Cottonball Conundrums

January 9, 2014
By SerenitySteel SILVER, Cedar Point, North Carolina
SerenitySteel SILVER, Cedar Point, North Carolina
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"Even if a man flies as high as a dragon he'll never reach the sun. But it's a worthy venture - to measure each step to infinity."

Two girls lay in an empty field (center stage) near a small house, under a blue sky, looking at clouds. One, Ariel, is bubbly and speaks excitedly. The other, Lucy, is more withdrawn and abrasive.

Ariel: (pointing towards a cloud and speaking excitedly) Look Lucy! A dragon made of cotton candy!

Lucy: (sighs heavily) That’s dumb. (Ariel drops her pointing arm to to her side) You’re dumb, sometimes. It’s not a dragon made of cotton candy; it’s a scarf.

Ariel: Weeeeelllll, (pointing at a different cloud) look at that one! It’s soooo, soooo, soooo, totally a puppy! Look, there’s the ears, and the tail, and the paws, and the tongue, and the eyes, and snout!

Lucy: (groans loudly) That’s a cloud. (Ariel again rests her arm) There’s nothing there. It’s just a cotton-ball blob in the sky.

Ariel: (snidely) Well, I think it’s a puppy.

Lucy: OK, it’s a puppy.

Ariel: Oh gosh, Lucy! (pointing at a group of clouds) Look at those! They look like the balloons the clown gave us at Mr. Hyde’s carnival!

Lucy: I really don’t think those are balloons.

Ariel: (propping herself on one elbow to look at Lucy) No, they’re balloons.

Lucy: Sure, whatever you say.

Ariel: Of couuuuurse they are. What else could it be?

Lucy: Marbles, dimwit.

Ariel: Hmmmph, well if you’re going to be like that I don’t even want you in my sight! Meanie!
(Ariel gets up and starts stomping towards stage right)

Lucy: (scrambles up and starts running after Ariel) Ariel, wait! Wait! I’m sorry! (Ariel stops) I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry I called you mean. I’m sorry I called you dumb! I’m…...sorry.

Ariel: (Turning around) Well, you know what? (barely containing her outrage) I don’t care. You think you’re so much smarter than I am, always correcting what I say or do. (shouting) I through with you!

Lucy: (Beginning to cry) No! No, no, no! I care about you, Ariel! I don’t mean to seem mean. It’s just hard for me to be nice. You know that, that’s why we’re friends.

Ariel: (smirking) Yes, I suppose it was. But, we’re not friends anymore. Sorry, Lucy.

(A call to come get dinner rolls over the field, the girls move stage left, entering the home. Sit around a table with Mother and Father at the heads)

Mother: How was your day, dear?

Ariel/Lucy: (speaking together) Wonderful, mother. I watched clouds and saw a dragon, a scarf, balloons, some marbles, a puppy, and a blob. It was awesome!

Mother: Well, I’m glad you had fun. Get ready for bed, please, dear.

(Ariel and Lucy exit stage right leaving the parents alone)

Father: How’d the visit with Dr. Jenkins go, today?

Mother: He said she could be a bit unstable after the accident, but I’m glad to see she’s fine.

Father: Yeah, she seems to be doing OK.

(Lights dim & fades to darkness)

The author's comments:
This was a piece I wrote to practice irony and its delicious applications.

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