The Diction Forest Massacre

February 17, 2014
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Cast and Crew List
First Victim-
The Cultist Serial Killer-
Gwen –
Drunk Driving Friend-
Drunk James-
Camera Man/woman –
Back-Up Camera woman-
Script Writer-
Prop Designer-
Video Editor-

Scene 1-Death of a Camper (set in 2004)

The first victim is gathering firewood for her campfire. She has chosen to camp by herself this weekend. She returns to her campsite and begins to start a fire when she hears a twig snapping. She looks up, obviously startled, and begins to look around nervously to see if anyone or anything is around.
She sits down.
First Victim: [Laughs Nervously] I can’t believe I was startled by a small noise. It was probably
a deer or something.
She continues to attempt the lighting of her makeshift campfire. The screen pans to show a pair of hidden eyes in a bush. They are intense and have a sense of dread that seems to follow them. The victim begins to shiver even after she has her campfire started. Even though she is now covered in warmth and light, she feels freezing cold. She begins to feel like something is watching her from behind. She rubs the back of her neck trying to shake the feeling, but it doesn’t leave. She looks behind her this time and meets eyes with the set of evil ones in the bush.
First Victim: [Screams with unbelievable force]
The killer leaps out of the bush and charges her. He then snaps her neck and pulls out a strange and unique knife. He continuously stabs her, leaving many wounds. He stands up, puts the knife away and walks off into the shadows.

Scene 2- The Discovery (set in 2004)
The police show up at the scene the next morning after receiving multiple calls regarding loud screams coming from the neighboring Diction Forest. The police start to see a large plume of smoke coming from somewhere within the forest. They head straight into the forest and reach a destroyed campsite. The body of a young girl around the age of seventeen or eighteen is lying next to the smoldering campfire. Her clothes are torn with blood stains. Her neck snapped.
Policeman: She seems to be the victim of murder. No one is capable of doing this to themselves.
Policewoman: Well I guess we should at least attempt to identify her.
Policeman: [Checking the dead girl’s pockets] She isn’t carrying a wallet or any cards that would contain
the slightest

amount of I.D.
Policewoman: Damn. Well I guess we should get her body to the coroner’s office. We need to figure out
what blade

would have caused such a strange wound. [Pointing at the stab wounds on the body.] [Walks off the
screen and calls dispatch requesting transport for a body.] [Returns after calling dispatch.]
Policeman: Let’s rope this area off. Once we’re finished, we’ll head down to the entrance so that we can show the

ambulance how to get here.
Policewoman: Alright then. Let’s get started.
The ambulance arrives just as the finish walking to the entrance. They direct it towards the crime scene and drive off with the patrol car following them.

Scene 3- The Fresh Batch (Set in Present)

The screen shows a road where a jeep full of six teen campers (three boys and three girls). They are on their way to diction forest. Inside the car, they are singing cheesy camp songs and enjoying themselves. Little do they know that they are about to spend their week in a living nightmare. They arrive at the edge of the forest and begin to pile out and unload their gear for the long hike to the campsite deep in the woods. They begin walking towards the edge of the forest and notice the old police tape dangling from a few fallen tree limbs, warning them that they should stay out. They obviously didn’t listen to this warning, though. They begin their long trek to the campsite.
Kristy: Did you guys see that old police tape back there?
Eli: Yeah. I wonder what happened here.
Gwen: [sneaks in between camper6 and Kristy] Maybe they vanished and nobody saw them again.
Eli: Shut up, Gwen. Stop trying to freak us out.
Kristy: Yeah. Eli is right. Besides, the police wouldn’t have left police tape to mark a crime scene
if there wasn’t a
body here.
Britt: Hey guys, look! The campsite is just up ahead. I told you we would be there before sundown.
Duncan: Are you sure it’s safe? It looks like it could be full of diseases or something.
Eli: Ha ha ha ha. Wow. Paranoid much?
Kristy: Guys, stop it. We came here to have a good time, not to argue.
Britt: Kristy’s right. We need to get along so we can have fun.
Eli: Alright, alright. I’ll stop, but I don’t have to like it.
Britt: Good. Now let’s start looking for that campsite. It should be somewhere around here.
After a few minutes of searching, they finally find the campsite and begin to pitch their tents. As it begins to get dark, they start to light the campfire. Camper6 breaks out the hotdogs and the buns from the cooler. He passes around sticks to use to roast the cheap wieners over the hot fire. Once every one has eaten their dinner, they begin to talk about their previous week at school before spring break.
Kristy: So what have you guys done all last week?
Eli: I went to the park and started to write a song. I didn’t get to finish though. Some random dog burst out of the bushes and stole the papers right off my lap. Really pissed me off.
Gwen: I started playing that new game that just came out. I forget what it’s called, but it was really

