April 7, 2013
By Mella PLATINUM, Natchitoches, Louisiana
Mella PLATINUM, Natchitoches, Louisiana
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" All the World's A stage, and all the men and women merely players." - Shakespeare's "All the Worlds A Stage" poem.

The scene opens slowly into what seems like a hospital room. There is a FEMALE PATIENT in the bed and there is an indistinct sound of beeping from the heart monitor. A FEMALE TEEN is sitting in a chair next to the bed. She appears to be exhausted and sad. Her face is flustered, and her eyes are red and swollen from what seems to be a lot of crying. She looks over and sees a photograph of four teenage girls in prom dresses and huge smiles. She stands and picks up the photograph, in the background you can hear the distinct voices of the girls but the camera remains on the FEMALE TEEN and the photograph in her hand.
GIRL 1: (excitedly) This is going to be the best night of our lives!
THE OTHER GIRLS: (talking at the same time; agreeing, saying things like “The absolute best, way awesome, etc.”)
ADULT FEMALE: Have fun girls, and don’t forget to be safe!
THE GIRLS: We will, we promise.
(The camera is still on the girl holding the picture, laughter and indistinct chatter is heard in the background, the girl is staring at the picture with a regretful look, her hand is shaking as she holds the picture. Her breathing is unstable, and hoarse.)
(The camera fades out and fades back in in black and white and the setting seems to be at a high school gym, where there are teens dancing. Some students are walking around chatting and little snippets of conversations are heard such as, “Vote for me for prom king/queen, hi, how’s it going? Etc. As the scene progresses it slowly starts to fade into full color. The camera pans to the girls seen in the photograph; the FEMALE TEEN, and FEMALE PATIENT are two of the four girls in the photograph that are with two other FEMALE TEENS noticed in the photograph. They are seen dancing and laughing with a few boys. The music stops and everyone turns their attention towards the podium where the MASTER OF SERVICE starts announcing the prom king and queen. There is clapping heard as the camera pans back to the girls.)
FEMALE TEEN 1: Ew, I can’t believe she won the title for prom queen.
FEMALE TEEN 2: I totally agree; like, who would vote for her with THAT dress?
FEMALE TEEN 3: And her hair, like who is her stylist… an orangutan?
FEMALE TEEN 4: Seriously.

