May 9, 2013
Margerie: I can’t believe I’m telling you this. I never thought I’d tell anyone, but you…you’re listening to me. I have to tell you what I’m gon’ do. Used to be one of them material girls, y’know? I get to shoppin’ and I can’t stop. Not in this town. You seen one pair of boots you seen’em all. I’ve tried them on, I look in the mirror, and they all look the same. The exact same. They all come right up to my knee, all of’em just kind of sit there, don’t do nothin’; they all the same color and pattern. I’m one of them picky shoppers, likes to see different things…but in this town, ain’t nobody can be picky. We got three stores in the whole of the town. One for shoes, one for clothes, and one for the essentials: food and water. Now I just can’t live like this. I have got to get out of this town. Only so much water a girl can drink until she tired of the taste. That water jug that sits by my bed, as meaningless and boring as my life in this town. I had dreams. Wanted to be a…a big singer in Nashville. I woulda made it too. But then I come to this crummy town cuz of my no-good ex-husband, and he strand me in this town. That’s it! Deserted, left without money, a job, a home. Had to go to one of the fifty people that live in this town and beg. Yeah that’s right. I begged. I begged for my life. I was on my knees, cryin’, hysterical. Y’know the feeling? And now, all I have is a room, a lousy job, and the clothes on my back. That mirror there, I look at myself and I think, What happened to the dreamer in you, girl? Where’d she go? My answer? “She left with my pride, when Marco abandoned me.” Hurts, don’t it? Now what do I do, you ask? Well, that’s easy: I work part-time at the shoe store, and when I ain’t workin’ I sit on my bed, I look in my mirror begging the woman I once knew to get her twenty-five-year-old behind back here. “You still young,” I say. “You still got time, you can make it! Margerie, do not give up on me!” At that point I get to sobbin’ again, and I plot my revenge on that poor ol’ son of a…well, you know. Ain’t gonna know what he had comin’, but I can assure you: he had it comin’. He left me in the dirt. No home, no money, no nothin’. I just stare at that knife on the table, and I think of how he stabbed me in the back. You know what they say about karma.

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