And here we go again.... part I

April 6, 2013
JOHN STOKER,25,is sitting on a chair.He has a blank look on his face. Suddenly the phone rings. He reaches for the phone

Images are seen. The images are of of VERA ZMUDA,24,pretty,brunette.
*In the final image JOHN and VERA are seen parting

Cut to.
Close up of JOHN,monologue begins


Yesterday was St.Patricks day, the whole world wore green,and i wore red. Back in

december,christmas time, the world wore red and i wore green.The kids on the street

thought i was the grinch. A little kid shouted," Mama, look theres the grinch".The

woman looked up and said," that aint the grinch, its lousy old Stoker."Well, that

defines it all. All my life ive felt, ummm, a little out of place.Even now i feel,

that an asteroid is going to fall onto the earth,any moment now

right onto my head.Ummm, now that I said it, i dont feel it anymore...


I met Vera at a party back in 09', tough days they were, perhaps the toughest.

Life was a test and the test was high schoool...

Cut to.
Int.High School
John is seen walking down a corridor, no one looks at him, he looks at no one. He makes his way to his locker
and puts in his bag

Cut to.
Int.JOHN's House


I met her at a party. Kathy's party...
Cut to.
Int.Kathy's House



Kathy was something of a paradox. She was from an illustrious family. Everyone knew her

but she was the dumbest person id ever known. I dont even remember why i went to that


There is a party going on

Cut to.
Int.John's House


In those days, i was in the state of mourning,umm, i think fussing and obsessing would

be more appropriate.I'd just gotten over with Kay, with whom i'd had my first fragment

of a relationship...

Cut to.
Ext. High School
Kay is seen snogging a high school baseball player while high school John looks on...

Cut to.
Int.John's House


(with a wry smile)

Not Exactly!

It was either a misconception or a smokescreen or maybe neither.Was it a misconception?

Was it a smokescreen? Nah, it was neither, There are somethings I like to believe,and

this is probably one of them

Cut to.
Int.Kathy's House



So, i met her at the party

Vera walks towards John


Hi. Im Vera



I'm John

Cut to.
Int.John's House


And this is the end of the story. Yeah this is the end.The end. Bambooshka, the end.

(stares into the camera for 10 seconds)

Not exactly!

(wry smile)

In those day's i was playing for a band. We were called 'The Corkscrews'

Cut to.
Int.JOSE's garage
We see 4 people, the first is ANDY. ANDY resembles Buddy Holly,and is the lead guitarist of the band. He is seen
sitting on a footstool. The second is JAN, JAN is a fat, foul mouthed Belgian, and the drummer of the band.JAN is seen
talikng on his phone.The third is JOSE,JOSE is the bassist of the band, he is of Puerto Rican origin, Jose is seen
staring at the television. The fourth is JOHN, JOHN is seen scribbling on a piece of paper.



Eureka! Eureka! Eureka!


(he's just got off the phone, all three of them look towards JOHN)


What happened,dumbass?


(still excited)

I found a name!

Their eye's widen.


What is it?


The corkscrews!

The three of them shout in congregation with contempt


Yeah! The Corkscrews. And its got another meaning too. A dirty meaning

(playfull look)

The cork... And it screws

They all look at each other and break into laughter.

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