The First Meeting

March 13, 2013
(each enter back to back, bumping into each other, simultaneously reacting)

Jush-eewa: WAH!

Christine: Oh!

Jush-eewa: (glares at the pilgrim girl in disbelief)

Christine: (looks back in confusion)

Jush-eewa: HOW!

Christine: How what? Who are you?

Jush-eewa: Me, Jush-eewa. Who you? (keeps glancing over the girl)

Christine: I am Christine.... What are you doing HERE?

Jush-eewa: We. Have. Seasonal. Gathering. Turkey (points past the girl) I follow.

Christine: Oh...

Jush-eewa: YES! You be guest. (grabs the girls wrist)

Christine: (looks at his hand on her wrist) We just met!

Jush-eewa: (pulls her arm a bit)

Christine: but.. Uhm.. okay..

(fog drifts in)

Jush-eewa: (walks around a little from where he entered, looking for the path he came from)

Christine: So, where did you learn English?

Jush-eewa: (lets go of her wrist and answers still looking around, more casually) River peoples, and others who met pale faces, like you.

Christine: Oh.. that’s convenient on my part..

Jush-eewa: (stares at the girl, puzzled) CON-VAN-ANT?

Christine: (shakes head) Uh.. Nevermind.. Anyways..

Jush-eewa: What is (pokes the colonial girl’s face a couple times) pale face doing in wilderness? You. Know. My village have stories of peoples like you. You are more pretty than stories...

Christine: (pauses for a moment) Oh.. Awe... but I am looking for food to feed my colony... we.. don't have any food.. everyone keeps dying...

Jush-eewa: (ponders over the word) Die... die... (shakes his head in disbelief) no good... Jush-eewa is sorry.

Christine: It’s okay.. not your fault... I need to go find food and get back to my colony.

Jush-eewa: No! No no! You. Guest!! Come come! (grabs her wrist again and turns around, realizing he is lost again as he takes a few steps into the fog) Girl, I sorry. I no good man. (looks at the ground letting her arm fall)

Christine: What do you mean...?

Jush-eewa: My path, lost... fog.. I did not pay good attention....... bad man..

Christine: (turns him around) Hey.. it’s okay, you aren’t a bad man. Look, when the fog is gone you can find your way back, okay? We can just wait here until the fog lets up..

(both sit down simultaneously)

Christine: So tell me about your... home?

Jush-eewa: My village..... My family, for many centuries have lived in the woods. Men jobs is find food. Girls weave and make pots. Cook for us. Everyone share with the other. We big family. All help everyone. What about you, pale face?

Christine: Well.. I was born in my colony, here... My parents were sailed here with some others from Britain. Now that the colony is growing steadily, and the weather is getting dramatically colder... People are dying.. my parents being some.. I’ve been taking care of my younger sister.. but the lack of food and cold nights got to her as well as them... she’s gone now too..

Jush-eewa: (looks at the ground listening to her story, thinking) You story so sad. Jush-eewa wishes could do something to help.

(fog starts to drift away)

Jush-eewa: (notices the fog is disappearing and gets up) Come!! Come!!

Christine: (gets up looking around) Oh.. the fog has gone..

Jush-eewa: Pale face, you say you have nothing?

Christine: (looks at the ground) I guess so....

Jush-eewa: (takes her wrist quickly) Come! Seasonal gathering start soon! You come! You stay with us. New home.

(both exit off stage rushing down the “path”)

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Sadaf K. said...
Mar. 27, 2013 at 2:29 pm
Haha I love it! Keep writing! :)
Kriiistenify replied...
Mar. 27, 2013 at 6:30 pm
Oh Sadafolafogis.
thankyoumrsloopner This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Mar. 27, 2013 at 2:21 pm
Great writing! Very funny and sweet! 5 stars!
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