To Fake or Not to Fake

September 8, 2012
By JiteOvien SILVER, FORT WORTH, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
\"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.\"
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

To Fake or Not to Fake: Act 1, scene 1
*Ruben and Sarah are watching a television show in the living room of Sarah’s house*
Guy 1 on television show: yeah I banged like 5 girls last night
Guy2 on television show: did you like any of them?
Guy1 on television show: well…I told them I did but I just wanted to have a good night
Sarah: some men are so disgusting. It’s so wrong to play with a girl’s heart like that.
Ruben: Definitely. I used to be like that but not anymore. It’s terrible. Guys treat girls like a football game; all they want is a couple of touch downs and then it’s on to the next one. Guys need to stop talking about girls like they are a prize and start talking about them like the beautiful people they are. My philosophy is not to say anything about a girl that you wouldn’t say about your mother.
Sarah: *smiling lovingly* Awwwhh Ruben I never knew you were so compassionate and sensitive
Ruben: I try babe. I just wish more guys could see things the way I do.
*Ruben and Sarah embrace*
To Fake or Not to Fake: Act 1, scene 2
*Ruben and Sarah enter the school and see Connor *
Sarah: Hi Connor
Connor: Hey Sarah. Ruben wassup!?
RUBEN: Aye, con-dorrrrrrr, you see that Lakers game last night!? Too raw!
CONNOR: Nahh I was with my Rachel! My parents were out of town so…..*smugly winks*
RUBEN:*high fives Connor*SCORE!!
*Connor laughs as he leaves for class. Sarah glares at Ruben*
Ruben: What, babe!?
Sarah: You are a pig! UGH! What happened to “guys need to stop talking about girls like they’re a prize and start talking about them like the beautiful people that they are”??
Ruben: Sarah! I…uh…I’m sorry!
Sarah: Leave me alone Ruben!
*Ruben chases Sarah as she storms off*
*Ruben finds Sarah crying at a table in the library. Sarah hears him approaching and looks up to see him.*
Sarah: Ruben we are DONE! I can’t stand fake people!
Ruben: I’m not-
Sarah: Yes you are. You’re a sweet heart around me then turn into a disrespectful dirt bag around your boys. Who are you trying to impress?!
Ruben: I…I’m not trying to impress anyone. It’s just…you don’t get it. If I were to tell my bros the things I tell you…my reputation would be trash…my friends would be gone. It’s a guy thing. If you’re not a jerk you’re not a man.
Sarah: That is really dumb. You pretend to be something you’re not just so people will like you. But maybe you aren’t even pretending for them…maybe it’s me you’re pretending for!
Ruben: No!! Everything we have is real Sarah! I know it is dumb. Guys are stupid. It’s common knowledge. But please don’t leave me Sarah. I love you. I’ve dated a lot of girls…you know that. But you are the first one I’ve ever loved!
Sarah: I love you too, the real you. But I don’t know if I can do this Ru-
Ruben: *gets on knees and holds Sarah’s hands* please, Sarah. I’ll do anything. I’ll even…massage your feet!
Sarah: *giggles* Oh, Ruben…thanks but no thanks. You just need to-
Ruben: Sarah, plea-
Sarah: Let me finish Ruben! I was gonna say…*smiling* you just need to promise you will be completely real from now on…even with your “bros”!!
Ruben: Of course! I’ll do anything for you babe *pulls Sarah close to kiss her*
Sarah: Listen, though. This is your 2nd and LAST chance. No more screw-ups or I’m gone.
Ruben: Never again! I love you baby.
*Sarah and Ruben exit hand in hand*
To Fake or Not to Fake: Act 1, scene 3
*Ruben, Connor and some other guys are talking in the locker room after football practice*
Steve: Dang, practice was tough today
Landon: Almost as tough as Rachel! *Steve and Landon laughing*
Ruben: What are you guys talking about!? You didn’t hear? Connor scored BIG TIME this weekend!
*Steve and Landon high five Connor*
Connor: *smugly* no big deal. This was my 3rd hit already!
Ruben: Dang bro! You must know all the right plays!
*more laughing*
Connor: I try!
To Fake or Not to Fake: Act 1, scene 4
*Ruben and Sarah are whispering during English Class*
Teacher: Today we are going to further discuss Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and the significance of the omens in…
Sarah: So, Ruben, I was thinking…prom is coming up soon and we’ve been dating for almost 8 months now..
Ruben: and I’ve enjoyed every moment of these past 8 months. You are perfect Sarah
Teacher: *annoyed* whoever is talking needs to stop!
Sarah: You’ve been so patient with me…and I think it’s time we take the next step in our relationship.
Ruben: *glowing* Are you sure!? I mean I don’t want you to do anything you aren’t 100% sure about.
Teacher: Come on!! You guys are seniors and I’m STILL having to ask for you to be quiet! It’s the end of the year, let’s all make it out in one piece! Please be quiet!
Sarah: Yes! I love you Ruben and it’s not just me that needs to be sure! This is a big deal for you too, right?
Ruben: *caught off guard* huh?...Oh…. yeah!
Sarah: *confused* …what?
Ruben: Nothing! I love you baby! When were you thinking we could…?
Sarah: Prom night! My parents are going on a weekend trip for their anniversary!
Ruben: *too enthusiastically* YES!
Teacher: Ruben! You’ve just earned yourself a detention!
Ruben: Alright Mrs. Berm! When and where?
Teacher: Why are you so happy?!
Ruben: You would be happy too if you just heard the news that I heard!
*Sarah is blushing as the bell rings to signal the end of the class period*
To Fake or Not to Fake: Act 1, scene 5
*Ruben approaches a lunch table full of his football friends in the cafeteria. They welcome him*
Steve: Aye, Ruben! What were you so excited about in Mrs. Berm’s class today?!
Ruben: Prom night!
*nobody notices as Sarah and Rachel approach the table*
Connor: Huh? Why are you excited for prom night? The chicks are the ones who are supposed to be obsessing over it bro. *makes voice high pitched to imitate a girl* ohhh my hair and OMG how am I gonna do my makeup AHH I NEED NEW SHOES!
*guys laughing*
Ruben: *smugly* Well I’m excited for what’s going down after prom night!
*Sarah and Rachel are within hearing distance, still unnoticed*
Landon: You still haven’t hit that bro!?
Ruben: Nahh man, she’s a prude but I’ve been patient! She thinks I’m a virgin!
Connor: Dang! You da man! TOUCH DOWN!
Ruben: You know it! And after I score, this game will be OVER and I’ll be getting ready for the next one!
*Ruben gets up to throw away his tray and finally sees Sarah who dumps her lemonade all over his varsity football jacket*
Sarah: *in tears*Sorry, Ruben, but you are NOT going to win this game. We are over for good. I thought you were different, Ruben. All I asked you to do was be real with me. But you couldn’t do that… you’re just another fake. *she drops her tray and runs off*
*Rachel follows and tries to console her. Ruben stands there dumbstruck drenched in lemonade.*
Ruben: I am an idiot. I had a beautiful, smart girl who loved me and I threw it all away because I wanted you guys to think I was manly and “cool.” But real men don’t play games…boys play games. I’ve realized too late that I needed to make a choice… and I did choose…but I chose wrong.
*Ruben exits, shame hovering over his head*

The author's comments:
This play was written sort of as a parody of the conflict Brutus faces between his private and public self in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.

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