January 13, 2013
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Cam Newton: The Leader of the surviving Americans
Troy Polamalu: The President of New America
Michael Vick: General for the president’s army
Everet Golston: Best friend of Cam Newton

Tommy Reese: American Survivor
Johnny Manziel: American Survivor

Matt Forte: American Survivor:

Julio Jones: American Survivor:

Steve Smith: American Survivor
Jody Nelson: Lieutenant for the president’s army

Jay Cutler: Captain of the president’s army

Robert Griffan III: American Survivor


On August 14, 2023 Korea invaded America with the help of some former NFL players. Troy Polamalu lead the invasion into America and is now the president of New America. The new capitol building is the Empire State Building in New York City. There are very few American survivors left, and they will need to band together to stay alive. Eight years later...

Speaking Into A Microphone
TROY POLAMALU: My friends! We are gathered here today in this city of New York, for our eighth anniversary of this wonderful country we know as New America! We as a country have survived for eight years with no problems! Now, we will join together, all over this country for the celebration of this thankful day!

MICHAEL VICK: [Whispering into President Polamalu’s ear.]
Sir, we have a report that there is a group of surviving Americans located in Washington D.C.

TROY POLAMALU: Well General, lets send the army for them.

MICHAEL VICK: Sir, you don’t understand. We already have. We received this recording this morning.

Handing President Polamalu the recording.
Recording being played.

JODY NELSON: Help! We need reinforcements! We need a lot of them! It’s a group of them! Americans! My team was doing our daily patrol and they attacked us! Oh no here they come!

End of recording.
MICHAEL VICK: What do we do Mr. President?

TROY POLAMALU: We go after them.


Cam Newton and his group of survivors are sitting in an abandon house in Washington D.C. They have just eliminated a squad of New Americans and have to plan to get out of this house.

CAM NEWTON: Alright men, with Lieutenant Nelson locked up, reinforcements will be coming for us anytime now. We need to fill up on ammo and get out of here.

EVERET GOLSON: But Cam where do you want us to go?

CAM NEWTON: Just follow me, the main base of the New Americans is in the White House. If we take that over we can control much more.

MATT FORTE: Alright men, you heard him lets move out!

Team busts open front door with weapons ready to shoot if spotted.

CAM NEWTON: Alright keep moving! Duck behind cars and trash cans for cover! We need to get passed this defence and into the white house!

ROBERT GRIFAN III: Johnny look out!

Grenade lands between the feet of Johnny Manziel just as he jumps out of the way and the explosion barely misses him.

JOHNNY MANZIEL: Thanks man I owe you one.

ROBERT GRIFFAN III: No problem Johnny anything for a fellow heisman winner.

JOHNNY MANZIEL: Alright we need to keep moving!

JULIO JONES: Hey guys we need some help!

STEVE SMITH: What is it Julio?

JULIO JONES: Tommy has been shot.

TOMMY REESE: [Crying.] I...I...I’m sorry Cam. I failed you. I tried t..t..to hold them off, but couldn’t. I need to lay down.

CAM NEWTON: [Helping Tommy lay down.] We can’t stay for long though. We need to keep moving, but we can’t leave Tommy here.

Cam Newton picks up Tommy Reese and carries him on his back.

JULIO JONES: Alright guys lets keep moving! Cover Cam and Tommy as we move!

STEVE SMITH: About one-hundred yards to the white house guys keep moving!

Gunfire exchanging from both sides as they march down the road.

MATT FORTE: Sniper fifty yards!

Shots exchanged and the sniper is dead.

JOHNNY MANZIEL: We are in! Check every room and every inch of this place!

CAM NEWTON: Split up into groups of two. Everet Golson and I, Johnny and Julio, Matt Forte and Steve Smith, and Robert you stay here and help Tommy.


JULIO JONES: Alright lets go Johnny, We’ll take the oval office floor.

CAM NEWTON: Alright now lets move!

Everyone splits up and goes there own ways, as they move throughout the White House, they find very little New Americans.

CAM NEWTON: [Walking down the hallway with Everet Golson.] Shhh. I hear something. Slowly open that door right there.


Grabs the door handle and slowly pushes the door open.

JAY CUTLER: I know you are there! I can hear the door squeak.

CAM NEWTON: Who are you?

JAY CUTLER: That’s none of your business, who are you?

CAM NEWTON: I am Cam Newton, I used to play in the NFL.

JAY CUTLER: [Behind the door reaching for his gun.] Oh! Cam Newton! I remember you. Your team almost beat mine with your rushing yards and your passes completed. I never liked you.

CAM NEWTON: Who are you?

JAY CUTLER: I told you, I’m not telling.

CAM NEWTON: Fine then step out here so I can see you, I will put my gun down.


Jay Cutler comes outside to talk with Cam Newton.

CAM NEWTON: Jay Cutler?

JAY CUTLER: Yes it’s me! I work for Polamalu now so I’m going to need to do this.

