Hearts in Carolina (new full pay)

July 9, 2013
Matt Johnson- Male lead role. In love with Molly Anderson. The leader of the group of friends.
Shim Nathenson- Matt’s best friend and con man. They are always competing, especially for the attention of Molly.
Bryson Smith- The rebel. A funny yet sincere character.
Thomas Smith- Bryson’s brother. An antagonist later in the play.
Elton Mathews- Bryson’s best friend. The two always get into funny situations. (only in act 1 and has a few minor appearances in Act 2). *note: possibly the most loveable character throughout the whole play*
Molly Anderson: The female lead role. The female leader. One of the most dramatic roles.
Sarah Longfield. The female rebel. She has an interest for Bryson (even though she won’t let him know that.)
Frita Johnson. Matt’s sister. She is Molly’s best friend and always has Molly’s best interest in mind.
Eliot Mathers- The quiet one of the group. She is smart yet clumsy. A truly loveable character.
Minor male character- This person will play several male extra roles throughout the play
Minor Female character- This person shall play several female roles throughout the play


The costumes in this play are seemingly simple. Throughout Act 1 the characters will just wear their everyday clothes. Once in Act 2 the characters will wear suits to show older age and if time allows during intermission maybe adding makeup or changes to the hair. This shall be figured out closer to the time that the play is performed.

There are few settings in this play. We will need to makeshift a school setting, a coffee shop, outside, a house, and an office.

Act I
Scene 1
Curtains open and Matt is sitting in a chair. He is a mess. He looks depressed and is looking down.
Matt: so this is what it’s come to. I’m so sorry Mollie. I will be with you one way or another. [pulls out gun]
Bryson’s voice: [banging on door] Come on Matt. Let me in!
Sarah’s voice: Please Matt. Let’s just talk about this.
Frita’s voice: Matt open this door now!
Matt: I’m so sorry Mollie…. [pulls out a gun and puts it to his head]
Shim’s voice: Matt no!
[lights go out and the curtains close]

Scene 2
Role Call
The flashback starts. The cast comes in for class (except Matt and Mollie)
[the bell rings and the kids come in talking and laughing (except Matt and Mollie) ]
Bryson: and I was like I don’t care what you say that was a monkey dog thing.
Elton: It was the chupacapra!
Bryson: Dude I think I know a chucalala when I see one [chuckles]
Frita: You are real piece of work Bryson.
Shim: The hamsters dead but the wheel keeps turning
{everybody laughs but Bryson and Elton]
Bryson: Hey man that’s not funny…
Elton: Yeah, his hamster died last week
Bryson: Poor Chubby. All he wanted to do was be an astronaut.
Thomas: Oh man it’s just like Lucky all over again.
Bryson: Hey that was my first pet frog!
[Matt and Mollie walk in talking and laughing]
Frita: Well if it isn’t the love birds!
Sarah: fashionably late as always [smirking]
Matt: yeah whatever guys. Can’t a guy and a girl just be friends anymore?
Mollie: I mean if anybody Sarah and Bryson are the lovebirds. [chuckles]
Sarah: Ew…
Bryson: Oh come on baby, you know you want me. [blows her a kiss]
Shim: alright you guys, you’re starting to make me sick [everybody laughs and bell rings]
[Teacher walks in]
Teacher: Good morning class. Now quiet while I take role.
Elton: Sho nuff teach.
Teacher: [shoots glance at Eliot.] Yes, thanks for that. Now, Molly Anderson.
Mollie: Here.
Teacher: Frita Johnson
Frita: Right here
Teacher: Matt Johnson
Matt: I’m here
Teacher: Sarah Longfield
Sarah: here
Teacher: Eliot Mathers
Eliot: here
Teacher: Always a joy to see you Miss Mathers. Elton Mathews.
Elton: Right here bra bra.
Teacher: Do we actually plan on learning something today?
Elton: What?! How dare you insult my learning abilitie… oh what the hec you’re right. I will probably end up just going to sleep. [everybody laughs except teacher]
Teacher: I wouldn’t expect any less from you. Shimon Nathenson
Shim: Here
Teacher: Bryson Smith
Bryson: Yo
Teacher: Thomas Smith
Thomas: Here
Teacher: Hopefully you will teach your brother how to act.
Bryson: Hey what’s that suppose to mean! [stands up]
Thomas: Sit down Bryson.
Teacher: Yes, listen to your brother
Bryson: Why don’t you come over here and make me!
Thomas: Bryson… sit down
Bryson: But Tom you heard him. He can’t just disrespect me like that!
Thomas: Please…
[Bryson sits down]
Teacher: Now that that’s over with let’s start the lesson. The Revolution started with what was known as the shot that was heard around the world…
[Lights go out. When they come back on nobody is paying attention and doing whatever]
Teacher: This led to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. [bell rings] alright class you are dismissed.
[the kids get up and leave while talking]

