Deceit of the Fallen

June 17, 2013
Act 1:

(The stage is black and empty; there isn’t a soul on stage, nor a peep in the crowd, when from behind the curtains, carrying to the crowd comes a male’s strong, masculine voice, passionately, lavished with changing emotion, telling us through a soulful poem, who he is and how he became…)

There was once a time,
When all of the angels got along,
But then there was an uproar,
Then came the choice,
Next the fall,
And then came the fallen…
Where I once stood is now where many are missing.
I remember thunder,
I remember the ground shaking…breaking,
I remember the fire,
I remember the choice,
I remember the fall.
My journey was chosen.
After the fall I decided to go.
I chose to fall,
Fall down to earth,
To help lead and guide the rest,
The ones that came to learn,
The ones still deciding.
In silence I fight,
At night I come alive,
At day I hide,
I hide and fight at night,
I fight in silence, in secret.
The night’s my hour,
The moons my guidance,
The darkness is my protection,
The silence is my salvation,
The wind is my leader,
The trees and creeks are my company,
I hunt alone,
I hunt at night,
I hunt in silence.
I’m protected,
I’m guided,
I’m guarded,
I save,
Never kill,
I lead,
I guide,
Everyone knows me,
No one knows me.
I’m here because I chose to,
I’m here on a journey,
I’m here to lead and guide,
I’m here to help and protect,
I’m Leo, angel with the power to thwart demons,
…I’m here to fight.

(It’s a dark silent night, no stars, no clouds, no moon… just darkness. Then all of a sudden the black velvet sky seems to rip open, creating blinding white lit holes in it, and what looks like balls of blazing white hot commits, start spitting down on to the earth. Moaning and crying in pain and panic human forms start picking themselves up off of the cold hard ground, shaking off the dirt and the pain, they start to look over their shoulders, roll their shoulders, and touch their backs, gasping and crying when nothing is there…
They are forced to find shelter…to learn the ways…to blend in. Years later they are still the same, they still are practically human, with only two scars between their shoulder blades to remind them who they once were, and with the ability to unfurl and release what lies underneath the scars as their only power, but never go back, never go home……for they are the fallen.)

Act 2:

(Hundreds of years later, at an old abandoned psych ward in the middle of the woods on a Friday night, two minutes before midnight, it’s a full moon and nothing but trees, silence and an occasional whisper of the wind surrounds the area.
Inside the ward in where the cafeteria used to be, a group of fallen gather. Five surround the intruder, and one holds a girl with a cloth bag over her head, by the throat.)
Leo: Let the girl go Roland (He warns).
Roland: Why should I brother? She’s no use to you, where I on the other hand…have found her to be of great use. (He smirks).
Leo: We are no longer brothers; you changed that a long time ago. Now, give me the girl and I’ll leave.
Roland: (Clucks his tongue) Nah….I think I’m good, I’ll keep her. As for you brother, we aren’t finished. (Tosses the girl towards one of the fallen, a big guy with dark brown shoulder length hair and fierce brown eyes, named Dimetre). Brother, brother, brother…if you only would have followed me, done what I said, we wouldn’t be standing here today. (Dramatically sighs) BUT, since you decided to play the good guy and do what you think and call” ethical”, we are here tonight.
Leo: (muscles tensing) Let’s cut the talking and get down to business, I’ll ask you one more time… hand the girl over. (He demands.)
Roland: Tsk tsk brother, patience, the fun hasn’t even begun yet. By the way, where are all of your allies…out catching a movie, while you stand here trapped and surrounded like a helpless little lamb?
(Leo doesn’t move or say a word, just stares Roland down.)
Roland: ….Alright, I see how it is, must ruin the fun. Just so you know…once we finish you…the little savior act you think you are doing, will not last, we will hunt out your little group and take them down one by one. (Roland drawls.)
(Leo with slitted eyes and jaw set tight, muscles tensed and ready, watches Roland’s every move and listens to the other five fallen that surround him, keeping a close eye on Dimetre who grips the girl tight.)
Roland: Well, I see there isn’t a reason to stand around chatting anymore; it’s a shame it had to come to this brother, it really is, but oh well at least I’ll still be able to sleep at night…now, time for one last surprise before we end this.
(Leo tenses even more, ready for action.)
(Roland grabs the cloth bag that’s tied around the girl’s neck and yanks it off, revealing a slightly there, blood colored red head, with stunning malachite eyes.)
(Leo sharply intakes, shocked with surprise and grief. He starts to move towards the girl, whose name he knows well, to hold her and protect her, but he’s stopped immediately when one of the other fallen steps in front of him and Roland starts laughing.)
Roland: (Smiles and laughs, pleased with his reaction.) Well, well, now there’s the reaction I was waiting for!
Leo: You won’t win this, you won’t touch her again! (He growls and barks).
Roland: Oh yeah?? You think so? We’ll see about that. Now brother, that wasn’t even what I wanted to show you….what I wanted to show you is something much better. I just first merely wanted to make sure that the girl didn’t miss anything either.
(The girl moans and rolls her head back, then looks around, letting her surroundings sink in.)
Roland: Oh look, she’s coming to. Are you with us yet Arriane?
Arriane: What the heck’s happening? Agh, owe. (Holds her head, then drops her hands and realizes what’s going on. At first looks shocked, then hardens her face and sneers.)
Leo: Roland let’s get this over with, just you and me, one on one, leave Arriane out of this. (He says impatiently.)
Roland: Well now that she’s fully with us, let’s bring out the surprise. (He says ignoring Leo.)

