The Amazon Grizzly Bear

June 8, 2012
By griffin locklin BRONZE, Holmdel, New Jersey
griffin locklin BRONZE, Holmdel, New Jersey
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Scene 1
Characters- Price- Main Character, Leader of the Pack, expert survivalist. Cameraman 1: Price’s Right Hand Man, Good friend. Cameraman 2- Expert Technician, Supply keeper, (has all the tools). Grizzly Bear- Large bear, living in the Amazon for over 10 years.
(Price and his Cameramen head out to explore the treasures of the Great Amazon Rain Forest, but when things take a turn for the worst, someone dies!?)

Price: Come on lads the trails this way.
Cameraman 1: I know sir, were rolling.
Price: Oh wow, look its little water droplets falling from the sky.
Cameraman 1: Don’t you mean it’s raining sir?
Price: Whatever mate were almost there anyway.
Cameraman 2: Man its really starting to pour on us.
Cameraman 1: Indeed mate.
Cameraman 2: (Searching through bag) A boss you got an umbrella?
Price: Why what for?
Cameraman 2: We have to protect the cameras from the rain.
Price: (Stopping and standing still) Check my backpack.
Cameraman 1: (Looking in backpack.)Which Pocket is it in sir?
Price: The one in the middle lad.
Cameraman 1: Copy we’ve found them.
Cameraman 2: (Putting umbrella over camera) Ok were good to go.
Price: What time is it lads?
Cameraman 1: Oh its, hold one sec.
Cameraman 1: (Rolling up sleeves.) It’s 12 o clock mates.
Price: I’m not used to Brazilian time mate, I could know London time behind my back.
Scene 2
Narrator: Price and the other two have been relieved that the rain backed off, but what’s in store for them as they head towards their final destination?
Price: Alright lads this looks about right.
Cameraman 2: Ah, I don’t know sir this doesn’t look like the place that the network told us to reach.
Cameraman 1: Yah agreed mate this place is all murky.
Price: So you saying’ we went the wrong way then?
Cameraman 1: That’s exactly what were saying’ sir.
Price: Fine then, looks like we will have to turn back, well then on your feet lads were heading back.
Narrator: The gang heads back, but suddenly they hear a harsh ruffle in the trees above them.
Cameraman 1: You hear that mates. (Looking up in the trees.)
Cameraman 2: I can’t hear a bloody thing chaps.
Price: That sounds familiar. (Looking around.)
Cameraman 1: Familiar sir?
Price: (Sitting down.) I remember a long time ago I went on a trip with myself and another old chap; it was getting late so we decided to have some fun and go fishing.
Cameraman 1: So what its fishing what’s the problem with that?
Price: Piranhas; I won’t get into details, but he didn’t make it out of the Amazon in one piece, in fact he didn’t make it out at all, that day still haunts me for the rest of my life.
Cameraman 1: Price, were did John go?
Price: I don’t know mate.
?: Ahhhhh!!!!
Price: (In a confused, but scared voice.) What heck was that?!
Cameraman 1: Its John he’s in trouble!
Price: John! John! (Running back around.)
Cameraman 1: John! Where are you?! John!
Price: Look.
Cameraman 1: oh no, John.
Price: (Touching John’s corpse) Looks like he was mauled to death by a bear.
Cameraman 1: A bear?! What the heck is a bear doin’ in the Amazon mate, that’s messed up! Are you sure Price?!
Price: Positive, we have to get out of here now.
Price: When I came here a couple years ago I had encountered a Grizzly Bear.
Cameraman 1: How did it get out here?!
Price: Must have travel through Central America; there’s no way somebody brought one out here, it’s illegal.
Cameraman 1: Oh man, that bear got John that means it coming after us next; this is not how I wanted to die mate! (In a frantic, terrified voice.)
Price: Get a grip mate we are going to make it through this I promise you.
Cameraman 1: Promise?
Price: (In a calm voice.) I promise with all my heart, I will call a heli to come and pick us up, but for now we will have to hold our own.
Scene 3- Final Scene
Narrator: So Price and the remaining Cameraman have to fend off against the Grizzly Bear, but will they make it in time to get on the Helicopter, or will they die in the Amazon?
Price: (Picking up a sharp stick.) Grab a stick lad or something that can be used as a weapon.
Cameraman 1: John had a knife in his bag and some materials; I’ll go check his bags.
Cameraman 1: (Digging through John’s bags that lay beside his soulless corpse) I got it mate!
Price: (Surprised) You found em’?!
Cameraman 1: Here take this hatchet.
Price: (Confused.)Where in the bloody world did you lads get this stuff?
Cameraman 1: (In a quick response.) John’s friend gave them to us just incase something went wrong.
Price: Well thank god you did mate.
Cameraman 1: Yah will get ride of that Grizzly and get on the ride out of here.
Price: (With a shocked, loud voice) Watch out!!!
Cameraman 1: (Looking in all directions) What?!
Price: (Jumping in front of Cameraman 1 and getting killed by the bear.)
Cameraman 1: Price no!!!!!
Price: Aggghhhh (in pain, Mate get the heck out of here now, go!!!
Cameraman 1: Goodbye Price.
Cameraman 1: (waving hands in the air to helicopter.) Shoot the bloody bear I repeat shoot the bloody!!!
Shooter: (Aiming at the bear) I got a visual on the target, firing!
Cameraman 1: it’s over, the Grizzly is dead.

The End

The author's comments:
i thought of this story when i was going to the bathroom

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