Scene 3
Relationship Convos
Mollie and Frita are walking and talking
Frita: So what about you and Matt?
Mollie: What about us?
Frita: Mollie, I can see the way you look at him. You have the hots for him.
Mollie: I don’t think so. Plus he just wants to be friends
Frita: Yeah right. He is crazy over you girl.
Mollie: How do you know?
Frita: He is my brother. I’ve lived with him for 16 years. I think I would know.
Mollie: I don’t know Frita. I just don’t wanna mess up our friendship.
Frita: Mollie, you make excuses about every guy. Just give him a chance.
Mollie: We’ll see.
[Mollie and Frita exit. Matt and Shim enter]
Shim: So you and Mollie. Spill it bro.
Matt: What do you mean?
Shim: Don’t play stupid Matt.
Matt: ok fine. Maybe I have a little bit of a crush on her.
Shim: So are you gonna ask her out?
Matt: Nah dude. She isn’t in to me.
Shim : I bet she is.
Matt: Whatever you say Shim.
Shim: Alright, I’ll ask her out for some coffee, talk to her about you and try to get some info.
Matt: Have I told you that I love you lately?
Shim: [chuckles] You could say it more often.
[Matt and Shim exit. Bryson and Sarah enter]
Bryson: C’mon just give me a chance.
Sarah: Ok I’m just gonna level with you. You and I are never gonna be anything. You just aren’t my type.
Bryson: So you’re telling me you don’t like young, sexy, and talented men [strikes pose]
Sarah: No, I’m in to those guys. You just aren’t one of them.
Bryson: Ah! Just give me one chance. My parents won’t be home this weekend. You can come over.
Sarah: And do what?
Bryson: Well we can…
[Elton enters]
Elton: Yeah you can show her your spiderman figures!
Sarah: [laughing] Yeah I’ll pass.
[Sarah exits]
Bryson: [slaps Elton behind the head] You idiot! I’ll get you for that.
Elton: I thought it was funny. [laughing]
[Eliot enters with a book and sits down and starts reading. Bryson enters. He looks at her funny]
Bryson: Umm hey?
[Eliot keeps reading]
Bryson: Can you talk.
[Eliot pays him not attention]
Bryson: You know this is pretty rude. I’m trying to be nice and talk to you.
Bryson: God you are weird. Really, what’s wrong with you.
[Thomas enters]
Thomas: Don’t you see the girl is trying to read Bryson?
Bryson: I was just trying to be nice.
Thomas: Well you really suck at it. Just leave her alone and let her read.
Bryson: Whatever Tom. [exits]
Thomas: Sorry about that. He has good intentions.
Eliot: Thank you…
Thomas: No problem. Hey, how about we go out for some coffee later.
Eliot: I would really like that…
Thomas: Great, I’ll pick you up at 5.
Eliot: ok…
[Thomas exits]
[Eliot lays down and goes to sleep. Lights go out]

Scene 4
Dream Sequence
[Shim enters in costume dragging Mollie]
Mollie: Help! Someone Help!
Shim: Shut up! You’re mine now!
[Matt enters in costume]
Matt: Let her go Vex!
Shim: Why if it isn’t The fighting fruity pebble!
Mollie: Help!
Shim: Hand Me Down Boy, take care of him!
[Elton enters in costume]
Elton: sure thing boss!
Matt: Are you really gonna make me go through this clown?
Elton: I’ll show you who’s a clown!
[Elton runs at Matt and trips. He starts crying while holding his knee]
Matt: Get him out of here singing Squanto.
[Bryson enters in costume]
Bryson: *singing* Here I am to save the day. I shall take care of this evil doer!
[Bryson drags Elton out while singing about saving the day]
Shim: How much do you pay that guy.
Matt: $75 every night. Worth every penny. Now let go of her!
Shim: Never!
[Matt charges at her but falls to his knees]
Matt: What’s wrong with me.
Shim: While you were sleeping last night I poisoned you. Nighty Night Fruity Pebble.
[Matt passes out. Lights go out and everyone exit. Eliot comes back to her spot and sits up]
Eliot: What a weird dream.[Exits]
Scene 5
The Plot
[Bryson and Elton enter looking at a piece of paper]
Bryson: [pointing at paper] Alright so we will enter through here.
Elton: yup
Bryson: Then we will make our way to the main office. From there we will have to go through the vent and…
[Thomas walks in]
Thomas: What you guys got there?
Elton: Blueprints.
Thomas: You do realize that’s just a picture of a stick figure killing a duck right?
Bryson: That’s beyond the point!
Thomas: What are you guys planning on doing?
Bryson: None of your business!
Elton: We are breaking in to the school.
Bryson: What the craps wrong with you?
Thomas: Even though I probably don’t wanna know, why?
Bryson: None of your business!
Elton: We wanna see the midterms.
Bryson: Ok we might have to reconsider our friendship.
Thomas: any other day I would I try and talk you out of it but I have somewhere to be.
[all exit]

Scene 6
Coffee Shop Conversation
[Shim and Mollie enter]
Shim: There’s an open table over there.
Mollie: ok
[They sit down at the table]
Mollie: So what did you wanna talk about?
Shim: Oh c’mon, do you really have to ask?
Mollie: Matt, right?
Shim: I knew you were smart *smirks*
Mollie: Well you can save your breath, him and I are just friends.
Shim: Well with that attitude this conversation isn’t gonna go anywhere. How about you two come here for a date. I bet after that you will be head over heels for him and he will be all goo goo eyed all over you.
Mollie: I don’t think you quite understood my previous statement.
Shim: No, I completely understood it. I’m just not taking no for an answer.
Mollie: well you may just have to.
Shim: Tell you what, If you don’t enjoy the date then I’ll take you out to eat, anywhere you wanna go. I’ll pay in full.
Mollie: Well I guess I can’t turn down free food so you got a deal.
Shim: Good *smirks* Now let’s get some coffee.
[Lights go out and everyone exits]

