car.
Dakota: Lyndsey, why are you always late?
Lyndsey: I don’t know.
Dakota: What happened, Sam?
Samuel: I forgot my phone!
Dakota: Nooo!
Narrator: Dakota drives back home. Samuel gets his phone and reenters the car.
(DAKOTA drives back home. SAMUEL exits, then HE enters with his phone.)
Samuel: I’m sorry!
Dakota: That still doen’t make it okay, does it?
Sanae: No, it doesn’t, Queen and Drone.
Dakota and Samuel: (Simultaneously) WE’RE NOT BEES! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?
Sanae: Yeah, whatever.
Sun: (On radio) And that was Motley the Jester and Humanbowser with “Switch Scramble Circus in G!”
Sanae: Oh, my gosh! I love that song! Good thing we have Serious YN! (To SAMUEL:) Can you play that one again?
Samuel: Fine.
Sun: (On radio) And this is Serious YN, Videogame Rearrangements!
Sanae: By any chance, could I call Beck?
Dakota: You have a phone, so you can definitely call her.
Narrator: Sanae dials her friend’s number. Becky’s mom answers.
(SANAE does as the NARRATOR says. KIA answers.)
Kia: (Over the phone) This is Kia Sanders. How may I help you?
Sanae: (Over the phone) This is Sanae Morimota. Could I please talk to Becky?
Kia: (Over the phone) Oh, sweetie! Absolutely! (To BECKY:) Becky, the phone’s for you! It’s Sanae!
Becky: (Over the phone) Hey, girl! Are you excited?
Sanae: (Over the phone) Yeah. (Trembles)
Becky: (Over the phone) You sound a bit nervous.
Sanae: (Over the phone) I am.
Becky: (Over the phone) I’m pretty sure Lia will make you feel better.
Keith: (In background) Paci paci!
Becky: (To LIA) Come on! It’s Sanae!
Lia: (Over the phone) Hey, San!
Sanae: (Over the phone) It’s Sanae.
Lia: (Over the phone) Whatever. You are awesome, for you are a very gifted gymnast. I know you will do a good job. (To BECKY:) C’mon, girl!
Becky: (Over the phone) I’m at the gym, so I gotta go.
Sanae: (Over the phone) I’ll be there in a few minutes. It’s nice talking to you.
Becky: (Over the phone) See you there!
Narrator: A few minutes pass. Sanae meets Becky and hugs her.
Xander: Gymnasts, please report to the judges’ table for registration. Gymnasts, report to the judges’ table for registration. Thank you.
Narrator: Sanae and Becky walk to the judges’ table.
Jay: Wow, you two look nice.
Laura: What are your names, sweeties?
Becky: I’m Becky Sanders. (Points to SANAE) This is my friend, Sanae Morimota.
Marcus: Competition will be in ten minutes. Please warm up.
Jay: Those muscles need to stretch for best results.
All Judges: (Simultaneously) Good luck!
Sanae: I love this place. Looks like it’s called the S. Resetti Gymnastics Venue.
Becky: Who is S. Resetti?
Sanae: I don’t know.
Narrator: A few minutes pass. It is time for Becky to compete.
Xander: Now it’s Becky Sanders on the uneven bars!
Sanae: Go, Beck!
Mary: You know the routine!
Narrator: Becky has perfect form throughout her run. She does a couple of amazing twists and turns along the way, and she lands perfectly. The judges record everything, and everyone claps.
Mary: Fantastic job, sweetheart!
Lucius: Woohoo!
Lia: Yeah!
Narrator: After everyone else does their routine, it is Sanae’s turn.
Xander: And finally, from Angkor Acrobatics, it’s Sanae Morimota on the uneven bars!
Mary: Remember, stick to your routine.
Sanae: I know, I know, I know.
Narrator: Wow. Sanae jumps up to the higher bar. She flips and turns and twists. She is beautiful, UNTIL…
Sanae: Ugh!
(ALL except for OCTARIANS including OCTAVIO, NARRATOR, SUN, XANDER, and SARA gasp. JUDGES record SANAE’S stumble.)
Narrator: Despite her stumble, Sanae continues her routine beautifully, thus landing perfectly.