(GUY 1 walks in between the girls and puts his arms around FEMALE TEEN 2 and 3.)
GUY 1: This, prom is getting lame. How about you pretty ladies come with me to a real party and have some fun?
(The girls giggle.)
FEMALE TEEN 1, 2, 3, and 4: Okay.
(GUY 1 walks off to the exit with his arms still around the girls FEMALE TEEN 1 and 4 follow behind them)
FEMALE TEEN 1: Like, Oh my God, he is H-O-T, hot.
FEMALE TEEN 4: Yea, I call dibs.
FEMALE TEEN 1: Hey, no fair, you didn’t give me a chance to call dibs on him first.
FEMALE TEEN 4: Too bad, he’s already mine.
FEMALE TEEN 1: Are you sure? It looks like those two already have him wrapped around their fingers.
(FEMALE TEEN 4 laughs and the camera fades out and fades back in to the hospital room. The girl is still holding the picture and laughing a little sadly. We now know that this girl is FEMALE TEEN 1. She quiets down and her face saddens a little more as she holds the picture a little tighter and chokes back tears. The camera fades out again, but you can still see the girl holding the picture in the scene, as she tries hard to hold her tears.)
(This part of the scene is black and white and opens to the front of a house where it is obvious a party is going on inside. FEMALE TEEN 3 and 4 stagger out of the house very drunk and giddy while being dragged by FEMALE TEEN 1and 2 who are also drunk but FEMALE TEEN 1 isn’t as drunk as the others. Two guys come out of the house after them apparently very drunk also as they approach the girls. GUY 1 is one of the two boys as they meet up with the girls and FEMALE TEEN 3 and 4 wriggle free of the girls’ grip and embrace the guys they talk and giggle and move about as drunken teens until FEMALE TEEN 1 and 2 grabs them and tries to make them leave again. The two guys protest and try to get the girls to stay but FEMALE TEEN 1 and 2 refuses and drags the girls to the car where they grumble and complain.)
FEMALE TEEN 3&4: (while being pushed into the car) Aw, come on. You’re no fun. Party pooper (etc.)
FEMALE TEEN 2: It’s for your own good. Now put on your seat belts and be quiet. (nods to FEMALE TEEN 1)Since you’re the most sober, you drive.
FEMALE TEEN 1: I’m not sober enough to drive. If my mom knew how drunk I was she’d kill me right now.
FEMALE TEEN 2: Can you see colors clearly? (FEMALE TEEN 1: Yes.) Is the world standing still to you right now? (Female teen 1 answers yes.) Do you understand my questions or English at all right now? (Female teen 1 answers yes again.) Then you’re sober enough to drive and talk to an officer if we get pulled over. (Throws her the keys and gets in the passenger seat.)
(FEMALE TEEN 1 gets into the driver seat and starts the car. The camera spins slowly to portray how dizzy she feels as she puts her head in her hand and takes a deep breath. The camera spinning gradually stops and she grips the steering wheel. The camera slowly fades out as she begins to drive away.)
(The scene reopens in the hospital room as the girl walks over to the patient’s bed (aka FEMALE TEEN 2) and sits on the edge of it. She watches the girl for a few seconds with a sad and nearly regretful look on her face. A tear rolls down her cheek as the camera fades out again into black and white, and slowly changing into color. FEMALE TEEN 1 is driving and the two female teens in the back seat are passed out and completely tired. FEMALE TEEN 2 is in the passenger seat asleep. The camera focuses on FEMALE TEEN 1 as it goes into POV screen and shows how she sees everything. The road is a spooky dark and there are trees on both sides, a few cars pass by but not many. The camera spins a little to show her dizziness. She is gripping the steering wheel tightly when FEMALE TEEN 4 suddenly awakens and throws up all over the back of the car. FEMALE TEEN 1is startled and looks into the back seat. A car light flashes and she turns around to see a car coming towards her and a sharp turn in the road. Unable to avoid both, she turns her wheel and is hit on FEMALE TEEN 2’s side. The screen slowly turns white as the sound of metal and glass is heard. A car door is heard slamming shut. The sound of heavy footsteps is heard approaching.)
(Distant off camera as screen is still slowly turning white)
ADULT MALE: Hey, are you guys okay in there? (Sound of him tapping on the door)(Screen goes from white and slowly turns black but this color change is a little faster than the first)
OFFSCREEN OPERATOR: 911 what’s your emergency?
ADULT MALE: I’d like to report an accident… (His words fade as the screen completely turns black)
(The camera fades back into the scene in the hospital room where FEMALE TEEN 1 is still sitting next to the patient. She looks down at the photograph and sees the smiling faces. Laughter and little snippets of girly conversations are heard in the background. Things like, “Oh my God, he is so cute.” And “Best friends forever” etc. this is not being said subsequently after the other, only when the camera is focused on one specific character in the picture as it pans slowly to look at each face as if the girl was looking at it. One sentence is said from each person in the photograph. A tear drop falls onto the photograph, and then more falls as the camera pans from the photograph to the girl’s face. She covers her face in her hands and breaks down crying with the photograph still tightly clutched in her hand.)
FEMALE TEEN 1: (Says while crying) I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.
(The camera fades into black as she continues to cry, her crying slowly fades away. The screen continues to fade to black.)
OFFSCREEN OPERATOR :( this is being said while the screen is still changing into black) All units respond, there is a reported car wreck on Woodberry St. South of the Baton Rouge area near Henley Bayou. An ambulance is needed as quickly as possible. The caller reported there are four passengers: two seriously injured and two fatal…
(Walkie-talkie police sounds are heard. The screen continues to fade as the beeping of the heart monitor grows louder as the other noises die down. The beeping slows as the screen grows blacker. As the screen is mostly black and is about to turn completely black the sounds of the heart monitor long beep is heard. The screen is now 98% black as the long beep is grows louder. The screen then turns completely black and the beep is put to an abrupt stop.)


The author's comments:
This took me a while to write becuase I had to keep brainstorming. Thanks to everyone who doesnt like it but will take the time to read it anyways. please comment on it.

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