Act 3:

(Roland goes to turn around, when all of a sudden, crash, the windows shatter into a million tiny pieces and in fall 7 more fallen angels, Leo’s allies.)
(Beck a tall forceful man with black hair and nearly black eyes, the oldest of the bunch, comes and looms over Roland.)
Beck: Roland, this is over, take your minions and scram. Give us the girl and leave. (He demands in a strong fierce voice.)
Roland: (Looking a little nervous, but not backing down backs up a few steps to the door behind him.) You know, I’m really glad you all decided to join us and could all be here, I really am, cause now seems like the perfect time to reveal what I’ve been hiding.
(Roland opens the door and stands aside, letting a tall, thin, platinum blonde, with quicksilver eyes…..Aphrodite.
All around the room you can hear the eight angels gasp with disbelief.)
Darius: (Comes closer to the center of the room and directs his attention to Roland.) What are you doing Roland?? Why do you have the girls??
Roland: Good question Darius, I’m glad you asked. (He smiles knowing that this is going to be the best part of the night.) Good old Aphrodite here, has made a decision…she’s come to me begging to let her join alliances, and well….you know me…I won’t turn away extra allies. (He chuckles.)
Blake: I can’t believe this. (He breathes.)
Roland: Oh but it’s all true! Isn’t that right Aphrodite? Why don’t you go ahead and tell them everything. (He grins, a wicked smile, with a malicious look in his eyes.)
Aphrodite: (Looking at the ground, speaks with a small voice.) I couldn’t take it anymore. I was tired of just sitting there, doing nothing…just trying to blend in. So I came here and asked for him to take me. (Looks up and looks into Leo’s eyes.) I know you told me that there wasn’t anything that we could do to save Arriane. Once we found out that she was missing, you started to shut down, leaving us with no leader. I know that it was hard for you to lose one of your own, but instead of leading us into a rescue mission, you just let it go, like you gave up on everything and didn’t care. I knew that you wouldn’t tell anyone, but that you would still be out running around on your own trying to find her, but I didn’t want to just sit there while you did everything. So, I came here, knowing that they would always include me and we’d have missions and things to do, instead of trying to blend in all of the time.
(Finn, a black haired, golden dawn eyed guy, standing in front of a vicious looking man, who is several inches taller than him, stares at Aphrodite and shakes his head, sighing.)
Aphrodite: I’m sorry that I lied to you, I’m sorry that I deceived you, telling you that they had some human girl trapped here and that they were torturing her. I’m sorry that I led you straight into a trap. (She looks down briefly.)
Annabelle: Aphrodite…how…how could you??? How could you go and deceive us like this? (She says with a sad and disgusted voice.)
(Aphrodite only glances at Annabelle, not being able to look at her to long, catching the look of hurt that’s so deep in her mystery eyes.)
Aphrodite: (Just whispers.) I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.
Della: (With a nasty look of disgust and distrust snorts.) Yeah, right. Just like I didn’t mean to come crashing through those windows to save Leo’s butt. (She spits out at Aphrodite and rolls her eyes.)
(Aphrodite just stands there, not daring to look at anyone.)
Victoria: I agree with Della. When you make a decision like that you are always going to hurt someone. I just don’t get how you could go against us like that without saying anything. I thought we were all close, we were all family. (She speaks out.)
Aphrodite: I know, and all I can say is I’m sorry, but I had to do something that I felt and wanted to do. I didn’t want to have to discuss it all with you guys, because I knew you’d try and turn me against it…that’s why I didn’t say anything, I wanted it to be my decision and my decision only.
Della: Wow….seriously, that’s the best you got?? You could have just told us that you wanted to make the decision on your own, you could have said anything!!!! Even if we didn’t like it and wanted you to change your mind, we wouldn’t have held you prisoner! (She screams with fury.)
Roland: Okay, I think we’ve had enough of this little chat. The point is, she’s with us now and she helped get you here. Now she will be helping me destroy all of you once and for all. (He grins with evil.)