Scene 7
The Break In
[Bryson enters. Lights are dim]
Bryson: Hurry up Elton!
Elton’s voice: I don’t feel too good Bryson.
Bryson: What do you mean?
[Elton walks in, in a funny manner]
Elton: I don’t wanna say…
Bryson: You know you can tell me anything man.
Elton: But you will laugh at me…
Bryson: I won’t. Scouts honor.
Elton: Ok well… I have to poop…
[Bryson falls on the floor laughing]
Elton: Dude you said you wouldn’t laugh. You said scouts honor!
Bryson: *picking himself up* I was never a scout. *laughing* Ok I’m just gonna be straight up with you, I put a laxative in your drink back at taco bell.
Elton: What the crap! Why would you do that?
Bryson: Remember that spiderman thing? Now let’s go find those midterms.
Elton: But Bryson, I don’t know if I can hold it.
Bryson: We don’t have time for a pit stop. It’ll only take a few minutes.
Elton: Fine but just be quick. [starts moving around]
[Bryson starts looking through folders]
Bryson: They have to be around here somewhere.
Elton: Hurry!
Bryson: I’m trying.
Elton: [Starts screaming]
Bryson: Shut up dude you are gonna get us busted!
Elton: It’s coming!
Bryson: Here it is!
Elton: Thank God!
Bryson: We passed!
Elton: [screams and falls out]
Bryson: Oh no! [slides over to Elton] Elton, what’s wrong? Talk to me man!
Elton: [grabs Bryson by the shirt] I…
Bryson: Yeah man?
Elton: I… made a boom boom…
[Lights go out]

Scene 8
The Set Up
[Shim and Matt enter]
Matt: So she just said yes?
Shim: Yup, I just told her that you wanted to take her out and she was all in for it.
Matt: Ya know you are the best friend a guy could ask for.
Shim: Yeah don’t mention it.
Matt: So I gotta ask for 1 more favor.
Shim: And what would that be?
Matt: Frita wants to know if you would like to go out with her.
Shim: I’ll get back to you on that.
Matt: Alright dude. Please don’t break her heart.
Shim: No worries man. How about I take her out tonight?
Matt: Sounds great. Now bring it in. [hugs Shim]
[Matt exits]
Shim: I really hope he has a good time. Even though it will be kind of hard to without a wallet. [holds up Matt’s wallet]
[Shim exits]

Scene 9
The date
[Cast enters in these groups: Matt and Mollie, Shim and Frita, Bryson, Elton, and Sarah, Thomas and Eliot, and minor character. They all take different seats.]
Matt: I’m so happy you agreed to come tonight.
Mollie: Hey, I figured it would be fun.
Matt: Well I’ll do my best to make sure it is.
Frita: So tell me a little bit about yourself
Shim: What do you wanna know?
Frita: What do you do for fun?
Shim: It’s better if I show you [get’s up and walks over to a random guy and carries on conversation]
Thomas: You know you shouldn’t be so nervous.
Eliot: Yeah I know… I’m sorry…
Thomas: Don’t apologize, just loosen up.
Eliot: Ok, I will *smiles*
Bryson: I knew you would eventually go on a date with me.
Sarah: This isn’t a date, you followed me here.
Bryson: Same thing.
Elton: Actually it’s not.
Bryson: Ya know I don’t know what’s gotten in to you lately.
Elton: Appearantly laxative.
Sarah: What?
Bryson: Yeah, don’t worry about it
[Shim walks back to the table]
Frita: What was that all about?
[Shim puts a watch on the table]
Shim: That’s what it was all about
Frita: Did you steal that from him?
Shim: Well I definitely didn’t have it when I came in.
Frita: Well aren’t you gonna give it back?
Shim: What’s the fun in that?
Thomas: So tell me, why are you always so quiet?
Eliot: I don’t like to talk about it.
Thomas: c’mon you can tell me anything.
Eliot: Ok… It’s because of my father…
Thomas: Go on…
Eliot: Uhm... I had always been his… “Favorite”. My mom worked a lot, so… she wasn’t home as much as she needed to be. Three years… she had no idea… he told me not to tell, or…. … my older brother came over one day, he… found out.. He beat my father half to death.
Thomas: Eliot… what happened..?
Eliot: for three years, he……raped me…
Thomas: I’m so sorry Eliot…
[Eliot begins to cry]
Thomas: [puts his hand on hers] Hey, don’t cry. As long as I’m around you never have to worry about that again. *smiles*
Eliot: Thank you. It means a lot.
Bryson: Ya know, I think you are making a huge mistake not giving me a chance
Sarah: Yeah well I think you are making a huge mistake just wasting your breath.
Elton: Yeah man, that H2O is precious stuff.
Bryson: Dude that’s the freaking formula for aquafina!
Elton: Is not man!
Bryson: So is!
Sarah: I wish I had enough CO2 to shut both of ya up.
Mollie: Ya know Matt, I’ve had a lot of fun tonight
Matt: Yeah, me too. We have to do it again sometime.
Mollie: definitely.
Matt: [reaching in his back pocket and looking shocked] You aren’t gonna believe this…
Mollie: What?
Matt: I can’t find my wallet.
Mollie: How are we gonna pay?
Matt: Hold on let me figure this out…
Mollie: *sighs* I’ll pay….
[Shim is smirking from across the room]
Matt: No you won’t. Just hold on a second.
[Matt looks at menu]
Matt: Hey look here, it says performers don’t have to pay.
Mollie: You play?
Matt: Sure do! Hey Bryson, did you and Elton bring your guitars by some chance?
Bryson: Actually yeah.
Matt: Well then let’s do this thing
[Bryson and Eliot go grab the guitars]
Matt: I’ll be right back.
[Matt, Elton, and Bryson get up on stage.]
Matt: This goes out to a special someone.
[They play the song while Shim watches in discontent. Afterwards the crowd gathers around them]
Mollie: That was amazing! Hey here’s my number. Call me?
Matt: Of course. *smiling*
[Shim get’s up and starts walking out and drops a wallet]
Matt: Hey Shim you dropped something!
[Matt picks up wallet and realizes it is his]
Matt: What the crap dude?
Shim: You ruined everything!
Matt: This is my wallet Shim!
Shim: You think I don’t know that!
Bryson: Hey guys, calm down.
Shim: Stay out of this!
Bryson: Watch who you’re talking to!
Thomas: Stay out of it Bryson!
Bryson: You are taking his side? I am about sick of you acting like I’m public enemy #1!
Thomas: I just don’t want you getting in to any trouble!
Matt: Tell me what’s going on Shim!
Frita: Matt, calm down!
Shim: [flips chair] It was all planned perfectly!
[Manager comes out]
Manager: I’m gonna have to ask you guys to leave.
Shim: I’ll kill you!
[Shim starts charging at Matt and collapses]
Matt: Shim! Somebody call an ambulance!
[Lights go out]

