What I Really Mean

October 28, 2013
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Blackburn: Hey.
Moricle: Hi, how are you?
Blackburn: I'm fine, thanks. How are you?
Moricle: I'm great, thanks for asking.
Blackburn: Why are you thanking me? I only asked you to be polite.
Moricle: Oh, me too.
Blackburn: Yeah, so...
Moricle: So how are your kids?
Blackburn: Oh, you know, being kids. I'm really proud of their artwork.
Moricle: But they're two year olds. It's not like they're Renoir.
Blackburn: Well, just the other day you showed me a picture of you four year old in your wallet. And last week at the bar you pretty much called her an annoying little brat.
Moricle: I'm a parent.
Blackburn: I don't really care. Why am I even talking to you. You're boring and stupid and need to take a shower. I only just saw you on the street and needed to delay the time till I saw my stupid wife.
Moricle: She is stupid.
Blackburn: How dare you speak about my wife that way.
Moricle: How dare you speak about my daughter that way.
Blackburn: I'll see you Monday.
Moricle: See you Monday.

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