A Brilliant Theft

August 13, 2013
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Kaithy and Bella are prefects in the second form. The duo hold the top positions in the prefectorial board and are loved by the teachers. They also have many loving friends such as Abby, Ryota and May.

However one day during a Physical Education lesson, Ryota goes up to class when everyone is in the field. He has left his money there, and wants to get it. However at the stairs he sees fellow student Ian at the top, going up to the class. Ryota wonders what is he doing up there. He wants to further investigate but quickly goes down, forgetting all about his money.

Later after the lesson, Abby returns to the class, only to learn that her money has been stolen. Being a very fussy girl, she begins crying because the money was actually her weekly allowance of RM100. Her friend May is shocked to learn about this. She meets Kaithy and Bella and tells them about the theft. They meet Abby and tell her that they will help to solve the theft. May tells them to help solve her friend's case quickly.

They try to begin their first move, and wonder how the money can be stolen. Suddenly, Kaithy trips on something. Bella helps her up and eventually realizes that there is a wallet there. They find out that it is Abby's wallet actually.

They rush to Mr. Darren, who is the discipline teacher and tell him all about the stolen money. Mr Darren also tells them that he has caught one boy(Ian)who is suspected to have a hand in the theft. Mr Darren tells them that he wants to question Ian about the theft, and tells them to call Abby downstairs.

Abby soon arrives, and tells Mr Darren about her plight. Mr Darren questions Ian about his involvement in the case, and Ian tells him that he is innocent. He reveals that even though he was in the class when the robbery took place, he did not steal the money. Abby believes him and tells Mr Darren to let him go, and he does. May tells Abby however, that Iqbar is lying and he should be punished. However May gets beaten up by Ian and his gang members the following day due to her big mouth.

Kaithy and Bella are walking while discussing about the case when they see May lying down in pain. They help her up and call Mr Darren to see this. Mr Darren tells them to come to his room as he has already caught the three offenders.

In his room, Mr Darren forces Ian to reveal the truth. Ian does not, and this angers the former. Mr Darren tells Ian to reveal the truth since he has received a tip-off from Ryota about the events which occurred during PE. Ian still pleads for his innocence, but Mr Darren still believes that he is guilty. He is about to cane Ian when May tells him who the real thieves are; Kaithy and Bella!

Kaithy and Bella are speechless at May's accusation. However, Mr Darren does not believe that they are guilty, and thus he lets them go. He learns that May is the actual thief, because of her part in blaming everyone else except herself. May finally confesses, stating that she did it because she wanted to play a prank on Abby. It doesn't work however, as a distraught Abby ends their friendship and she receives a warning letter from the school. As she walks back home, she wonders whether she should have been too obvious in stating the perpetrator's identity.

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