Scene 10
[cast is sitting in waiting room (except Shim). Matt is sitting by himself with his face in his hands. Mollie walks over to him]
Mollie: Are you ok?
Matt: Yeah I’m fine.
Mollie: You know this isn’t your fault.
Matt: I shouldn’t have flipped out on him like that Mollie.
Mollie: But he had your wallet.
Matt: There is no excuse.
[Mollie sits beside him and holds his hand]
[Thomas is holding Eliot in his arms]
Eliot: Do you think he will be ok?
Thomas: He’ll be fine. Don’t worry.
Eliot: Ok.
[Bryson gets up and punches a wall]
Sarah: You know that’s not helping anything.
Bryson: Shim and I have never met eye to eye but he’s still my friend. He’s gotta be ok. He’s just gotta…
Elton: But what if he doesn’t make it?
Bryson: Don’t even talk about that… He will…
[Frita starts to cry and the doctor walks in]
Matt: What’s going on doc?
Doctor: Well there is good news and bad news. Shim is fine and awake now. Bad news is… he has stage four cancer.
[Matt puts his face in his hands. Everybody does their own thing here]
Bryson: No man. No…
Doctor: He is asking for Matt.
[Matt gets up and walks to the other side of the stage where Shim’s room is]
Matt: Hey man. Look I’m sorry about back at the…
Shim: Shut up Matt. We both know I need to apologize. I tried to ruin your chances with Mollie because I wanted her and I knew you had her. I’m sorry.
Matt: Don’t sweat it man. Just when you get better don’t expect to pull one that easy on me again. *chuckles*
Shim: Let’s be honest, I don’t have much time left.
Matt: Don’t talk like that.
Shim: We both know it’s true. Just promise me that whatever happens to me you will always take care of Mollie.
Matt: I promise.
[Lights go out]

Scene 11
[The cast is hanging out at the coffee shop]
Matt: It feels so good to finally be out of high school!
Mollie: I know and isn’t it amazing how we all got accepted by the same college!
Elton: I know right! It’s like someone is sitting at a computer and typing our lives up like a play.
[cast all turns to look at the audience]
Bryson: Dude that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I’m not going to college anyways.
Thomas: What? I haven’t heard about this.
Bryson: I got a recording deal man. I’m gonna spend the next year recording at a local studio and then I go on tour!
Sarah: Looks like the loser finally hit it big!
Shim: Hey man, we are proud of you.
Elton: I’m gonna miss you so much! *fake crying*
Bryson: Yeah man, whatever *laughing*
Matt: So what about you Thomas, what are your plans?
Thomas: Well I’m going to the police academy and Eliot and I are moving in together.
Frita: That’s awesome! Hopefully you will cut us some slack if we ever get in to some trouble.
Thomas: I don’t know about all that. *chuckling*
Elton: I can’t believe you are gonna be a pig.
Thomas: Hey man, watch it.
Eliot: Calm down baby he was only playing.
Elton: No, not at all.
Thomas: What’s your problem?
Matt: C’mon guys, do we really gotta do this.
Shim: Let em’ go at it Matt.
Elton: Let’s be honest, you have never liked me. When you are a pig it will get that much worse.
Thomas: You know the only reason I don’t like you is because you are a bad influence on my brother. And yeah you are probably right because once I’m a “pig” I will be able to do something about it.
Elton: Is that a threat piggy?
Eliot: Please don’t.
Thomas: Let’s go babe.
[they exit]
Shim: Well that escalated quickly.
[lights go out]

Scene 12
A bad call
[Mollie and Matt enter talking and then Matt’s phone rings.]
Matt: Hello?
[Frita appears on the other side of the stage with a phone]
Frita: Matt, you have to get over here!
Matt: Calm down, What’s going on?
Frita: Shim has locked himself in his dorm and won’t answer the door. I’m worried.
Matt: Alright I’ll be there soon. Keep trying to talk to him. [Hangs up phone and Frita exits]
Mollie: What’s going on?
Matt: We gotta get to Shim’s dorm.
Mollie: why?
Matt: I’ll explain on the way.
[lights go out]

Scene 13
A friend in need
[Matt and Mollie meet Frita who is already on stage]
Matt: Go with Mollie Frita, I’m gonna try and get in.
Mollie: Come with me sweetheart. [put’s arm around Frita and begins to comfort her]
Matt: Open the door Shim.
[Starts beating on the door but get’s no answer]
Matt: Alright, I’ll give you till 3 and then I’m kicking it in. 1, 2, Here we go!
[Lights go out and there is the sound of a door cracking. When they come back on Matt sees Shim sittin in a chair.]
Matt: What are you doing Shim?
Shim: I’m done Matt.
Matt: What are you talking about.

[Shim shows him a gun]

Matt: Shim, no…

Shim: But why not? The cancer is gonna kill me anyways.

Matt: This isn’t your decision to make.

