Hope Final

June 19, 2012
Kenny Jepson – 14 years old, has only a gang of friends, bullied in school, abused at home by his father, (Charlie’s brother.)
John – (19 years old) He is the witty one, and always has a plan, (Gale’s brother.)
Gale – (16 years old) tough and isn’t scared of anybody (John's brother.)
Smitty – He is the youngest person in the gang (13), innocent and strong.
Fibi – (She is 15 years old) innocent, with a soft heart, and a gigantic imagination.
Charlie Jepson – (17 years old) preppy but sweet (Kenny's sister.)
Marcy Jepson – Kenny & Charlie’s mother, sweet, is abused by father, has lung cancer.
Gale & John's aunt – She is kind and heartfelt, she works as a doctor.
Fibi's mom – She loves to bake and is friends with Smitty, John, Gale, Charlie and Kenny's moms.
John & Gale's mom – Sweet, and wouldn't hurt a fly.
Smitty's mom – She is thoughtful and caring.

Paul Jepson – Kenny & Charlie’s father, abusive, a drunk.
Settings –The Jepson's backyard, the park, Charlie & Kenny's room and the Jepson's living room.
Narration: It’s a nice summer day and Kenny's playing checkers with his mom in their backyard. His father is in the basement drinking. Like always. Kenny's mother, (Marcy) starts to cough vigorously. Charlie is sitting beside them trying to get a tan.
Charlie: Mom I think it's time for you to go inside.
Kenny: Yeah rest, we had fun.
Marcy: No I feel great... cough cough cough
Kenny: When was the last time you got a check up on your lungs?
Marcy: It's too expensive for me and your father. We have no health insurance.
Paul enters.
Paul: Where the hell is my lunch? I don't care for your lies about being sick.
Marcy: Right away dear, I got caught up with the kids. I’m fine.
Kenny and Charlie: Don't talk to her like that! Don't you give a dam that mom is sick?
Paul: Paul whips around and slaps them right across the face.
Kenny: Sobs. Mom I’ll see you for supper.
Charlie: Follows Kenny to the park.
Narration: Kenny and Charlie’s friends are always meeting up at the park. It's were they get together and start the day. As Kenny and Charlie walk into the park Gale and John are telling the rest of gang what had happened between their parents.
Gale: All we heard was screaming and banging.
Charlie: Huh! What’s wrong? What happened?
John: Our parents, they were fighting again.
Kenny: Again? Oh no what happened know what they did?
Gale: Well our dad was screaming at our mom for not polishing his shoes.
John buts in.
John: Our mom flipped as she heard him say this. She started to throw eggs at him while she was cooking. “Am I a slave all I do is Work... Work... Work... All for you why do I bother?” Over and over we heard her say this, until she ran upstairs. She packed all her things and walked straight out the front door.
Gale: Our dad didn't say a word the whole morning. John and I decided to come here and hang with you guys.
Charlie sat next Fibi and sighed.
Charlie: Things aren’t going to well in our household either.
Fibi: Oh why how is your mom?
Charlie: Not to good.
Kenny: Yeah this morning I was playing checkers with her and she started to cough up a storm.
Charlie: Our dad didn't care a bit he just wanted lunch.
Smitty: But it's not lunchtime it's only 11:00.
Charlie: I know, but our dad was drunker then a sailor.
Kenny: Sarcastically. Isn't he always?
John: Well I think you and Charlie should check up on your mom you can't leave her alone with him.
Kenny: I know but he hit us this morning.
John: You have to realize when your dad is drunk he doesn't have a clue to what he's doing. Just stay by your mother's side and don't talk to him. You’re wasting your breath when you do.
Charlie: Walks to Kenny and whispers to him about comforting their mother in her room. We should make her breakfast in bed!
Charlie shouted.
Kenny: Yeah! Great idea!
Charlie and Kenny: See ya!
As Charlie and Kenny ran home the gang started to build up their conversation they had before Kenny and Charlie came to the park. John was suggesting throwing a get well party for Charlie and Kenny's mom. He sais that his aunt can fix lung cancer.
John: Guys my aunt really has a cure for lung cancer. She can save Mrs. Jepson's life!
Smitty: Oh yippee! When will you tell them?
John: I'm not.
All: Gasp.
Gale: Don't worry I know why he's not going to tell them. Isn’t it because you’re going to throw a party for the Jepson family. But, it’s going to be when their father is fishing with all of our dads.
John: Yes exactly.
Fibi: So when is it?
John: Well are dads plan to leave tomorrow/ Wednesday so probably Thursday afternoon that's when they do their weekly shopping. We will stay in their living room hidden.
Gale: You guys we should bring food decorations and deserts. You know like a formal party.
John: Yeah you’re right. Hmm...
Smitty: Maybe I should bring fruit Mrs. Jepson loves that. Oh and I guess I'll bring water and juice. Gale and John you could bring cups, plates, silverware, and some old ribbon.
John and Gale: No problem!
Smitty: Hmm. Now Fibi can you and your mom make some brownies or cupcakes? That would be swell.
Fibi: Sure, me and my mom love baking.
Smitty: There you go John no thinking for you. Chuckles. I also hope your mom comes back to your home.
John: Oh you silly boy I lied I know it seems bad to lie but I couldn't tell Charlie and Kenny about the party. I'm sorry.
Smitty: It's okay I'm actually glad your parents aren’t fighting. They are so close. Smiles. See you tomorrow.
The group of friends leave to their homes to catch supper.
Narration: It's a bright sunny day and Kenny and Charlie let their mother sleep in their room with them. Kenny sacrificed his bed for his mother so he slept with Charlie. Their father has already left for his fishing trip. He left at 5:45 just before the sun came up. Charlie and Kenny are sound asleep until they hear their mother coughing and puking.
Kenny: Gasps, Whispers. Charlie! Charlie!
Charlie: Yawns. Yea what’s wrong?
Kenny: Its mom. Cries She must not be feeling well.
Charlie: Rubs his back. Don't cry let's help her. Remember what John said we have to stay by her side.
Kenny: Okay. Smiles.
They both went over to her to give her some cough medicine. The only thing they could think of to help her from throwing up was rice and bread. It soaked up the toxins in her stomach. So Charlie went to make some rice and bread.

