An Interview with a Werewolf

December 1, 2013
By Mella PLATINUM, Natchitoches, Louisiana
Mella PLATINUM, Natchitoches, Louisiana
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Scene opens up in what appears to be a newsroom. There are two chairs, both facing each other and a camera man. Seated in the two chairs are two young women, one appearing to be in her twenties on the left and another appearing to be around the age of fifteen on the right.

Jasmine (young teen)
Melanie ( Reporter)

(Producer) Okay, are you two ready? We'll begin in two minutes.
(Jasmine) nervous Wow, I've never been on T.V before.
(Melanie) fixing her hair in a small mirror before putting it on her pocket. It's nothing. Just smile, speak loud and clear, and whatever you do, DO NOT steal my spotlight.
(Jasmine) Haha, you're funny.
-Melanie gives her a serious expression.-
(Jasmine) -stops laughing- Oh...
(Producer) Okay, people! We will begin in 5...4...3..2..!
- Jasmine has a nervous smile on her face, and Melanie is wearing an exagerrated smile.-
(Melanie) Hello, America, I'm your host , Melanie Waters and welcome to 'The Other Side' ; a show where we hire our best investigators to risk their lives to track down the most dangerous of paranormal creatures, in the harshest and most unbearable of circumstances-
(Jasmine) You found me in Wal-Mart..
(Melanie) -and then we interview them, right here on this very set. Today we have a very special guest; she loves long runs in the park, chasing after cars, and catching frisbees in her mouth. Can you guess what she is?
(Jasmine) ... You know that's a stereotype. Werewolves don't really do that, you know.
(Melanie) Get with it, kid. This is showbiz. Now, tell the audience your name.
(Jasmine) Uhm.. Jasmine. My name is Jasmine Knight of the WolfGang pack, and I am mated to Alpha Ethan Knight from the ShadowCreek pack. We have two beautiful pups named Rose and Ryan and-
(Melanie) Woah, one question at a time, kid. Pups? You don't look a day over sixteen, how could there possibly be any pups? And two at that?
(Jasmine) Actually, I'm fifteen ,and in werewolf time that's a suitable age for pups as well as marriage. Ethan and I were mated when I was thirteen. Which is around the time a werewolf finds their mate.
(Melanie)-obviously disgusted- And.. this mating thing. What is that, exactly?
(Jasmine) Mating is when two wolves are born- from seperate packs- and they are destined to be together, if they happen to meet they instantly form an irrestable attraction towards each other. The male gets extremely protective over his mate and the female becomes very... well.. fertile.
(Melanie) - still a little grossed out.- And... all of this... at the age of thirteen?
(Jasmine) Well... thirteen to you, is like eighteen for werewolves. So, since I am now what mortals would call fifteen years old, I am actually in fact twenty years old. Does that make it a little less disgusting?
(Melanie) If you say so... -clears throat- so, this Ethan guy. How did you two meet?
(Jasmine) -nervous- Well.. uhm.. when I met Ethan. I didn't exactly want him.
(Melanie) -intrigued- What do you mean?
(Jasmine) Well, I was a rogue when I met him. A rebel. I didn't want a pack, or a mate, or anything. I just wanted to be free. A lone wolf.
(Melanie) Now this is interesting. A werewolf love story. Do tell. Tell America of your werewolf romance.
(Jasmine) There's not much to tell, really. I had run away from the pack a few days after my birthday. I was sick of following rules. Being the Alpha's daughter, it was if you were princess. There were always wolves watching you, dressing you, feeding you. You couldn't go anywhere by yourself, you couldn't do anything for yourself. I was trapped, and alone with no one to understand what I was going through. Except for the Beta's daughter of course. But She liked being pampered. The poor thing. All my father talked about was finding me a mate. And I knew that if that happened my life would be even worse. With even more security, and even less freedom. So I decided to run away. I decided to leave behind life as an Alpha's daughter and become a free rogue. I even changed my name... my name isn't Jasmine. Or at least it wasn't when I was living with my old pack. My birth name is Abby Ken but I changed it to Jasmine when I ran away so that if any other pack found me, they wouldn't recognize my name and send me back home. Fortunately, I didn't run across any other packs, and ran halfway across America, with no direction or intention of finding a certain place. I just ran, until I felt i was far enough away. But what I didn't realize is that I ran right back into what I was trying to avoid. I ran right into Ethan. - she is silent for awhile as she remembers- He was beautiful... Long, black hair. Ocean blue eyes. And he was tall and lean. He saved my life that day. But at the time I wasn't exactly grateful for it. You see, there had been recent rogue attacks in their area and I just so happened to be at the wrong place at the right time. Their Beta's daughter attacked me. She thought I was a rogue trying to spy in on their pack. She was a tough redhead with a fiesty attitude but she was no match for me. I defeated her in the fight, but had no intentions on killing her so I pinned her down until she stopped struggling. She must've called for her pack because before I knew it I was knocked off of her by a strong wolf. When the wolf touched me, I felt the strange sensation to kiss him. Hard. I didn't like it and tried to fight him off but he was too strong. I looked up and our eyes met and I was lost in his eyes. My entire world changed when he stared at me, all thoughts on killing me gone, when he whispered, " Mine." I wish he would've just killed me. I was forced to be his. I had no choice. We were mates. Since I had found him, if I had left, my body would've became very sick and I would've died. I was destined to be in pain all my life. I struggled with being back into a pack. I didn't like it. He was always protective of me. And although he didn't have servants watching me, or clothing me, he never let me outside. He was afraid I would run away. I'm not sure if I would. Maybe.. Maybe not. I mean, I did love him. I had no choice. Our hearts were destined to be together. I just didn't want to love him, ya know? I didn't want, a pack. I just wanted to live. Without all the complications that came with living. Being in Ethan's pack taught me that you have to accept life and all that comes with it. I was born a werewolf. We don't turn into huge, snarling beasts during a full moon. Actually, full moons don't affect us at all. We turn into wolves whenever we want to. When we're born, we're destined to mate that we have to live with for the rest of our lives. And if you're born an alpha or from an alpha it's as if you're at the top of the totem pole or something. I didn't want to be Ethan's mate, but I guess I had no choice. And I eventually learned to love him. He was a very sensitive guy. Very loving. He just didn't know how to express that love. When he realized that I hated being treated like I wasn't capable of handling myself, he stopped. And he even gave me a few more freedoms that I greatly appreciated. When I learned to love him, I learned to love the pack, and in return I learned to love being a werewolf. Which is something, I least expected.
(Melanie) - silent for awhile-... Wow. Puppy Love. Who knew? "Lone Wolf forced into romance with the overprotective hottie Ethan Knight". Has quite a ring to it, does it not? -doesn't wait for an answer- So tell me, where there any vampires involved?
(Jasmine.) -scoffs- Lord, no. Everyone knows vampires doesn't exist.
(Melanie) But... But Twilight... I interviewed Edward last week.
( Jasmine) Twilight is a disgrace to all mythical creatures everywhere. And Edward doesn't exist.
(Melanie) No. No. That can't be...
(Jasmine) - gets up and consoles Melanie- It's okay. All mortals respond this way when I tell them this.
- Melanie fights back a sob as the producer yells " THAT'S A WRAP, PEOPLE!" and everyone clears the set. Jasmine continues to hold Melanie as the scene ends.-

The author's comments:
I had a horrible case of writer's block while writing this.If it is extremely cheesy, please don't judge me.I promise to write something better next time. I just needed to reach in and find some creativity. This was just for me to start back into my writing habit.

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heehee that was cute!!! :P

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