Act 4:

(Eyes shift to someone that’s standing behind Roland that they can’t quite yet see. It’s a tall, thin, girl with long black hair, with a seductive and an authoritive voice, and once the light slightly begins to touch her face they see icy blue eyes.)
Scarlet: Hello, Rooollllannnd. (She purrs and Rolland spins around in surprise.) Long time no see. I see you are up to your usual no good of things. Let’s see…..I see you are, holding another fallen captive….you are threatening and planning to kill…eight other fallen surrounded by your small circle and (She drags out), you have turned one of their own against them, hmmm…interesting. You still are the same naive Rolland that I know, aren’t you.
Roland: What are you doing here?? (He demands.)
Scarlet: Awwwwe, no hey, how’ve you been??
Scarlet: (Sighs.) Fine…I see how it is.
Finn: Scar?? Is…that you??
Darius: I don’t think so Finn, Scar ran out on us a long time ago and hasn’t come back since. I don’t think Scar would ever have the heart to come back. (He bites.)
Beck: Darius… (He warns.)
Blake: (Looks at the angel who’s still mostly covered in shadow.) Who are you??
(Scarlet walks completely out of the shadows and into the middle of the room just a step behind Roland.)
Scarlet: I’m Scar…don’t you remember me old friend?
Blake: Yeah, but Darius is right. We never thought you’d come back after you forgot about and gave up on us. (He spits.)
Della and Victoria: OH, MY, GOSH.
Annabelle: (Whimpers a little.) Is it…is it really you Scar???

