suspected cheater's proposal

January 17, 2013
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Suspected Cheater’s Proposal

RACHEL: the girlfriend. 20 years old she is short with blonde straight hair. she wears sweatshirts and leggings around the house with her slippers. she loves to clean and make dinner for her boyfriend who goes out everyday and makes the money they need to live.

DEVON: the boyfriend. he wears a suit to work and carries a briefcase. he works in an office as just a secretary but thats the best they could get money wise. he is tall 22 years old.

SUSAN (THE JEWELER): short woman 40 wears black heels and a tan pencil skirt and a red jacket. she ties her hair in a neat bun and works with the boyfriend for some time to workout money problems and such for her ring

The play takes place in RACHEL and DEVONS apartment as well at the jewelry store.

Morning in the apartment. Showing a wall right stage and the kitchen.
The audience can only hear voices as the actors are behind the wall

RACHEL: Wake up sweetie. its 7’o clock your gunna be late!

DEVON: ugh. alright i'm coming.

RACHEL: your suit is ironed, its hanging over the chair. what do you want for breakfast quick?

DEVON: (Tiredly) Just a smoothie maybe?

Rachel appears from behind the wall and moves into the kitchen. There is one light shining just on the kitchen as she takes out cups and the blender and fruit.

RACHEL: (yelling into the other room) We only have strawberries and a banana devon is that okay? i didn't have time yesterday to go to store.

DEVON: (yelling back through the wall) sure babe thats fine! i'm gunna have to drink it so fast i probably won't taste it anyways! (chuckling at his own joke)

RACHEL: 2 mins and you need to be out the door mr!

Devon comes out from behind the wall tightening his tie and straightening out his shirt.

DEVON: Its alright if i'm a little late the boss has a meeting this morning and won't be in the office until nine. all i'm doing is copying papers anyways. all i do is the s*** they don't want to it makes no sense.

RACHEL: (sympathetically) i know hunnie but just remember this is temporary until we can find something else you know? we'll be okay. i'm not worried

she smiles at him and kisses him on the cheek. she turns to grab his smoothie.

RACHEL: Here you go, do you have your briefcase?

DEVON: s***. thanks, dont know what id do without you!

RACHEL: ha-ha (sarcastically) you'd be missing your briefcase is what you would do.

he goes for the door grabbing his keys off the shelf.

DEVON: (yelling louder than before) love you! see you soon! ill call you!

RACHEL: love you too!

Rachel watches him from the doorway until the audience hears the car drive away. she shuts the door and begins to clean the kitchen. she finds a yellow post it that fell between the fridge and the counter. she reads it aloud to the audience but still looking at the post it.

RACHEL: Call Susan. (looks to audience) Probably just someone from work. no biggie.

Rachel continues cleaning. the lights go out.

Rachel sitting in the living room watching tv when Devon comes walking through the door at the end of the work day.

RACHEL: Hey hunnie, your home early is everything okay?

DEVON: oh yeah everythings fine! there just wasn't much for me to do again today. i really don't know how we're gunna pay for the next set of bills if work keeps going like this. my goal was for you not to have to get a job but i'm not sure thats going to work anymore.

Devon looks down at the floor not knowing what to say next. doesn't want to make eye contact with her. you can tell he is really nervous for what she is going to say.

DEVON: (pause) okay? that a good thing?

RACHEL: well its not a good thing, but i can live with that. it'll give me something to do at least..i can only clean the house so many times. soon enough its gunna be falling apart from scrubbing it too much.

DEVON: well jeez. i didn't know you were that bored here that you wanted to get a job? why didn't you ever tell me that?

RACHEL: because you're out doing your thing at work why bother you? oh! I found a post it today that said call susan? i didn't know when it was for but did you call her? was it something for work?

DEVON: ..uhm yeah. actually i should go call her again. i'll be out in time for dinner hun.

Devon suspiciously walks away from her and goes offstage.

Rachel turns to the audience.

RACHEL: well that was a tad odd. i'm getting a funny feeling that susan isnt someone from work...

rachel sneaks over to where the door of their bedroom would be. she puts her ear up to see if she can hear anything.

DEVON: (talking on the phone) okay...hmm...really? thats awesome i can't wait to see! alright sure...mhm yeah tomorrow after work...i'll just tell her there was an emergency and i had to take care of it. she won't suspect a thing i promise. alright.. mhm buh bye.

Rachel rushes away from the door and plops herself back on the sofa trying to make it seem like she never moved. shes a little out of breath.

RACHEL: Devon? Was there a problem at work or something?

DEVON: nope everything is just fine she was just telling me that tomorrow there is gunna be another meeting after work.

RACHEL: who is she? i've never heard you talk about her before?

DEVON: shes the new coordinator of the division i'm working in hunnie shes the one that sets up all the meetings people need to have. no big deal?

RACHEL: not a big deal, just wondering.

she turns around and the lights go out.


Rachel is making dinner and devon is standing behind her watching her neither of them saying a word. audience should be able to feel the tension there is between them.

