The secret untold

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(The scene opens with Melissa on a park bench sitting there anxious and uneasy,Biting her nails, Aiden walks up from DSL to CS)
Aiden : hi!(he says with a smile on his face)
(Melissa turns her head the other way CSR with her hair covering her face)
Melissa :hello……
(wondering what wrong Aiden asks)
Aiden : How’s everything?
(looking into her lap she says)
Melissa :fine. I guess?
(trying to change the subject Aiden asks)
Aiden : do you know what time it is?
(while he rocks back and fourth standing holding his hands together)
Melissa :No. not exactly (she sighs as if to say she doesn’t care)
Aiden : Don’t you have a watch?
Melissa :Not on me?
Aiden :well? (he says as he sits)
Melissa : well what?
Aiden : what did you do last night?
Melissa : what do you mean?
Aiden : what did you do last night?
Melissa : nothing.
Aiden : nothing?
Melissa : I said, nothing! (in an agitated tone)
Aiden : I’m sorry I asked.(taking back his previous statement)
(calms down) Melissa :that all right.(in a pleasant tone)

End scene

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