Pulls out gun to shoot Cam Newton, but falls to the ground by a bullet in his head that was shot by Everet Golston who was hiding behind him.

President Troy Polamalu and his team are going to D.C. to try and find Lieutenant Nelson and to capture the rest of the survivors. They arrive in Washington D.C. at about 2:15 P.M. and begin their search.

TROY POLAMALU: Search every house! We will not stop until we find Nelson! Once we find him we will find those survivors!

MICHAEL VICK: Mr. President! I found him.

Running towards Lieutenant Nelson and removing the tape around his mouth.

JODY NELSON: Thank You. I don’t know what happened, they took out my team and tied me here.

TROY POLAMALU: How many were there?

JODY NELSON: I don’t know. Five maybe six?

TROY POLAMALU: How many men did you have?

JODY NELSON: Twenty? Thirty maybe.

TROY POLAMALU: And they beat you how?

JODY NELSON: I don’t know, but the thing is, it’s Cam Newton and a few other football players.

MICHAEL VICK: Wait how? I thought they were dead.

TROY POLAMALU: Yea, so did I. Jay Cutler told me they were.

MICHAEL VICK: Okay well we really don’t have time for this so we should move. Where should we go first?

TROY POLAMALU: The White House.

President Polamalu and his team gather about fifty men to charge the White House and destroy Cam Newton and his team.

Troy Polamalu’s team is trying to invade the White House and kill the rest of the survivors. This will be the battle of the White House.

ROBERT GRIFFAN III: [Sprinting down the hallway screaming] Cam! Cam! Where are you!?

CAM NEWTON: [stepping out of the elevator] What is it?

ROBERT GRIFFAN III: It’s Tommy, he’s dead.

EVERET GOLSTON: What? How did he bleed out?

ROBERT: No, the president is here. He found Jody Nelson and he has Michael Vick with him and about fifty other koreans.

CAM: Where are they right now?

ROBERT: I don’t know they stopped following me by the oval office.

EVRET: What? That’s where Julio and Johnny were.

CAM: Come on we need to find them.

All sprint off with their weapons ready to fire.
Enter the Oval office to find Julio Jones and Johnny Manziel captured with guns pointing at them.

CAM: Troy!

TROY: I knew you would come for them Cam.

CAM: You only have five men in here, where is the rest of your army?

TROY: Searching the building.

CAM: For what?

TROY: Matt Forte and Steve Smith. We know they are here to. We already killed your friend Tommy.

CAM: I can’t let you take any more lives.

TROY: How are you going to stop me?

CAM: Like this.

Pulls out his automatic weapon and bullets fire from both sides. There is multiple screams and smoke everywhere. President Polamalu jumps out the window.
Smoke Clears.

CAM: Johnny! No! No! No!

Johnny lying on the floor dead next to five korean soldiers.

EVERET: Cam, we need to keep moving he is going after Matt and Steve.

CAM: Quick everyone gather here! Alright we have me, Everet, Julio, and where’s Robert?

EVERET: I don’t know, did the president take him?

CAM: I guess, we will need to find him to. And don’t call him the president, he’s no leader of ours.

JULIO: Alright, sorry Cam and thanks for saving me but we need to keep moving.

CAM: I know. I think they were checking the gardens outside. Let’s move there first.

Exiting all characters to the outside garden.

CAM: Shhh. It’s Jody nelson and a team of about maybe twenty of his men. Let’s pop smoke and get them.

Opening smoke grenades and throwing them to cover their fire.
Open fire on the men and kill all of them.

CAM: All dead.

JULIO: Copy that.

EVERET: Look it’s Michael Vick and a few more men.

CAM: Alright same thing.

Gun loads behind him. Cam turns around to see a few men pointing guns at his men.

CAM: Robert.

ROBERT: Yea. They pay me.
CAM: You betrayed us.

ROBERT: I was never with you I was always loyal to President Polamalu.

JULIO: You can’t do-


CAM: No! Julio! He was your friend! You betrayed him!

ROBERT: Quiet before I shoot you too.

More gunfire shots and Robert Griffan III and his men fall to the ground.

CAM: Matt. Where’s Steve?

MATT FORTE: Michael Vick shot him but I took out him and his men.

CAM: Alright, so that leaves me, Everet, and you.

EVERET: The president will be trying to either escape or kill us himself.

CAM: Well then let’s go find him.

All leave to find the President.

Matt: There he is!

CAM: Open fire he has no men with him.

President Polamalu is trying to board his own helicopter and fly himself away.
But Everet shoots him in his leg and he falls.

TROY: No! Please, this was all a misunderstanding you can’t kill me. I am your president! I am your-


CAM: Alright guys let’s go home.

Cam and his team went to war with the koreans for about three years before they regained the country. They finally took it over and brought it back to the way it was before. The country went back to the United States of America. Cam Newton was voted the president in 2034. There is a memorial in the White House that has the names of the people from his team that died that day.


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