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November 14, 2012
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(The scene takes place in a purple great victorian style house in 1935.There is Miss.scarlett who is very
rich,high end ,arrogant and snobby. While there is was Mrs.peacock who was very humble in personality.

They both have very different senses of style,miss.Scarlett wears nothing but long flowing dresses in shades of red and big floppy hats.

While Mrs.peacock dresses very homely other than the hat that she wears that has a bright beautiful peacock feather placed on the left side of her hat.

It is a cold stormy night in october when miss scarlett is the first to arrive.she knocks on the door knocker and the butler comes to answer the door.)

BUTLER:please do come in maddam.
MISS.SCARLETT:I certainly will sir.
BUTLER:May I interest you in some sparkling water?wine?whiskey?
MISS.SCARLETT:I will take wine.

(The door is knocked again its mrs peacock,she enters into the main hall where she sees miss scarlett and the butler )
Butler:may I interest you in some sparkling water?wine?whiskey?
Mrs.peacock:I'll take water.Just water.
Mrs.scarlett;Sir.excuse me but I have yet to receive my wine.
Butler:that’s right you wanted red wine.I'll get right on it maddam.
(the two women begin to look around the house,Mrs.peacock looks at the paintings on the walls) (miss scarlett wipes the dust off of the fire place and it spins around with her on it)
Miss.scarlett(in a whisper)where am I?
Mrs.peacock:this place is amazingly beautiful!
Miss.Scarlett:I'm glad that you think so this place is horrid with all of this dust on the fire place.

(she looks around and realizes that she is in a meat freezer,she goes to the door and sees that it is cracked enoughthat she could see into the kitchen ,where she saw the butler and a women in ligeriewith flaming red curly long hair.
Butler?to women)I have to serve them.
(he pours the drinks and starts to leave the kitchen
,Miss scarlett is suddenly back in the living room before the butler returns)
Butler:here are your drinks,Now I have to attend somethings so I will return when im done(pause)ok?
Both women:that’s fine.thank you.
(the butler is gone for some time now,so then mrs.peacock and miss scarlett look around the house)
miss scarlett:what is this?
Mrs peacock:where?
Miss scarlett:here on the table…..
Mrs.peacock:it's some type of arrow?
Miss.scarlett:why is it hidden behind the chocolate?
Mrs peacock:I don’t know…..
(they start to walk into the dining room with their drinks in their hand of course when mrs.peacock slips the wooden arrow into her pocket)
Miss.scarlett: let us sit and drink.
(they both sit )
Mrs.peacock:ouch!!! That hurt.
Mrs.peacock:I sat on this board with letters on it?
Miss.scarlett:there are numbers too!
Mrs.peacock:there is only half of the alphabet though…
Miss.scarlett:lets look for the rest of this board.
(they walk into the kitchen and on the counter next to the pots and pans was the rest of what seemed to be a ouiji board,the two put the pieces together and read what it says)
both women: B-U-T-L-E-R……butler(pause)
Miss.scarlett:I-S….is (pause)
Mrs.peacock:N-O-T…..not (pause)
Miss.scarlett:A…..a? a what?
Mrs.peacock: what is the rest of the word?
Mrs.peacock:the butler is not vegetarian?whats that supposed to mean?
Miss.scarlett:I know what it means.(goes to open meat locker door but looks around to make sure that the butler is not coming but realizes that it is locked)
Miss.scarlett:I know how to get in(pause)follow me….
(they both go back into the parlor room and they walked to the mantel,the lights in the house flicker on and off then they spin around on the mantel and end up in the meat locker but it is dark)
both:its so dark!
(the light comes on and they see the red headded lady hanging in the meat locker and then the butler appear out of no where)
Butler:guess whos next!

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