Skeptical Humans and Ghosts

September 5, 2013
Marley………. Large white ghost
Jasper……….. Small White ghost
Matt…..….Brown hair. Carries a backpack.
Sam…….. Blonde hair. Matt’s friend. Wears a backpack.

---Scene one: outside a construction site ---
[Marley and Jasper sit across from each other on a pipe. They wear yellow construction hats and munch on sandwiches. They have lunch boxes on their laps.]
[Marley takes a bite out of his sandwich while Jasper stretches his arms above his head, yawning.]
JASPER: You know Marley, I’ve been really thinking, and I think that it’s time we Ghosts step up our scaring ability. We should do more training or something. Take a different approach.
MARLEY: Why? Are you not happy with the ghost code of conduct? Jasper, are you okay? [Jasper looks shocked.]
JASPER: No, no I’m fine! [He waves his hands in front of him to reassure Marley.] I just don’t think that the way we scare people is as effective as it once was. Don’t you? People just aren’t getting nearly as scared as they used to, Marley.
MARLEY: I guess you’re right. Humans aren’t really taking us seriously any more. I remember the good old days when a ghost could get a decent scare out of a human.
JASPER: So do I. It breaks my heart to think of all the humans out there who haven’t received a real scare in so long.
[Jasper takes a sip of his coffee.]
MARLEY: Yeah…Why do you think they aren’t scared anymore?
JASPER: Oh, I think it must have to do with all those horror, gory movies they watch. They become so used to the horrific things they create in those movies, that they don’t even have fears of us anymore.
MARLEY: Yeah, and probably due to all those fights they keep getting into. They scare each other so much, they hardly even notice us. You know, I think you’re right. We need to step up our game! Maybe we should take a different approach like you said. I wonder what we should do.

JASPER: Well first we have to know what we’re doing wrong. We know that they can be insensitive from all the modern day stuff, but what is really making them turn away?
MARLEY: hmm let’s practice! We should scare someone! [Marley smiles big.]
JASPER: Okay, just let me finish my food.

End of scene one.
---Scene two: The hallway of a school---
[Jasper and Marley stand hidden behind a book shelf. Two teenage boys walk the hall toward Jasper and Marley casually talking.]
MATT: Hey Sam, what do you say to a round of video games after school? I’ll crush you!
SAM: No Matt, not unless you let me be the goblin! He always wins!
[Both boys laugh.]
[Marley and Jasper have determined looks on their faces as they prepare to pounce out from their hiding place. They whisper.]
JASPER: On the count of three. [He whispers to Marley.]

[They jump from their hiding spot roaring, while wearing fierce snarls on their faces.]
[The boys jump back looking a bit scared, then quickly try to compose themselves, laughing.]
SAM: Nice one, dudes! You almost had me going there for a moment!
MATT: Yeah, I was almost actually scared for a second!
[Jasper and Marley just stare at the boys with shocked looks on their faces.]
MARLEY: We….umm… [Marley starts, but doesn’t seem to know quite what to say.]
[Jasper throws his hands in the air, looking frustrated.]
JASPER: I don’t understand! Why aren’t you scared? We’re ghosts for boogieman’s sake!
Scream! Do something!
[Matt and Sam exchange skeptical glances.]
MATT: Sure man, we believe you. [He rolls his eyes.]
[Sam laughs.]
MARLEY: No, we really are!

SAM: Well if you really are ghosts then prove it. I want to see you do something that only a monster could do.
[Jasper and Marley look at each other, nervous.]

MATT: What? Can’t think of anything?
JASPER: Well…it’s not that easy. You see, we’re only low clearance monsters. We’re level one. We can’t actually do anything until we reach level three. All we can do right now is scare people, and that doesn’t even seem to be working.
MARLEY: But we can prove it. We have badges. They’re legit too.
[Marley and Jasper unclip their badges from their fir and show them to the boys.]
[As Sam and Matt look at them their eyes widen, and they start to bounce up and down.]
MATT: Whoa! You really are ghosts! I can’t believe it! That is totally awesome!
SAM: That is so cool! Wait till my mom hears about this!
JASPER: Aw shucks. Thanks guys. But you really can’t tell anyone. It won’t give us the element of surprise when we go into scare mode. It’s a secret.
MATT: But you’re so neat! And you really aren’t all that scary; I don’t know why you’re perceived to be.
[Marley gasps.]
MARLEY: What? Or course we’re scary! Why wouldn’t we be?
SAM: Umm…because you’re nice, I guess.
JASPER: But we’re not supposed to be nice! We’re ghosts!
MATT: So? Just because you’re a ghost doesn’t mean you have to be mean and scary. Why are you like that anyway?
[Jasper and Marley stare at each other for a few seconds, looking a bit confused.]
MARLEY: I-I don’t know. I never really thought about it. I guess I just grew up like this. I never really questioned it.
JASPER: Yeah, I never really saw it as a choice. I can be whoever I want to be, and I don’t want to scare people. That’s not kind. But why did all of the humans change so much?
SAM: I don’t really know. But maybe we all just need a change. It could help.
MARLEY: Jasper, do you want to be nice to humans with me? I don’t want to be mean anymore. Maybe that’s the solution to all of our troubles. We don’t need to reassess our means of scaring; we just need to reassess ourselves! [Marley smiles wide, excited.]
JASPER: Yeah! You’re so right! The head of Ghost council won’t be happy…but I don’t care! Let’s start a revolution! We’ll be the first of our kind leaving ghost Ville for good!
[Matt and Sam laugh.]
SAM: This is great! I can’t believe you two are willing to change like this! This is going to be awesome!
MARLEY: Thanks guys for helping us out! We’re going to go get our stuff right away and leave Ghost Ville.
[Marley and Jasper high five each other]
[Curtain closes.]
---End of Scene two---
The End

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