The Prophecy of Rose

November 6, 2012
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Scene 1: King on his death bed, with his daughter by his side.

Narrator: In the far off land of Cantrateth, a poor old King lay on his death-bed. His daughter held his hand tight, he whispered,

King: Find the light Rose.

Narrator: As his hand slipped out of hers.

Cut scene.

Scene 2: Daughter is made a slave by the Queen and is forced to work until she hears a voice and finds the book.

Narrator: His horrible wife, the Queen ordered the grieving girl to the basement, stripped her of her possessions, and forced her to work as a slave. For many months the girl, cooked, cleaned, dusted, swept and cried, for she had nothing left for her.

Queen: You are nothing! You are to clean for me night and day! You are to cook for the other servants and feed yourself the scraps! You shall put the sickest and the poorest before yourself, for you are nothing!

Narrator: Until one day she heard a voice. It was slow and quiet at first, but as it continued it grew stronger and stronger.

Spirit: Rose, Rose, here Rose (continues).

Narrator: Rose thought she knew the voice, but wasn’t sure. She followed it up the stairs until she reached the old library. She didn’t know about this place, and there were layers of dust all-over everything.
As she reached the last shelf, a book feel to the floor revealing a map and a key.

Rose: What’s this? A map.

Narrator: She hid the book under her apron as she heard the Queen yell...

Queen: Were is my servant? Not sleeping is she? I demand you here, right now!

Narrator: Rose rushed down the stairs and run smack bang into the guard.

Guard: Where have you been? You are not to wander the castle without permission.

Rose: Oh, I’m so very sorry, I got lost.

Guard: Well don’t do it again. Understand?

Rose: Yes sir, very sorry sir.

Guard smiles slightly.

Guard: Goodnight Princess.

Narrator: And with that he waved her away, and continued his patrol.

Cut scene.

Scene 3: The book reveals a prophecy is to happen again, with a riddle to a secret room.

Narrator: Downstairs in the basement Rose opened the book and took out the map and key. She sat on the floor looking at what she had found. The key was old and rusted, and Rose was afraid it might break if she dropped it, so she tucked it in her apron. The map was of their land, but where the castle sat, there was nothing.

Rose looked at the opened book and heard the voice again....

Spirit: Take a look. Read it.

Narrator: Rose picked up the book and saw a poem. It read....

A precious flower long unknown,
knows the way to heal the lone.
A secret hidden with a tomb,
hides away in rotten gloom.

From long ago, to very soon,
the evil powers still bring doom.
The precious flower falls down deep,
to a land where spirits creep.

On the third night from it’s birth,
the flower will fall below the earth.
Not in body, but in soul,
she must stop the dark or take the toll.

Moon doesn’t shine where I lie,
for all my friends here had to die.
Once in body, now aren’t whole,
for the light, it took our soul.

Now the time has come for one,
to lead us all, the kingdom come.
On darkened day, or darkened night,
the flower shall bring life light.

Shows Rose and other servants working.

Rose pondered it for days and had it to memory. But she couldn’t make any sense of it...

One evening while Rose was running her finger over the key as she went downstairs to the kitchen she began to revise the third verse again, as she passed the guard she slipped the key into her apron pocket.

Rose: On the third night from it’s birth,

the flower will fall below the earth....

Guard: Princess, be careful around the dumb-waiter tonight when you send up the Queens meal. It is cold and dark down there.

Narrator: And with that he went back to his rounds and waved Rose off.

Rose looks confused.

Rose: Careful of the dumb-waiter? What could happen!

Narrator: Rose went downstairs, cooked, and sent the food up, but as she was pulling the dumb-waiter back she looked to see what he was telling her to be wary of and was pushed by a gust of wind into the dark below.

She dropped for what felt like hours until she finally hit the hard stone floor.

Suddenly she heard voices and footstep, with torches coming her way, but in the dark she couldn’t see anything to hide behind. When she heard the voice again.

Spirit: Take off your apron, and put it over yourself, it will keep you hidden.

Narrator: With that she untied her apron, and hid under it by the wall. Something had happened to her vision under it, everything became slightly blurry. As the two figures walked right by her she realised they couldn’t she her.

Spirit: Go down where they came from, make sure you have the key, you will need it when you reach the door.

Scene 4: The King is waiting in the hidden room with a gift for her that will help her over power the Queen and bring peace to the kingdom.

Narrator: And just like that she arrived at a huge, wooden door. Her fingers fumbled at the lock as she tried to get the key into it.

As soon as she unlocked the door it blew open and bright light engulfed her. She could see a body that belonged to the voice now. Her father, but he was ghostly and white.

Spirit: Welcome flower. Here lies the room of your past ancestors. We have all come here after life, to rest and guide you up above. My dying wish was that you would inherit the crown and rule over the kingdom, for I believe you have the power to do great things.

Narrator: He cupped her hands in his and passed her his crown.

Spirit: Show this to the Queen and she will flee away from the throne, and it shall be yours.

Rose takes the crown to the queen and she bows down to her, giving over the crown.

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