Shim: Why not, it’s my life
Matt: Because there are too many people that love you. You can’t do this Shim.
Shim: Just leave Matt. You can’t stop me.
Matt: You’re right. [pulls out a knife] but I can go down with you.
Shim: Don’t do this.
Matt: You can’t stop me.
[Shim put’s down gun and starts crying. Matt puts his hand on shim’s shoulder.]
Matt: It will all be ok man.
[lights go out]

Scene 14
Finally gets the Girl
[Bryson and Sarah are sitting in chairs when the lights come back on]
Bryson: Look I only have a few months left here. Please just go on one date with me. Just me and you. No Elton.
Sarah: Why are you pushing so hard for this?
Bryson: Well I have had a crush on you since freshman year. Isn’t that good enough reason?
Sarah: But I’m me. I’m nothing special.
Bryson: Now see that’s where you’re wrong.
Sarah: How so?
Bryson: Sarah, you are the most beautiful girl that I’ve ever seen. You are everything I’ve ever wanted in a girl.
Sarah: Fine, just one date. After that we are done.
Bryson: I’ll go with whatever I can get! I’ll pick you up at 7?
Sarah: Sure.
[lights go out]

Scene 15
A worse call
[Bryson and Sarah are at the table laughing]
Sarah: You know I’ve actually really enjoyed this.
Bryson: I told you, you would. *smirks*
Sarah: Yeah yeah *laughs*
Bryson: Come on tour with me.
Sarah: what?
Bryson: Come on the road with me.
Sarah: But why?
Bryson: I can’t go everyday without seeing you.
Sarah: I don’t know Bryson…
Bryson: It will be amazing Sarah. A new city every night. Experiencing new things… Meeting new people.
Sarah: What about School?
Bryson: We will leave once it’s out and you can come back in the fall. Please come with me.
Sarah: ok.
Bryson: Ok, what?
Sarah: I’ll go with you. *gets a huge smile*
Bryson: That’s amazing! Hold on one second I’m getting a call. [pulls out phone] It’s Matt. Wait till he hears about this. Hey Matt, so I’ve got amazing news. Sarah and I… What? Oh no… I’ll be there soon… [hangs up phone]
Sarah: Is everything ok?
Bryson: We’ve gotta go.
[lights go out]

Scene 16
A farewell to friendship
[When the lights come on Matt is onstage and Bryson and Sarah run in]
Bryson: How is he?
Matt: He’s gone Bryson…
[Sarah gasps]
Bryson: You’re joking right?
Matt: I wish I was…
Bryson: No, it’s not suppose to end this way.
Sarah: Bryson…
[Bryson falls to his knees]
Matt: I know man. I know…
[Bryson begins to cry. The lights go out]

Scene 17
In his memory
[the lights come on and the cast is sitting in chairs]
Matt: So these are the cards we’ve been dealt guys. It’s been a whole month and we haven’t done anything with our lives since he died. We all know Shim wouldn’t want us to sit around and mope.
Bryson: Well it’s kind of hard to look at the bright side Matt.
Matt: You think I don’t know that?
Elton: Look guys, we gotta stay strong. That’s the only way we are gonna get through this.
Mollie: Elton’s right. We are a family and we will handle this just like all families. We stick together.
Thomas: At least he didn’t leave a will for us all to fight over *everybody chuckles*
Thomas: So you guys know I officially become a cop tomorrow.
Bryson: looks like my bro is becoming a man.
[Elton looks disgusted]
Thomas: When wasn’t I?
Bryson: Well I leave for LA Friday. How about you and I go out for a last night out this Thursday, Elton?
Elton: I would love that.
Bryson: You wanna come along Matt?
Matt: Sorry man but Mollie and I have plans.
Bryson: Your loss.
Eliot: We are really gonna miss you Bryson.
Bryson: I will miss you guys to. You know my heart will always be here in Carolina.
[Lights go out]

Scene 18
The Binding moment
[Lights come on but are dim and Mollie and Matt are laying sown]
Mollie: It’s so beautiful out here Matt.
Matt: Nowhere as beautiful as you.
Mollie: I love you.
Matt: I love you too. Mollie you know you are the most important person in my life. I have to ask you something.
Mollie: Anything love.
[Matt takes her hand and helps her up and is on one knee]
Matt: Mollie Anderson, will you marry me?
Mollie: Yes Matt! Yes! [she kisses him and lights go out]

Scene 19
The Last Night
[The lights come back but are dimmed. Bryson and Elton are stumbling around in a drunk manner]
Bryson: Ya know man. I’m really gonna miss all this.
Elton: You gotta come back for me man. Please don’t forget about me.
Bryson: You and I are gonna go around the world. We are friends forever man.
Elton: That’s good to hear. Now let’s steal this street sign.
[Thomas enters]
Thomas: What are you boys doing?
Elton: Why if it isn’t the piggy! I knew I smelt bacon!
Thomas: Watch your mouth boy.
Bryson: We aren’t hurting anybody Tom.
Thomas: You look fine Bryson, but your friend appears to be showing signs of public intoxication.
Elton: Oh sure, call me out! You wanna go piglet?
Bryson: Shut up Elton!
Thomas: You don’t wanna do this boy.
[Elton charges at Thomas and Thomas trips him and hits him in the face.]
Bryson: Don’t you touch him! [charges at Thomas and Thomas hits him then handcuffs him to a street sign]
Bryson: Please don’t do this Thomas.
Thomas: He brought this on himself. I’ve gotta teach him a lesson.
[Thomas begins to beat Elton while Bryson struggles. After the beatdown Thomas uncuffs Bryson and exits. Bryson crawls over to Elton]
Bryson: Come on man speak to me. Wake up. Please wake up Elton. You are all I have left. Friends forever Elton. Friends forever… [begins to cry]
[Lights go out]

Scene 20
Here we are again.
[Lights come on and Bryson is sitting in a chair with his face in his hands. The cast enters. (except Thomas and Eliot)]
Matt: We came as soon as we could. What happened?
Bryson: Thomas happened…
Mollie: What?
Bryson: Thomas did this.
Frita: Thomas did what?
Bryson: He beat him like a dog!
Sarah: but why?
[Bryson doesn’t respond. The doctor comes in]
Doctor: Are you Elton Mathews company?
Matt: Yeah, how is he.
Doctor: I’m sorry, we did everything we could…
[everybody improvs emotion]
Bryson: soon there will be no more Hearts in Carolina…
[Lights fade on scene]


