Demon lover

September 26, 2012
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Fade in music
(Locker opens)
Enter Anya and Christina
Anya: hey how was your summer?
Christina: good you?
Anya: same
Christina: how did this get in here? Did you put this in here?
Anya: no I didn’t. What are you going to do with it?
Christina: I don’t know yet but I am about to go through it though
They both laugh
Locker closed
They both exit
Enter Mr. Miller
Mr. Miller alright class get out your note books and textbooks and start taking notes on chapter 21 and 22. Turn it in at the end of class today
Everybody groans
The door opens
Walks in Kyou
Phone vibrates
Text you aren’t like the others you are different.
Enter Nathan & Christina
Nathan Hey who is that from
Christina huh oh I don’t know
Nathan really you have a lover
Christina shut up. You know that I haven’t dated anyone since last year.
Nathan yeah that was rough
The bell rings

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