Scarlet: (Looks over at Annabelle who has a couple tears dripping down her face.) Yes Ann…it’s me. (Annabelle starts crying.) I never gave up on you, I never forgot about you and I never left you. (She says, saying it to all eight angels, but looking at Darius and Blake.)
Victoria: HA! Then how come we never saw or heard from you??? (She says with sass.)
Scarlet: That’s only because I had some other issues I had to go take care of for a while, and I couldn’t drag any of you in with me.
Della: I’m so sick of people thinking they don’t need me, that they can’t tell us anything just because they want or think they have to do things by themselves! (She shouts.)
Scarlet: I’m sorry, but I’m here now and I promise I won’t leave, I swear to tell you all next time when something comes up.
(Scarlet looks at Leo, looks into his familiarly bright, warm honey eyes. She softly looks at him and sees the hurt and longing in his eyes, before she turns her attention back on Roland.)
Scarlet: It’s over Roland. (She declares.) You won’t win this, you are greatly outnumbered. You have ten angels, plus my many that lie in wait outside, against your seven. Give up…walk away. (She demands.)
Rolland: (Rolland glares at Scarlet, and then hisses out.) NO! I WILL NOT WALK AWAY! I can still win this, I have a high angel on my side now, I am still holding one of your angels and I have the strongest team of warriors, we are not going down without a fight.
(Rolland jumps at Scar, aiming for her neck, but Scar is too quick, she leaps to her right out of the way of his grasp. Everyone else is now engaged in the fight as well. Leo and Beck take on Dimetre, freeing Arriane from his grasp; Annabelle flies to Arriane and helps her untie her wrists. Victoria and Della are fighting back to back against two smaller men, Finn is taking on the tall guy he was standing in front of and Blake is fighting with the last guy who is bigger than him, while Darius is wrestling with Aphrodite, trying to pin her and talk to her. A few seconds later and all of the wings are released. There are gold wings, black wings, white and silver wings. In front of Scar, Roland has unfurled his massive black wings and in comparison Scar has unfurled her strong, sparkly, white wings.
Scarlet is battling it out with Roland for a while, when she feels a sudden flash of heat and sees a bright white light that comes and goes in a blink of an eye, leaving behind nothing. Scar knows well what that means, it means that one of the angels has been deleted, they have been sent back to Heaven for punishment and another ruling. Before Scar can blink there is another white flash, she glances and sees that Victoria and Della now both are fighting with only one outcast and Blake has now joined Finn to help him with the massive man Finn was arrogant enough to try and take.
Scar turns back around just in time to see Roland’s dagger plunging straight towards her heart, she quickly blocks it and spins around in front of him, landing a good blow to his stomach and face. Scar, gradually wears him down more and more, landing surprise blows often. By time she has him on his knees the other five outcasts have been eliminated, leaving her whole group a little damaged, but alive.
Scar runs her left hand over Roland’s wavy dark brown hair and runs it down the side of his face, under his chin and roughly tilts Roland’s head up to look him eye to eye. She looks into his fierce russet eyes, with her own chilling ice blue eyes and fiercely tells him the last thing he will hear on this earth in a long time.)
Scarlet: I hope you enjoy your punishment you’ll be receiving soon here and while you are getting it, think of me would you. I want you to know, that you will never win, for someone, somehow, will always defeat you and all evil. I wish it could all be different…but it isn’t, so it’s time for you to go back home and learn your lesson…and one more thing, if you ever consider coming back and ruining me or anyone I know, I will hunt you down and I will destroy you again and again, you will never win. So either consider changing your ways……or don’t come back at all. (With that said she stabs him swiftly in the heart, sending him home for his ruling.)
(Scarlet turns around and sees that everyone is standing together watching her, to her left stands Darius cradling an exhausted Aphrodite and right in front of her a few feet away stands Leo. Everyone else backs up and starts leaving, flying out of the windows, going home to rest and recuperate, also giving them time and privacy.
Leo stands there in front of her just staring at her with an unreadable look and stance for a few minutes, that to her feels like the longest time… just staring into her eyes with his set of honey colored eyes. He doesn’t say anything; he just stands there for the longest time staring at her, slightly making her squirm with unease. She drinks him in, re-remembering the long length of his body, the way that the moon hits his night kissed hair, and the way that his shoulders widen out demanding space and room for his chiseled abdomen. She looks at his lips and remembers how together they make a perfect match…a soft but firm place to rest her own lips, and once she looks back into his alluring honey eyes, she sees the uncontrollable longing, the heart wrenching ache, and the never dying passion that lies and has lied there for so long.
Then Leo slowly and tentatively at first, as though to not scare her away, walks up to Scar and with the knowledge of knowing that she is really there and seeing in her eyes that this time she’s going to stay, he frames his hands around her face, and kisses her. At first so softly that it feels like it isn’t even there, but then he lets his passion and longing for her and his sadness and anger all pour out through the kiss.)
Leo: (Once the kiss is over he gazes into her eyes and whispers so lightly you could almost swear it was a trick of the mind)…..I love you.
Scarlet: (With tears of joy in her eyes, whispers back)…..I love you too Leo, I always have and I always will.
(The two fly out of the old abandoned psych ward hand in hand and head home, knowing that they all will be alright as long as they stick together.)

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Pamplemousse said...
Jul. 13, 2013 at 3:46 am
Wow, you are a really talented writer. I feel like this story would work a lot better as a short story than a play, I feel like you had a lot of background and extra details you wanted to write about that would really enhance the story, but are harder to portray in the format of a play, and made the play confusing. You should totally continue this story and make it into a short story rather than a play. The story was awesome though and super creative!
ScarletRoseDark replied...
Jul. 14, 2013 at 10:33 pm
Thank you Pamplemousse! Yes I agree that there was a lot more that I wanted to write, but couldn't. I'm glad that you enjoyed it though, that means a lot and I'll definitely consider making it into a story instead of the play! :D
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