RACHEL: what

DEVON: what what? hunnie what is wrong with you?

Rachel abruptly turns towards him throwing the towel down on the counter.

RACHEL: nothing is wrong i'm just trying to get dinner made and your standing here staring at me.

DEVON: do you want me to leave?

RACHEL: do whatever you want maybe susan would like to cook for you and put on a show while shes at it.

DEVON: Rachel what the hell are you talking about? where is all this coming from? i told you she's the coordinator at work how is that bad?

RACHEL: yeah i know i know just nevermind. don't worry about it. everythings fine. do you want meatballs on your spaghetti?

DEVON: yes please.

the two sit down together and rachel brings napkins and drinks to the table. the lights go out.

the next morning.

RACHEL: Devon your phone is ringing. Devon wake up. You need to wake up your gunna be late again what is with you. answer your phone!

DEVON: ugh. check who it is maybe i don't have to go into work today.

RACHEL: yes you need to go into work today you don't get personal days we don't have the money for you to be taking personal days.

rachel leaps over the bed to the nightstand to quick answer the phone.

RACHEL: hello?

SUSAN: hi....who is this? did i dial the wrong number?

RACHEL: uhm i'm not sure who were you looking for?

Devon flips over really quick in the bed and stares and rachel with an extremely scared look on his face.

SUSAN: well i was looking for devon. is he there?

RACHEL: sure hes right here may i ask who is calling?

SUSAN: this is susan.

rachel throws the phone at devon and walks out of the room.

RACHEL: i'm sure you can guess who that is.

DEVON: (on the phone) hello? susan is that you? why are you calling me right now you know i'm not at work yet! you almost got me caught! what were you thinking!

SUSAN: i was thinking that i have a new offer for you on the ring you have been looking at.

DEVON: what do you mean a new offer?

SUSAN: i have a better deal for you if your interested. i think youll be very pleased. ive been doing some research and making some calls and youll never believe what i found!

DEVON: tell me!

devon sits straight up in the bed.

SUSAN: i found someone that got my boss to bring the ring with the three diamonds down to 3000 dollars.

DEVON: but it was originally like 10?

SUSAN: i know! but keep your voice down if i know your girlfriend i'm sure shes listening through that wall right now.

DEVON: okay you're probably right, so i'll meet you today and we can go over legistics?

SUSAN: sounds like a plan i'll see you around 430.

DEVON: alright see ya

rachel stands outside when devon comes into the kitchen with her arms crossed over her chest.

RACHEL: explanation?

DEVON: she was telling me i needed to come in earlier today because everyone would be leaving for the meeting earlier and she knows i need the money so she wants me to get in as much time possible.

RACHEL: uh huh.

she rolls her eyes obviously not believing him.

RACHEL: you better get going then i'll see you later

she walks off the stage.

devon stands there smiling because he has her right where he wants her.

devon turns to the audience.

DEVON: boy isn't she gunna be surprised to see that ring? she has no idea what's coming at her god i love that woman.

he too exits the stage and the lights go off.

the next day.

RACHEL: (to the audience) i'm not waking him up today. nope. susan can give him a nice wake up call and haul his ass into work. i dont know whats going on with those two but i know its trouble. i have a bad feeling about this i just don't want to believe it! (begins pacing as she speaks) i'm not sure whether or not i should be acting this way towards him but this is just what is coming naturally to me whenever i think about her calling him or him meeting her somewhere for whatever bullshit reason he wants to give me.

devon comes walking out, grabs his girlfriend by the waist and kisses her. they exchange no words and rachel is taken aback by why he is acting so strange. she looks at him and says nothign. then he leaves for work.

RACHEL: (to audience) i just don't understand why he doesn't leave me already if he has someone else why am i still here! i don't know what to do. do i go to his work and see what's really happening? do i wait for him to tell me its over? do i end it before he gets the chance to? do i call that number back and ask HER whats going on? i wish there was someone that could just tell me what to do! i'm so sick of making all these decisions on my own! what is going on! what did i do wrong to deserve this! (begins crying)

lights go out.

when the lights come back on rachel is sitting alone at the kitchen table in dim lighting. devon finally comes home. its about 7 at night now and rachel keeps staring at the clock.

RACHEL: where were you...? (calmly)

DEVON: come here babe

she slowly gets up from the table screeching the chair ungracefully across the floor. she walks towards him and he gives her a big hug. he pushes her back a little bit and gets on one knee.

DEVON: rachel will you marry me?

he pulls the ring out of his coat pocket. rachel begins crying and squeaking with no words except a nod of her head.

RACHEL: i wasn't expecting this...

DEVON: that was the whole point hunnie, rachel, susan is the jeweler i have been working with when i said i was doing meetings and things at work.

RACHEL: but how...

DEVON: did i afford it? thats what susan was helping me with even though we don't have the money, that didn't stop the feelings of wanting to marry you sweetheart. it was time. i love you.

RACHEL: i love you too

she smiles and they hug and the lights go black.

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