Stick Together

May 30, 2012
By Anonymous


At rise- Victoria looking boldly into the mirror, with her feet up on the desk as she talks to Jacob, one of her clients.

Victoria: It’s not like your obnoxious self would get in front of people.
Jacob: [Slouches in chair] well sorry, I don’t need the attention I can get it just walking on the street.
Victoria: [puts lipstick down] conceded much?

They both stand up staring at each other

Jacob: Why do you need to have attention? It’s like all you want. You can never go out without looking like a skank knowing that all your attention is grasping for the guys. I just think you’re pathetic.
Victoria: Well do you want to try out my job? It’s not easy. People know who I am and when I go out I have to look good. You never know who you’re going to see. I could see my boss and he could fire me if he seen me underdressed. It’s risky
Jacob: [sits down] I just think you put yourself out there way to much and it’s not necessary I know your job is risky because we work together.
Victoria: [interrupts Jacob] don’t tell me what you think because I don’t care I will dress how I want and that’s that. If it bothers you that much I’ll find a different sidekick.

Jacob walks out of the room and slams the door. Victoria’s phone starts to ring

Victoria: Hello?
Jacob: I never knew you were so stupid.
Victoria: Come back in here I have to tell you something important!
Jacob: Oh, now you need me. Well I’m long gone; you can figure this case out yourself

Victoria slams open her apartment door and breaks a glass vase.

Victoria: mhmm, long gone I see
Jacob: [puts hand over face] what do you need to tell me?

Jacob walks into Victoria’s house and takes caution

Victoria: Boss just called me, and he didn’t sound so good!
Jacob: Okay? And that’s important?
Victoria: [pacing back and forth] No really Jacob he sounded like he was hurt.
Jacob: I’m pretty sure he’s fine Victoria! He’s a superhero, if he was hurt he would heal in five seconds, not even more like two seconds. You really think he is hurt? He’s unstoppable.
Victoria: [looks out big window]
Jacob: I sense that he’s close, actually really close! I think he’s here.

Knock, Knock, Knock

Victoria: Who is it?
Jacob: It’s just dad Victoria. He’s been here the whole time!
Victoria: I wish I could see him. I miss him so much. You know I don’t even know how to use half of my powers. I learn I have new ones like every day!

Victoria and Jacob sit on the couch and Jacob wraps his arm around Victoria

Jacob: I wish I could see him too. Only if Dad and mom didn’t split apart, we would be able to see him, but he got to weak and couldn’t do his job so his body just gave out on him and his soul left him. But he will always be with us I promise.
Victoria: I know I just wish we had both are parents back. It would be so much easier! It’s not the same just hearing dad’s voice. I don’t even remember what moms voice sounds like.
Jacob: yeah, I know what you mean. Dad was very upset when we were fighting like that and so was I because we are always going to be in this together! You shield the good people and I throw fire at the bad people. We can never split up.
Victoria: We definitely can’t make it on are own. [Vanessa hugs Jacob].
Jacob: I love you Victoria! We need to stop fighting because dad gets very upset and he is are boss so he can take our powers away and we both don’t want that!

Victoria and Jacob connect there pinkies and promise to never argue again

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