Cameron vs Laziness

June 13, 2012
By CameronWheeler BRONZE, La Mesa, California
CameronWheeler BRONZE, La Mesa, California
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Cameron: Why must I have so much work to do?

Laziness: Well, you have wasted time from dusk to dawn, hardly putting in any time at all to do your work!

Cameron: But why my most fearsome adversary, must you do this to me?

Laziness: It is not I who does this, it is you.

Cameron: Is it not you who makes me sleep when I should be studying? Is it not you who when I most diligently sit down to work, forces me to turn on the TV? As I try to do my nights homework, is it again not you who preoccupies my mind with smaller trifles? Yes, it can be no other than you!

Laziness: Given, I may hinder you at moments when you need me least, but think of all the times I have actually helped you in your task.

Cameron: …
Laziness: Are you telling me you don’t remember the time I allowed you to not do your homework, and it turned out the teacher had assigned the wrong worksheet?

Cameron: I remember quite clearly, if it hadn’t been for you I would have gotten extra credit for doing it!

Laziness: That is so, but tell me this, which do you prefer, to sit around and not have to exert yourself, or to work until your mind is broken and overused and you turn into a robot without feeling?

Cameron: What? I won’t turn into a crazy robot if I do my homework, maybe I will actually get a good grade in a class!!

Laziness: No, scientists say that 95% of people who actually work, turn into robots by age 18.

Cameron: But I don’t want to turn into a robot!!

Laziness: Then you must listen to me! Never work again! Just sit around all day and don’t do anything, if you need inspiration, just listen to Bruno Mars. Look what I did with him, he wrote a song about me and it made him millions.

Cameron: Well, I guess you have a point.

Laziness: From now on, you must listen to me, and never do a single piece of work ever again!

Cameron: If it will truly help me succeed, then I must abide by your rules.

Laziness: That must start now, stop writing this English paper and go to bed!!!

The author's comments:
This piece is a satire of Benjamin Franklin's Franklin and The Gout.

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