Dakota, Samuel, Becky, Lia, Kia, Lucius, Mary: (Cheering) Good job, Sanae!
Lyndsey: BOO!
Dakota: (Whispers) Shh! That’s not nice.
Keith: Paci paci!
(JUDGES hold up signs that say “14”)
Xander: And… It’s a 14 for Sanae Morimota!
(ALL except for OCTARIANS including OCTAVIO, NARRATOR, SUN, XANDER, and SARA applaud.)
Mary: (Whispering to SANAE) You weren’t perfect.
Sanae: (Whispering to MARY) Well, that’s life, you know?
Mary: (Whispering to SANAE) Yep. Only Becky got a better score than you out of anybody. I’m almost sure that you made it.
Xander: The results are in! Firstly, I want to thank everybody for coming down here. I know this is this venue’s first event. Next, I want to thank the judges for being such great sports. Of course, sombody’s gotta decide who wins! Finally, let’s get down to business. Only 3 will make it, and we’ll get right to it, right after this!
(This commercial is easily cut from the show, but it makes the show for a bigger cast.)
Octavio: Did you hear what just happened?
ALL Octarians: I don’t know.
Kayla: The Inklings came?
Alice: Cap’n Cuttlefish died?
Ceceilia: There’s another Splatfest?
Meena: Agent 3 is gone?
Elicha: The lights are out?
Octavio: No, no, NO, NO, and NO!
ALL Octarians: Then what?
Octavio: Nintendo, that evil company that ended Splatfest, is releasing their next console.
Kayla, Alice, and Elicha: A home console?
Ceceilia and Meena: A handheld?
Octavio: If those two types were tribes on “Survivor”, we are merged.
ALL Octarians: What the huh huh?
Octavio: Yep, and it’s no longer called the NX.
ALL Octarians: Then, what is it called?
Elicha: The NeXt Generation?
Alice: The Doodler?
Ceceilia: GeN X?
Meena: Spla2n?
Kayla: Splatfest 2?
Octavio: NO! It’s the Nintendo Switch.
ALL Octarians: The Nintendo WHAT?
Octavio: The Nintendo SWITCH.
All Octarians: Cool!
Octavio: Too bad, because it won’t be backwards-compatible with the Wii U, so if you want to play Wii U games, you must still keep Nintendo’s worst-selling console.
ALL Octarians (This time including OCTAVIO): (Yelling) IT’S THE NINTENDO SWITCH! (Echo, quiet:) the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch. Switch. Witch. Itch.
(The Commercial fades, and XANDER gets right back to HIS business.)
Xander: The results are in! First, we have our highest-scoring participant, Becky Sanders from Angkor Acrobatics!
(BECKY steps forwards and waves her hands out to the audience.)
Mary: (To BECKY:) Good job, girl!
Becky: (To MARY:) Thanks.
Xander: Next, the judges selected “Most Improved,” and that’s Koyishiri Suzuki from Masuta Koa Club of Master Coring, Dance, and Gym!
(KOYISHIRI jumps up and down.)
Xander: Finally, there is only one spot left and over a hundred gymnasts. And from Angkor Acrobatics, it’s…
Sanae: (Quietly:) Come on…
Becky: (Whisper:) Please, please, please, please, please…
Xander: (Like the announcer of Super Smash Brothers, like HE is indeed:) Sanae Morimota!
Sanae: WOOHOO!
Mary: Yes!
(ALL families of Angkor Acrobatics huddle up.)
Kia: Really? Your treat?
Samuel: You would really do such a thing?
Mary: Let’s get in our cars! And go to S. Kelly’s Ice Cream!
(ALL except for OCTARIANS including OCTAVIO, NARRATOR, SUN, XANDER, and SARAOCTARIANS including OCTAVIO, NARRATOR, SUN, XANDER, JAY, LAURA, MARCUS, and SARA get in cars and arrive at S. Kelly’s Ice cream.)
Lucius: Yum!
Dakota: Thank you so much, Coach Mary!
Narrator: One month later, the Regional Competitive Team wins the competition. Since the team wins, the team enjoys gymnastics forever.
(ALL disperse and exit.)


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