Crazy Eyes of Wichita

February 6, 2013
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Stage right telephone is ringing: Emma: OMG. Kristen is hurt terribly and in the hospital right now and unconscious.

Ben: How did this happen?

Emma: I don’t know I just got off the phone with her parents and they were sobbing and said come right now.

Set is clear. Stage now holding a hospital bed.

Mrs. Leah (Sarah): Sobbing, My baby girl, I let her go out with a couple of friends and Mr Baker. look what happened..

Emma and Ben: We’re sure sorry, but we need to figure out what happened. I mean, she is our best friend, we have to do something to pay her back for all of the things she has done for us.

Emma: Mrs. Leah, what do you last remember of Mr. Baker’s car?

Mrs. Leah: The car was a red Lamburghini. That made me so scared for her, but she said but she was just going on a quick errand to help Mr. Baker out and she would be fine. Short sobs.

Emma: It will be alright. We’ll look into it and ask Mr. Baker some questions. You are like our family so we want to keep you safe. You just stay here with Kristen.

Set is clear. Stage left. Mr. Baker’s car shop. Ben: Emma, do you have your pad and paper?

Emma: Yes, I do. Now remember, we are doing this to save a friend. Are you ready? Let’s roll.

Emma standing by with Mr. Baker. We just saw Kristen and her family at the hospital. They said she was in a car with you and a couple of other boys. Now tell us, what happened, Mr. Baker?

Mr. Baker: Well you see, I slammed the brakes and the car came to a stop.

Emma: That’s it! That is all you are going to tell us, you are a selfish man.

(Emma gets a text message from Mrs. Leah that says), “Kristen is pronounced dead. Come to the hospital right away.

Emma: (Emma is running from stage right to stage left with Ben behind her) Let’s go to the hospital, come on!!!!!!!!

(Emma, Ben, Mrs. Leah, and Mr. Leah all waiting in the hallway)
Emma “Wow that was so quick! I am so sorry.”

Ben “Yea me too.”

Mrs. Leah “I take responsibility for everything. No it wasn’t Emma, no it wasn’t your fault! It was that stupid Mr. Baker.”

Emma “I can imagine Kristen would have turned up the music all the way, and would have been goofing around with Mr. Baker’s sons. But you need to know something, it wasn’t your fault.”

Mrs. Leah “Thank you for the reassurance.”

Emma “By the way, we talked to Mr. Baker and all he said he did was slam the car brake to a stop. Do you believe that?”

Mrs. Leah “No I don’t! He’s always been such a sneak around my family and I.”

Emma “Me either. So we have to push answers out of Mr. Baker’s guts like nobody has ever done.”

Mrs. Leah and Mr. Leah “Our baby girl had such a short life, but a good one.”
(Short Sobs)

Emma and Ben “We’ll go home and gather information, our condolences are with you both. We are so sorry.”

(Stage right: Emma and Ben’s house, information on coffee table, Emma and Ben are sitting on the couch)
Ben “Let’s get together what we have so far. In the car, Kristen was jamming out to her favorite tunes.

Mr. Baker said he slammed the car to a stop. (Surprised) Let’s go find out what made him stop!”

Emma “Perfect idea, let’s go!”

(Stage left: Holding Mr. Baker’s car shop, Emma standing in his face ready to confront him)

Emma (angry) “If you didn’t do it, who did?”
Mr. Baker “Uhhhh my sons?”

Emma “They didn’t do it, they are two of Kristen’s best friends!”

Ben “Come here Emma, I have an idea.”
(Emma walks over)

Ben “ Let’s just go ask them what they know, and then with help we’ll figure it out from there.”

(Stage Right holding Mr. Baker’s home, Mr. Baker’s sons ((Freddy and Chris)) inside looking at comic books)
The doorbell rings, Freddy comes to the door slowly.

Chris “Who could that be?”
(Emma hesitantly cracks the door open.)

Emma “Anyone home?”

(Chris and Freddy look through the crack)

Chris and Freddy “Yes we are.”

(Ben and Emma now open the door all the way)

Ben and Emma “Hello boys.”

Chris and Freddy “Hello”

Emma “Do you know anything more specific about Kristen’s death?”

Chris and Freddy “No Emma, sorry.”

Ben “Come on, I know you know something, you were there!”

Freddy “Okay, okay here we go. But there is a big secret I can’t tell you”

Ben “Big secret huh? You can’t tell us, then tell the police.”

Freddy “Alright, alright, my dad…was swerving around the road. He wasn’t being a stupid driver, we just asked him because we wanted to play around. So he swerved the car around some more, and went through a red light and crashed into a Suburban.”

Ben “So what’s the big secret?”

Chris “Should we tell them?”

Freddy “Of course we should! We are going to have to tell the police anyway.”

Ben “I’m waiting….”

Chris “The big secret is that Mr. Baker is a burglar, and he was trying to get Kristen’s jewelry off of her neck. And we are not really his sons! We are his operation side kicks.”

Emma “That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard! Why would you kill someone for a piece of jewelry?”

Chris “Because she was wearing the most priceless piece of jewelry in the country.”

Emma (with assist from Ben) “Well are you ready to tell the police? And Mr. Baker too of course? I’ll have police down at Mr. Baker’s car shop in five minutes.”

(Stage Left holding Mr. Baker’s car shop)

Police “Hands behind your back boys!”

Chris and Freddy “We were ready for this, we were ready to commit ourselves, you weren’t Mr. Baker were you?”

Mr. Baker yelling as they take him away “NOOOOO!”

Mr. and Mrs. Leah “Thank you guys so much! You have saved us a lot of grief and time.”

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