Adventures of Nimbus

November 15, 2016
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“Hey nimbus, wassup man?”
“Just floating man. What’s up with you?”
“Not much. What is that guy doing over there? I always see him with that brief case.”
“He’s a lawyer. He carries some documents with him.”
“What does a lawyer do?”
“They speak on behalf of other people so they would not get into jail, or take their money back  you feel me?”
“Yeah man I got you.”
“Hey we’re supposed to rain today. The big brother told us to make it heavy,  you know what I’m saying.”(blinks)
“But we’re so white right now, people will be shocked. Look at them, most of them have no umbrella or jacket.”
“That’s even better my man. I love to see them all freaked out and trying to look for a place to hide.”
“Hey look, it’s Johnny, the eagle, coming toward you!”
“Hey johnny!”
“Hey , how you doin’? “
“Hey man, you coming from west side right?”
“How is it there, is it warm?”
“It is so hot man, by the way, Neal says Hi.”
“We’re about to rain so you better hurry up and go away or else you’re gonna get soaked.”


“Look at them nimbus.” (guffaws)
“Hey we light on 3, all right?’’
“One , two, threeee!”
(Deafening lighting)
“Yo check this guy out, he thinks he can run away and hide under that lounge.”
“Wait, wait I am gonna wind now and hit him  with my hails.”
“Right on the head” (High five)

“Nimbus!! Brutamus!! Get over here you swines!”
(whisper to each other) “shoot, maaan big boss caught us, we were having so much fun.”
“What the heck are you two doing!, how many times do I have to say not to mock people.”
“Sorry boss.”
“What were you doing? Uh?”
“We were just raining because they told us that big brother said so.”
“Why weren’t you dark, uh? You caught them off guard, don’t you know that big brother doesn’t want you to hurt people, look what you did you ruined them, and why the hell, is that guy, bleeding!?”
“We hit him with our hails boss” (in a tone that was half upset, half entertained)
“#*¥•”@&£! Nimbus what the heck! I cannot condone this anymore. That is it, you are going to the north pole for one month!”
“But boss...”
“That’s an order nimbus.”
“But boss no one lives there, what am I going to do there alone, and I always have to snow. It is so boring, no birds, no human and absolute silence, you can’t do that.”
“I can and I will, end of discussion, I hope you will learn your lesson there.”



(Nimbus is flying in the north pole sky, he became so puffy, he is freezing)

“It is so..oo”
“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.”
“I am here for only month anyways, so  do...does...doesn’t really matter my man.
Oh look, there are bears and stuff. This place is not abandoned.”
“You are right it’sn’t at all.”
“But I did not like here though, I regret what I did, I will just do my time, and be a good boy from now on.”

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