Scene 1
The Greatest Generation
[The lights come on and a guy and a girl (minor characters) are sitting at a table talking]
Guy: So tell me the story of those kids.
Girl: You mean the greatest generation?
Guy: Yeah. I’ve heard bits and pieces but I don’t know the full scoop.
Girl: Well there were 9 of them. Now there are only 7.
Guy: What happened to the other 2?
Girl: Well Shim died of cancer and Elton was beat to death by one of his friends.
Guy: but why?
Girl: Well Thomas became a cop. In court he said that Elton resisted and it forced him to use force.
Guy: Wow, that’s crazy. Where are the rest of them?
Girl: Well Matt went on to become a stockbroker and he hit it big.
Guy: He better watch out. The stock market is taking a pretty huge hit.
Girl: I always heard he handled pressure really well so I don’t think we have to worry about him. Plus he married his high school sweetheart. As long as she’s around then I think he will be fine.
Guy: Well about Bryson Smith? He hit it pretty big himself.
Girl: Well yeah, I mean he has sold over 2million copies of his first album. Rumor has it him and Sarah just got engaged.
Guy: some people have all the luck. I mean Sherriff Thomas just got the key to the city the other week and his wife is an accomplished writer.
Girl: Yeah and Matt’s sister is one of the biggest artists in the world right now. There is definitely something special about that group.
Guy: Yeah, it’s like somebody is writing their whole lives out on a computer or something.
Girl: If only it was that easy.
[Lights go out]

Scene 2
Heartbreak’s Edge
[The lights come on and Matt is sitting down typing on a computer. Mollie enters]
Mollie: Have you been drinking Matt?
Matt: Well good morning to you too.
Mollie: Answer me, Matt…
Matt: Yeah, I’ve had a little bit…
Mollie: Matt… We just got over this.
Matt: But baby, it was just a little bit.
Mollie: Isn’t that how it started before?
Matt: Mollie, I had to take the stress off some way.
[Mollie begins to cry]
Matt: What’s wrong?
Mollie: Who are you?
Matt: What do you mean?
Mollie: You aren’t even you anymore. This isn’t the guy I fell in love with in high school. This isn’t Matt Johnson.
Matt: I’m trying my hardest to provide for us! I’m sorry that this isn’t good enough for you!
Mollie: That’s not what I meant!
Matt: Then what did you mean?! It can’t mean many other things!
Mollie: I miss you! You don’t even come to bed anymore! You never say anything to me! I feel like a ghost walking around this house!
Matt: I just want us to have a good life! Do you wanna end up on the streets? Huh, do you Mollie?!
Mollie: Listen to yourself Matt!
Matt: I am and right now I’m the only one that’s making any sense!
Mollie: What do you want from me Matt?
Matt: Go out and get a job or something! I have been providing for us ever since we got married and you have just been able to lay around and do whatever Mollie wants to do! Would it kill you to contribute and cut me some slack?
Mollie: I’m sorry I’m such an inconvenience to you!
Matt: Forget this I’m going to work.
[Matt puts on his jacket and exits. Mollie puts her face in her hands and begins to cry. Lights go out.]

Scene 3
Called in
[Eliot is laying down asleep. Thomas walks in and wakes her up]
Thomas: Eliot, baby, I just got called in. There was a fire on South borrow.
Eliot: Ok, please be careful Thomas.
Thomas: Aren’t I always love?
Eliot: Yeah yeah.
Thomas: I love you
Eliot: I love you too. Be home before dinner.
Thomas: I’ll do my best hun. [Thomas exits and Eliot goes back to sleep. Lights go out.]

Scene 4
Dream Sequence part 2
[Lights come on and Matt is on the ground (in costume). Shim (in costume) has Mollie by the arm. Mollie breaks away and runs over to Matt]
Shim: Now it’s time to test true love! Do you wanna save him?
Matt: Don’t listen to him Mollie! *coughing*
Mollie: Yes! Anything!
Shim: Fine then [slides a blade over] Your heart for his. If you kill yourself then I will give him the cure.
Matt: Don’t do it! *coughing*
Mollie: Shhh. It’ll be ok my love.
Matt: *desperation* Please don’t do this. Let me die.
Mollie: I don’t wanna live without you. We will meet again.
Matt: Mollie, no!
Shim: Now isn’t this romantic.
[Mollie puts the blade to her wrist]
Matt: NO!
[The lights go out]
NOTE* the lights are out through the rest of this scene
Thomas’ voice: Let me be the one to tell him.
Male voice: Alright. Tell him we saved some of his stuff.
Thomas: He won’t care about any of that
Male: It’s a part of the job
Thomas: Yeah I know.
[sound of phone ringing]
Eliot: Hello?
Thomas: You aren’t gonna believe this…

Scene 5
[Matt is sitting at his desk working on his computer. There is a knock on his door]
Matt: Come in.
[Thomas enters]
Matt: What an unpleasant surprise [looks back at his computer]. What do you want Tom?
Thomas: Matt… Your house burned down.
Matt: [Looks up] What?
Thomas: Mollie didn’t make it out Matt.
Matt: What? No… This is a joke right?
Thomas: I wish it was…
Matt: No no no. This isn’t happening.
Thomas: Please stay calm Matt.
Matt: Stay calm? How can I stay calm?!
Thomas: We saved some of your stuff from the fire.
Matt: Then why didn’t you save her?!
Thomas: I’m sorry. We did all we could.
Matt: She was the only thing I had left Tom!
Thomas: Matt please…
Matt: I gotta get out of here! [gets up and pushes past Thomas]
Thomas: Matt!
[lights go out]

Scene 6
Come back home
[Lights come on and audience sfx is on]
Bryson’s voice: Thank you Los Angelas! You’ve been great!
[Bryson walks on stage with a guitar and lays it down. Pulls out his phone]
Bryson: Hello? Yeah this is him. Who is this? Oh… What do you want Thomas? Mollie? This is a joke right? How’s Matt? Yeah I’ll get my stuff and I’ll fly in as soon as possible. See ya around.

