dialogue(characters overview)





Jr-they called me a freak.they laughed at me, but soon, it will all be over...

(south coast of Sweden)

Noah-(sleeping noises)

(Noah having a bad dream)

Jr dream-it will soon be over...

(Noah suddenly wakes)

Noah-its happening.he is casting the eternal darkness

(he hurry's and gets dressed and grabs his gear)

Noah-I must stop him!

(Noah dashes into the distance, heading toward the western coast)

(Noah reaches a hill. he pulls out a phone and starts dialing.)

Jamal-"ring-ring "sup?

Noah-Its time. Its happening

Jamal-fo real?

Noah-yeah man, if he sets off that bomb, it will block out all outer light, throwing earth into darkness!

Jamal-yeayea, I'm coming

Noah- use the underground short cut to the big hill

"Jamal arrives and greets Noah, they travel more until they reach an old castle from the middle ages in Sweden"

Jamal-that’s kinda spooky

Noah-"walking forward "what could possibly happen?

(suddenly a character jumps out from the castle roof)

Stephano- Stahp right there!

Jamal- Who you is?

Stephano- ello I'm am Stephano I'd advise you not to go in there. Its full of holes and diseased rats.


Jamal- So what is you doing he'?

Stephano- This ancient castle used to be my ancestors. Then some crazy kid came and blew it up. That kid has dark magic. He crazy!

Noah- We are kind of going to stop that kid from enveloping earth into the darkness.

Jamal- Yea. U want in?

Stephano- I will. I'm a master of disguise so I can sneak you guys in.

Noah- How convenient

Jamal- Lets do it gangsta' style

Stephano- Calm down man. Take a break you know?

Noah-To Narnia! Lets go!

Jamal to Stephano- He does get that we are in Sweden right?

Stephano- Just don’t even worry 'bout it. Lets go.

(they arrive in western Sweden, in front of the ancient cathedral)

Stephano- ok so how are we gonna do this?

Noah- Melee dash style, but get us in.

Stephano- Ok(using a Morgan Freeman voice)Hello. Its Morgan freeman, now let me in before I do another terrible movie.


Jamal- aww c'mon man that's racist

Noah- They must really not want to see another one with him in it

Stephano- yo ready fo dis?

Jamal- fo shizzle

Noah- Yep.

(they take off)

Stephano- YOLO!!!!!!!

jamal -go faster


stephano-u ever play sonic the hedgehog?


jamal-you gotta go fast like a blue thing instead of a gray thing

noah-just run

( They all run down the hallway and

jump off at the dead end and ground roll. They continue running)

noah -skills!

stephano- We're here.

(inside the door, Junior is stabilizing his time darkness bomb)

junior- Almost done...


Stephano-(pointing at Junior) Stahp right there!

junior-who are y'all

noah: who is I?

Jamal- U know who we is

junior-Um. No. I don’t known who u all is, but whatever imma put your lights out, all of them.mwahahaha!

Stephano- Do u speak Chop-nese?

Jr-No why?

(Stephano draws sword)

Stephano-I speak Chop-nese! chopchopchop!

Stephano-(lunging forward)don’t even worry bout it!

(Stephano dashes at the bomb)

Stephano- Ralululu! Tomahawk chop!

(he strikes the bomb and it starts shorting out)

Jr-how dare you do this in MY house! That bomb expert lied to me! Best weapon in the world huh? Best weapon in the world??!

Noah- Couldn't that have killed us? You know, slashing the bomb?

Jamal- yo killing the feel in he' man. foshizzle bro

Stephano- No I'm too pro to kill you. After all, I'm Stephano.

Jr.- I'm just gonna go...

Noah- aww heck no!

Jamal- lets get da fool.

Stephano- Chop-nese!!!

Jr-(making a creative distraction) I just wanna talk about watermelon....

Jamal- watermelon? That is totally-

Noah- Don’t you say that word! Don't you dare say it!

Jr- I'm not gonna run away I admit to being evil, that’s why.. I wanna talk about watermelons.(slow backing up toward his escape plan)

jamal-ok I sees yo evil. but I'm gonna listen to what u gotsta say

Noah-that’s why...he wants to talk about watermelon?

Stephano- he's using melons as a distraction.Shut up and run.

jr- how'd ya know?

stephano-because I only love lamp! Get him!

(Jr opens a dark portal using a rare advance in technology, a portal gun)

Stephano- You cant get away that easy!

(he throws his sword at the portal gun)

Stephano- Don’t even worry 'bout it

(Noah seeing Jr getting trapped in the portal for eternity)

Noah- Whoa. That was awesome.

(They walk out into the sunset outside the castle)

Noah- So what now?

Stephano- We could go handle more a group.

Jamal- I'm down with dat

Noah- Me too! I'm in!

Stephano- Lets do it!

all- yea!

(They all dash into the distance, becoming one of the most heroic team of hero's ever to exist)


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