Kenny: Mom today we'll stay home with you. We will relax and soothe your stomach and cough. You just stay in bed, and I will read you a story.
While they relaxed with their mother they had know clue that a specialist doctor was coming to cure their mom for absolutely know charge. Time flew and before the three of them new it they fell asleep and woke up at 10:30am the next day. It was quiet and Marcy was doing great. She got dressed to go to the super market like she did every Thursday.
Marcy: Are you guys going to come with me to the store?
Charlie: I know I am.
Kenny: Of course we are mom.
Marcy: Alright well get ready and let’s go.
Right as they left john crept up to the door and searched for the key to the house under the door mat.
John: Gotcha. He said with relief.
Gale: You got the key. Great! Now let’s do this.
Smitty: Wow, their living room is so clean its going to be easy to decorate it.
Gale: Yup how about you set the table and put the drinks on it.
Smitty: Okay, and you and John should tape the ribbon you guys brought.
John and Gale: Yep we got this.
Fibi: I Guess I will set up the table with Smitty and put the drinks and food on it.
John: Great teamwork guys.
All: Smile and chuckle.
Forty-five minuets past and they were finished. Someone knocked on the door.
John: Whispers. I'll go look to see who it is.
John opens the door.
Gale: Few! Its only you guys.
It was all of the kid’s mothers and John and Gale's aunt.
Fibi: We are done setting up would you like to help us hide.
Smitty's mom: Sure! How fun. I can't wait to see the look on her face. Smiles.
They start to hear a ruckus coming from the front door and become silent. The key goes into the key slut and...
Marcy: OH! You startled me. Aw, what’s all this for?
Fibi: a get well party.
Fibi's mom: we made brownies.
Marcy is so overwhelmed she sits down and laughed.
Marcy: This is fantastic I never thought your friends thought of me that much. Did you put them up to this? She asked Charlie and Kenny.
Both: Nope.
Charlie: I am just as amazed as you are.
John: well let me greet you to my aunt she specializes in lung cancer and has a cure.
Kenny: What? A cure! Thank you! Thank you!
John and Gale’s aunt: I will be doing the procedure for free.
Mrs. Jepson sits stunned.
Charlie: So when will this take place?
John and Gale’s aunt: I could always take you in tomorrow.
Marcy: GREAT!
Kenny: Break out the chips.
Narration: They all ate and had a fantastic time. They all had agreed that they hadn’t had such a good time in years. The next morning the Jepson family went to the hospital to get the surgery. Everything turned out great. Two days later Marcy was active but no one knew were Mr. Jepson was. The
John and gale’s dad: its Paul he fell off the boat he is dead.

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