Scene 7
[The lights are dim and Matt is sitting in a chair.]
Matt: Why Mollie? Why did you have to go? I’m alone now Mollie… I can’t be alone. Please come back… I’ll do anything. Just please come back to me. Please…
[Lights go out]

Scene 8
[Thomas and Eliot are sitting in chairs and Thomas has his face in his hands]
Eliot: Please talk to me baby.
Thomas: I keep having nightmares about it Eliot. I can’t sleep without seeing him.
Eliot: Seeing who hun?
Thomas: Elton… That scene keeps replaying over and over again. I swear I didn’t mean to kill him. I don’t know what got over me.
Eliot: I know you didn’t mean to. You can’t blame yourself.
Thomas: Then who else is there to blame? His blood is on my hands. It’s because of me that he will never have a wife and child, he will never spend another Saturday out with his friends. He will never…
Eliot: Look at me Thomas. You have to forgive yourself.
Thomas: I know [begins to cry with his face in his hands. Eliot puts her arm around him]
[lights go out]

Scene 9
[Matt is on stage in a suit and the cast comes in and hugs him]
Matt: Thank you guys for coming. You really didn’t have to fly all the way down here Bryson.
Bryson: Well I sure wasn’t going to walk.
[Everybody laughs]
Bryson: But really man I’m happy to be here. Well I’m not happy that I’m here under these circumstances but….
Matt: I know what you mean.
Bryson: Sarah and I are actually gonna stay in town for a little while.
Matt: What about your tour?
Bryson: I needed a break anyways. What are friends for?
Thomas: Look Matt, I’m sorry I had to be the one to tell you.
Matt: No Thomas, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did.
Thomas: You held yourself together a lot better than I would have.
Eliot: And you know we are here if you ever need us.
Matt: Thank you so much.
Frita: If you want you can stay with me for a while. I have a guest bedroom.
Matt: Thanks Frita. I will stay just long enough for me to find an apartment.
Frita: Take your time. I could use some company around the house
Sarah: I know this is a weird time to ask Matt but, I’m pregnant and I wanna know if you would be the godfather of my child.
Matt: It would be my honor. And congratulations to both of you.
Bryson: I never thought I’d be a dad this soon.
Matt: Looks like we will have a new addition to the greatest generation.
[lights go out]

Scene 10
The Clash
[Bryson and Matt are sitting in chairs watching tv]
Matt: I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since she passed away.
Bryson: You have been holding up surprisingly well man. Keep it up and you won’t need me to babysit much longer.
Matt: Yeah I know. How about hand me a drink.
Bryson: Sure thing [hands him a cola]
Matt: *Looking at it* What is this.
Bryson: Well that my friend is a carbonated soda.
Matt: Alright stop playing around, hand me a beer.
Bryson: Nah dude. We aren’t going down that road.
Matt: I’m a grown man Bryson. I think I can have a beer if I want to.
Bryson: I really don’t think that’s a good idea.
Matt: And honestly I don’t care what you think.
Bryson: Don’t do this Matt.
Matt: Ya know Bryson, you sound just like Mollie.
Bryson: Yeah and don’t you wish she was here telling you this and not me.
Matt: …Get out.
Bryson: Matt…
Matt: Get out of my house!
Bryson: You’ve already lost your wife! Do you wanna lose your best friend too?
Matt: Just leave…
Bryson: Fine… [exits]
[Matt sits down and starts drinking the cola. Lights go out]
Scene 11
[Matt is sitting in a confessional with a priest]
Priest: What has brought you here my son?
Matt: Father I have never been a religious man but so with that being said I’m not here to confess of my sins. I am simply looking for advice.
Priest: On what child?
Matt: I am thinking about taking my own life.
Priest: You do realize your punishment will be eternal damnation?
Matt: I am willing to accept that father… I just have to be with my wife again.
Priest: Your soul will be eternally damned. Your soul belongs to God and he will take you when he is ready.
Matt: Ya know father… God already took the only thing that was ever important to me… I think I can call this breaking even.
Priest: I beseech you not to do this.
Matt: Thanks for your time father.
[Matt exits]
Priest: May God have mercy on your soul…
[Lights go off]
Scene 12
A visitor
?[Matt is sitting in a chair with his face in his hands. Bryson enters]
Bryson: Hey man, I just wanted to apologize about the other day. I was out of line.
[Matt doesn’t respond]
Bryson: Are you ok? You don’t looks so good.
[Shim enters]
Shim: Look at me Matt.
Matt: [looks up] Shim? But your…
Shim: Yeah, I know. Listen, you gotta get a hold of yourself.
Matt: But how…
Bryson: Who are you talking to?
Shim: You know this isn’t what Mollie would want you to do Matt.
Matt: I don’t have any other choice…
Shim: Matt, you will just be hurting everybody else!
Matt: They will get over it!
Bryson: You’re scaring me Matt!
Matt: Don’t try to throw a guilt trip on me! You aren’t gonna make me feel bad!
Shim: That’s what you think this is?!
Matt: I know that’s what it is!
Bryson: You aren’t making any sense!
Matt: Nobody’s gonna care Shim!
Bryson: Shim?
Shim: Well then if you are gonna do it then stop waiting around and killing everybody else!
[lights go out. When they come back on shim is gone. Matt breaks down and Bryson puts his hand on Matt’s back]
[lights go out]

