Procrastination's Shadow

January 17, 2013
By Mari1996 BRONZE, La Mesa, California
Mari1996 BRONZE, La Mesa, California
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Midnight, October 18, 2012

MARI. Must finish, it’s almost done just a few more segments. Why do we have so much homework these days? It is not fair at all.

PROCRASTINATION. It’s late again, yet you’re still at hard work finishing your studies. Your insolent mind has failed you again.

MARI. Who’s there? I thought i was alone

PROCRASTINATION. Even through all your mess you cannot see the most obvious. It is, but only Procrastination.

MARI.Not possible they told me you did not exist. I lay here hours after midnight slaving at all the tedious homework my professors leave for me each and every night for a what? A bad grade that just lowers my grade once again!

PROCRASTINATION. Those that have said that have lied to you again and again for I do exist and come to you when you need me the most. Every night I have watched you painstakingly work on your homework, projects, and assignments the day before they are due. You know the due date of all them yet you choose to only hurt yourself and your sleep. Studies have shown that people who sleep at least eight hours a day tend to be more alert and focused throughout the day, then there is you who sleep during class. Why? because you have once more been defeated by none other than me.

MARI. Please leave me be. I have way too much homework to deal with anything else right now. Do you see how tired I am. Oh why do my teachers give tons of homework at the same time? You see it is already a quarter past midnight.

PROCRASTINATION. You must learn to manage your time for if you do not, the only thing you will cause is a nervous breakdown or worse.

MARI.I do not always procrastinate and I do manage my time wisely. For when get home I eat, watch television, and then do my homework, yet i still do not finish my ten o’clock.

PROCRASTINATION.Well if I had a dime for everytime that was true I would have zero dimes. You are only fooling yourself because you know that is not true. Instead you go home, sleep and hour or two, then eat and you do not even do your homework unless someone reminds you too. You could easily resolve this problem by making a checklist or even keeping an organized calendar in your room or anywhere it would be easy to see. From then on your life would be a breeze you would no longer have to worry about me invading your life.Right now you and your life are nothing, but a mess. I can guide you through the right path if you want. As I have said before this is a matter that can easily be fixed with just a little organization.

MARI. Did you not hear me the first time? I do not have a problem. Oh no! you see it is almost one o’clock in the morning and instead of helping me work on this homework you distract with your bothersome reasonings.

PROCRASTINATION. Please just listen and hear me out. I can gladly fix your problem, but first you must admit to yourself you have deep and sorrowful problem. You must look at me and believe in me in order to be helped. You slave away your night for what? To end up tired the next morning. Then the next day it repeats all over again. You claim to not be procrastinating yet I have not ever seen you do anything else except for homework around midnight. You call yourself organized when you can not remember the last time you even used your agenda. I pity you.

MARI. You say you pity me, yet you do not help me whatsoever. As I have said before. I am organized and I do not procrastinate. It is already half past one please leave me alone.

PROCRASTINATION.You will soon learn that I have affected you in many ways, but you will find out when it is truly too late.

MARI. No stop come back! Fine I promise I will change. Help me change. This is too much for me and cannot stand these long nights any longer. Like I have stated before it is also my teachers fault for giving us too much homework at the same time.

PROCRASTINATION. You have promised time and time again and I still see no change. Once you see that I have disappeared for awhile you always go back to the old habits. Alas you finally believed in me in your time of most need. It is sad to say that you are too late, you are in too deep and I will never be able to go away.

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