The break up

June 4, 2012
By RoxyRay SILVER, St.louis, Missouri
RoxyRay SILVER, St.louis, Missouri
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Narrator:Eric and sarah have been dating for a year and everything eric does ends up being bad even if it wasn't. His girlfreind sarah and him sit in Eric's livingroom on the couch. He pulled out a neclace from his pocket.Eric:I thought you could at least thank me for the gift.(looks down to his shoes)
Sarah:Yeah but you stole it(pauses)i know you did.(Gets off the couch)
Eric:(also gets up)Were are you going? Please we make mistakes.
(Sarah stops in the middle of the hallway turning around noe facing Eric.
Sarah:Mistakes...(Louder)MISTAKES!!!I SAW YOU TAKE THAT NECLACE OFF THE RACK AND SLIP IT INTO YOUR POCKET!(Quieter)I-I thought you were different...(Continues to the front door)
Eric:I am ...(pauses)I was there for you when..
(Sarah loudly interupts)
Sarah:WHEN MY MOTHER DIED!!!!yOU WERE JUST A FREIND!!!(tears flow down her rose red cheeks.
Eric:Im sorry, i'll take the neclace back if you want me to,
Sarah:It's not if I want you to Eric,Your 18 you can make your own decisions.Mine is to stay away from you right now.(Sarah walks out the door)
Narrator:Sarah never did come back and never did talk to Eric but the week after the brake up Sarah's mother's murderer was caught With the help of Eric.He was an intern in the NYPD.He could understand a little more than others in the momment.Later that year things started to heal between Eric and sarah.

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on Mar. 23 2013 at 10:26 am
gossamergirl GOLD, Nowhere, New Hampshire
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"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." ~ Moulin Rouge

i love the story line but i feel it needs more. I feel it would be better if written as a story rather than a script but if you want to keep it a script it would still be very good to read :) Also, I would like to suggest some proofreading, just a couple spelling and grammar things. but other than that, AWESOME JOB!!!! i love it and i think you should write more! 


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