Scene 13
[Matt is sitting with a psychiatrist]
Matt: I saw him. He was real… I just know it.
Psych: Are you insisting that you saw a ghost?
Matt: I don’t believe in ghost’s doc. I don’t know what it was.
Psych: Well what did he tell you?
Matt: He told me to do it…
Psych: To do what Matt?
Matt: He told me to go ahead and do it because I was just killing everybody else.
Psych: You didn’t answer my previous question.
Matt: I told him that it was the only way…
Psych: You interacted with him?
Matt: I told you doc, he was real…
Psych: Mr. Johnson, you are showing signs of paranoid schizophrenia. This is when you have hallucinations and thoughts of conspiracy.
Matt: I’m not crazy!
Psych: I know. You have been through a lot. I am going to put you on some medication for this. You go home and get some rest. You can pick up your prescription tomorrow.
Matt: Thanks for your time doc.
Psych: I’ll see you next week.
[Lights go out]

Scene 14
[The cast enters (except for Matt)]
Bryson: So we have all seen the inevitable… Matt is going downhill fast.
Thomas: Yeah, we gotta work together and do something about it.
Frita: Maybe he should move back in with me.
Sarah: As much of a good idea as that is we all know he won’t…
Eliot: We can’t all sit him down and talk to him. That will just push him away.
Thomas: I don’t know what we are gonna do…
Bryson: Well Sarah and I leave Friday for Washington. We have to do something fast.
Thomas: I can have some of my men to keep an eye on him.
Eliot: I’ll go to his house each day and make sure he has a hot meal and spend some time with him.
Frita; I guess I’ll try and convince him to stay with me for a while.
Bryson: Alright. In the meantime I’m gonna work on getting him a house somewhere outside of South Carolina. He needs a change of scenery.
Sarah: You guys please keep us updated. We don’t wanna leave but we don’t have a choice…
Frita: You guys have already done so much for him. Thank you.
Bryson: We’ll be back as soon as we can.
Thomas: When are you gonna tell him that you’re leaving.
Bryson: I’m about to head over to his place right now.
[lights go out]

Scene 15
[Matt and Bryson are walking]
Bryson: Schizophrenia?
Matt: Yeah. Apparently I have officially lost it.
Bryson: Well look man, I have to leave Friday for Washington.
Matt: Friday? But Bryson… what will I do without you?
Bryson: You have everybody else with you Matt. You can call me anytime you want. Please just take care of yourself.
Matt: I’ll try my best Bryson.
Bryson: Alright. Now let’s go get some coffee. [lights go out as they are walking off]
Scene 16
Come back.
[Bryson and Sarah are walking]
Bryson: Well we have another hour till our flight takes off so what do you wanna do till then?
Sarah: Hmmm well there is a nice little coffee shop over there.
Bryson: Seems like a nice place. Oh hold on I’m getting a call. [Answers phone] Hello? Frita? Calm down. What’s going on?
Sarah: Oh no… It’s Matt.
Bryson: We’ll be there as soon as possible. Just keep talking to him and see if he will let you in. [hangs up phone]
Sarah: I’ll get the car started.
[lights go out as they exit]

Scene 17
[Thomas and Eliot are sitting around watching tv. Thomas’ phone rings. He answers]
Thomas: Hello? I thought you were on the plane. What about him? Ok, I’ll be there soon. Get over there and try to get in the room.
Eliot: What’s wrong?
Thomas: Alright. See you soon.
Eliot: What’s going on Thomas?
Thomas: Matt’s locked himself in his apartment and he won’t let anybody in.
[lights go out]

Scene 18
Back at the start

Matt: so this is what it’s come to. I’m so sorry Mollie. I will be with you one way or another. [pulls out gun]
Bryson’s voice: [banging on door] Come on Matt. Let me in!
Sarah’s voice: Please Matt. Let’s just talk about this.
Frita’s voice: Matt open this door now!
Matt: I’m so sorry Mollie…. [pulls out a gun and puts it to his head]
Shim’s voice: Matt no!
[Shim enters]
Matt: It’s too late Shim. This is going to happen.
Shim: Please don’t do this Matt..
Matt: Go away Shim. We will have plenty of time to talk about this once it’s done.
Shim: Well I can’t talk you out of this. I’m sorry it has to end like this [Shim exits]
Matt: I'm so sorry Mollie. I was always so short with you. I had no right to be. It's been a whole year. It doesn't quite feel like Christmas. I remember our last Christmas. It was cold out just like tonight. This is usually the time you would be getting into bed. If I was here I would lay beside you and trace the lines of your face just to make sure you were real. I love you and miss you so much. I just want to be with you. You were my everything and still are. [puts the gun to his head]

[Mollie enters]

Matt: Mollie?

Mollie: It’s me honey. Please put down the gun

Matt: But I can’t live without you… I just can’t

Mollie: You need to know what really happened…

Matt: What do you mean?

Mollie: I started the fire. I didn’t want to make it out.

Matt: But why Mollie? Why?

Mollie: I was the reason you were suffering. I thought your life would be easier without me.

Matt: No Mollie. You were the reason I woke up in the morning. You were my reason for breathing…

Mollie: As you were to me. I was losing you and I couldn't stand to see it but now I see that you are going to hurt even worse. I am your angel Matt. I am here to protect you.

[Matt gets up and goes to hug her before he can the lights go out and when they come back on she is gone]

Matt: I will be with you again [Puts the gun to his head]

[lights go off and a gun shot is fired and you hear the sound of Matt hitting the floor.]

Bryson’s voice: NO!

Scene 19
Hearts in Carolina

[Each member of the cast walks up to the grave plot and puts a flower on it. When the final rose is placed the cast joins hands. Matt and Mollie walk out holding hands with Shim and Elton on each side.]


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