The Dance

February 24, 2014
By diaannaa BRONZE, Rancho Cordova, California
diaannaa BRONZE, Rancho Cordova, California
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Act 1
Scene 1:
Passing period in Oakdale High school.
Blair: (walking down hallway, talking to Melanie) So I keep getting these little love notes, and I don’t know who they’re from. They show up in my locker at least once a day.
Melanie: That’s creepy.
Blair: That’s what I thought at first. But they’re actually cute! I think he really likes me Mel.
Melanie:(sarcastically) Well why don’t we go to your locker right now and check. Maybe your mystery man has left you another love letter.
At Blair’s locker
Blair: (opening her locker, a slip of paper, Blair gasps) Oh my gosh! Look!
Melanie: Hurry, pick it up and read what it says!
Blair: (Reaches down to grab the note and slowly unfolds it) “Your eyes are so bright, they shine like a light. Warm is your heart, and so is your smile. If you’d get to know me, I’d stay for a while. Please give me a chance, meet me at the dance. I can’t wait to see those beautiful eyes looking into mine.”
Melanie: This is awk. Who does he think he is? Well are you going to go?
Blair: I think it’s sweet...I don’t know if I’ll go, but I do want to know who it is (looks away with a smile)
Enter Chuck
Chuck: (Coming up behind Blair and Melanie) Hey you two. Going to the dance this Saturday?
Melanie: Actually- (interrupted by the bell)
Chuck: Oh no! I can’t get detention again! I’ll see you guys later (sprints to class).
Blair: (gathers her books from the locker) I better get to class now too.
Melanie: Blair, didn’t you hear that? It’s totally Chuck.
Blair: What?? No! No way. It can’t be.
Melanie: You can only hope. I mean, c’mon, Chuck? You’re so lucky!
Blair: Don’t be ridiculous. (shaking head and looking down)
Nate walks by.
Melanie: Look at that nerd. He’s totally checking you out.
Blair: (looks up and catches Nate’s eye, smiles and waves) Oh Nate! Wait up, let’s walk to class together. (rolls her eyes at Melanie) I’ll see you later.

Scene 2
Lunch time at Oakdale High School. Blair and Melanie are sitting under a tree.
Melanie: Did you watch that episode of Gossip Girl last night?
Blair: No, I missed it. Too much homework.
Melanie: That’s unfortunate. It was good.
Chuck runs up.
Melanie: Hey Chuck, why are you running? You’re always running.
Chuck: Getting ready for the game this Friday.
Blair: Oh yeah- we’re playing Jackson High, right?
Chuck: (smiles at Blair) yeah, and you’ll be there to cheer me on, right? (winks)
Blair: (blushes) of course. We have a new cheer for you guys. Ya’ll better win.
Oh I forgot! I have to go make up a test for Ms. Leon. I’ll see you guys later.
Exit Melanie.
Chuck: So, you never gave me an answer. Are you going to the dance?
Blair: I actually haven’t decided yet. No date, ya know?
Chuck: Oh really? (pulls out rose from backpack) Wellllll, I was wondering if maybe you would do me the honor of being my date?
Blair: Oh my gosh, really? I would love to! (grinning)
Chuck and Blair hug
Chuck: I’m so glad you said yes. It’s going to be so much fun! (smiling)
Bell rings
Chuck: Let’s go, I’ll walk you to class.
Exit Blair and Chuck.
Scene 3:
The dining room, Blair and her family are having dinner.
Blair’s mom: (talking to Blair) How was school today?
Blair: It was strange- but a really good kind of strange. I got another note from my secret admirer today, but now I’m not so sure it’s a secret anymore. Chuck asked me to the dance at lunch. I think he’s writing me the notes and he’s going to ask me out at the dance.
Blair’s mom: Chuck Trout? The captain of the football team? I had lunch with his mother yesterday. Chuck seems like a really nice kid. I didn’t know he was such a sweetheart, too!
Blair’s dad: (walking out of the kitchen) You gals are just jumping to conclusions. I’ve learned a long time ago it’s best not to assume anything.
Blair: But Dad, it’s pretty obvious. I’ve even heard rumors that he’s had a crush on me since freshman year!
Blair’s dad: I’m just saying- be careful Blair. You don’t want to be disappointed if things don’t turn out the way you expect them to.
Blair: Why can’t you just let me be happy? Gosh! (Blair storms off into her room)
Blair’s mom: (sighs) It’ll be alright. She’ll get over it. I’ll take her shopping for a dress tomorrow, and it’ll be a fabulous night. You’ll see.
Blair in her room, talking to her cat Dorota.
Blair: Oh Dorota.I really want Chuck to like me. But what if it isn’t him? What if Dad’s right? Well then, that’d mean it’d still have to be someone else... but who? I can’t think of anyone who pays any special attention to me in class. I don’t even talk to any other boys in class- I mostly keep to myself. Oh Dorota, what do I do?!
Dorota: Meow.
(Blair crawls into bed and falls asleep)
Act 2
Scene 1:
Chemisty class the next day
Blair: (sitting down next to Nate) Hey Nate, did you do the homework?
Nate: Yeah, need some help?
Blair: Yeah, you should definitely let me just copy you. (smiling)
Nate: Oh.... sure. (hands Blair paper)
Blair: Thank you so much. You’re a lifesaver. (Blair turns to walk away)
Nate: Hey Blair?
Blair: Yeah?
Nate: Um.... Are you, uhh? Going to the dance this weekend?
Blair: Yeah I am! Chuck asked me yesterday. What about you, are you going?
Nate: Oh... uh I was thinking about it. But I’m still not sure.
Blair: You should go, it’s going to be so much fun!
Nate: Maybe... I just don’t really know how to dance...
Blair: Oh come on! It’s really easy. I’ll show you if you go.
Nate: I would but...
(Interrupted by teacher): Alright class, calm down! Get to your seats, let’s get started!
Blair smiles at Nate and walks away

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