good. I beat it in almost a few hours.
Britt: Oh yeah. I remember you playing that. I tried to come over but you said that you were busy.
Rick: Well I had to babysit all week. Some rich couple got their vows renewed so they wanted to go on another honeymoon to celebrate. Their kid was such a spoiled brat. He asked for water but when I brought him a glass of tap water, he said that he wanted some sort of mineral water from a bottle. I told him that I didn’t know where I could get that kind of water and he threw himself on the floor and pitched a fit for nearly an hour.
Britt: No way. Did the parents at least pay you well?
Rick: Yeah, but I’m never babysitting for them again.
Duncan: Well since I had nothing better to do, I took a college class about the history of art. I may not be good at drawing, but I can still enjoy the history of van Gogh and Picasso.
Eli: Whatever, nerd. Besides, a break is supposed to be spent doing nothing educational. Not going to college and

studying stupid “van-cassoh” or whatever his name is.
Britt: Camper6!! What is wrong with you? You’ve never been this mean to everyone.
Eli: It’s that damn dog. Every time I think about my song, I see this slobbery mutt attacking my sheet music and

pissing on my guitar case.
Gwen: I believe that is what you call an extreme case of paranoia.
Eli: Shut the f*** up, Gwen. Nobody asked you.

Scene 4- The Creep (Set in Present)

The same eyes from the bush in 2004 are now looking from the window in the house that was just passed by the six new teenagers a few hours ago. But this time they look different. They look sick. The camera enters the house and you see a strange silhouette sitting in the bed looking out the window. A woman comes into the room carrying a bowl of soup and a grilled cheese. This is when the audience sees the medical equipment surrounding the bed. This is all the supplies needed to care for a cancer patient after chemo.

Woman- I brought you something to eat, sweetheart.
Silhouette- [In a raspy voice, still staring out the window] I’m not hungry, mother.
Woman- Well I’ll just leave it here on the dresser if you want it later. [Sits is down on the dresser next to her and coughs, obviously she’s a smoker.]
Silhouette- [quickly whips around to face her. All but his eyes are hidden in the shadows] Mother, I am a man in his

mid-twenties, for Christ’s sake. I don’t need you to cook my meals for me anymore.
Woman- Okay, okay. No need to be cruel. [Begins to cry] I just wanted the best for my son and now the doctors are

saying that you won’t even live longer than a few more months.
Silhouette- Mom, I’m…
[She storms out of the room. The sound of weeping can be heard from the room.]

Scene 5- Brotherly Love (Set in Present)

As the six teens sit around the campfire eating their hotdogs, They all are telling their stories of what has happened in their lives since the last time that they got together. Rick begins to tell his story after a huge burst of lafter from the rest of the group after Gwen tells a hilarious joke.

Rick- [Still laughing but trying to stop] So guys, have I told you what happened last month. [Now the look on his face

is one of seriousness]
Kristy- No, what happened, Rick?
Rick- [sighs] James past away.
Eli- Wait, we’re talking about “awesome to the extreme” James here, right?
Rick- Yeah. Here’s what happened.

Scene 6- The Wreck (Set Three Months in the Past)

The camera enters in on a swerving car on an empty highway. James and his friend are highly intoxicated and are driving almost 80 mph on the highway. As they drive, they listen to heavy metal/punk music and are banging their heads along with it. Both are holding a bottle of Miller Light. They come to an overpass and think that the turn off for their exit is closer than they think and do a sharp right turn, ramming them into the guardrail. Inside, the music blares on and the two friends are covered in shattered glass.
We now enter a hospital where the two friends are now lying next to each other in an open room. The friend is now fully paralyzed and will not move for the rest of his life. James, however, is in a coma. A week later, James’ parents decide to pull the plug on his life support.

Scene 7- Sympathy & Surprises (Set in Present)

We now enter back on the campfire. Everyone is staring at Rick, who now has tears streaming down his face.
Rick- I never even got to see him because school wouldn’t let me go see him.
Britt- Rick, we’re sorry. Maybe on our way back, we can stop by his gravesite and visit with him.
Duncan- Yeah, man. It would be great for you to at least have that.
Rick- Thanks guys.
Eli- Anytime, Rick. By the way, guys, you’ll never guess what I brought.
Gwen- What did you bring? [rolls eyes]
Eli- This! [Lifts up a blanket to reveal a bunch of rifles and pistols] They’re for if a bear comes by.
Kristy- Honey, there are no bears in this part of the woods.
Eli- Well then we will just have some added protection if someone tries to kidnap us.
Gwen- Whatever, Eli. Just keep them in there until we need them. Guns freak me out.
Eli- Alright, alright. They’ll stay where they are.
Gwen- Thank you.

This is all I have so far. Hope you enjoyed it.

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