One Star Night

December 12, 2012
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(Hannah and Caroline are both laying down in their beds in their small room)
H: What do you think heaven is like?
C: You're talking!
H: Yes Caroline, how observant of you. But, what do you think it's like?
C: Why do you ask? You planning on going soon?
H: Maybe, depending on what God's plan is. So are you going to answer my question or not?
C: I don't know. I guess we all picture it in a different way. I always thought of it being this amazing, carefree place.
H: I know, that's what everyone says it's like, but how do you picture it. I mean do you think there's cars? Planes? Stores? Streets? Things like that. Do you think there's houses? Businesses for every occupation imaginable. So people could do the job they've always wanted to do, or continue doing it. That's how I picture heaven.
C: Yeah, I guess I picture it to be something like that too. How can you say nothing to most people, but have the most amazing voice.
H: Yeah, that's not weird to hear.
C: I mean, why don't you talk, I always thought-
H: (interrupts) I just made up the born with it excuse the first time I didn't instantly talk to someone. But it worked, I mean who hasn't believed I was born with no voice in the past, how many years have I been doing this.
C: You haven't talked in the past I think about six or seven years.
H: Whoa. I never knew it was that long. I thought maybe a year.
C: Nope, about seven. But why decide to talk now.
H: I don't know. Maybe it's something we all should do.
C: Most people already talk though Hannah.
H: No I mean go out of their comfort zone, stop living in a one star night.
C: One star night?
H: Yeah. Ugh. I'll explain. Some people live in maybe, a ten star night. Surrounded by a few friends and family. Others, about a hundred star night, a little more out there. A lot of family or friends or even both. Others, have a thousand star or more, they have friends neighbors etc. And some of them, believe that the world revolves around themselves, and others the other way around, going with the crowd. But there is one more life among them, A One Star Night. They can be shy, have a disability, something that makes them either think their too good for the rest of the world, or they feel unworthy. And that person is me. Sometimes I feel unworthy of the world. Unworthy of God. Do you get me?
C: No. Well I do but I don't. No one is unworthy of God, his forgiveness, everything he offers us, no one. And you, you don't live in a one star night. You have me, people who live in a one star night have no one, they would do anything to separate themselves from anyone and everyone. You have me, and the whole world to help you. All you have to do, is
H: Let me guess, believe.
C: Yes, and no. You have to trust, believe, and jump.
H: But what if I don't feel ready to jump.
C: Then I'll help you. Trust me Hannah, you're not in this alone.

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