The Viewers of Life: What Happened to you Mercusio

May 26, 2012
Scene: Vorania High School Courtyard after school. Mercusio is sitting writing a poem. Two Logical Viewers walk up to him.

1st Logical Viewer: Hey Mercusio, wanna play some football?

Mercusio: Hello Tommy, Hello Paul. Thank you for the offer, but no thank you, I have to finish this poem, and...

Paul: Let me see that! (grabbing Mercusio's notebook.) He begins reading: Oh Azalea thou beest the most beautiful, elegantly sexiest girl I know. (He stops)What the cr*p is this Mercusio?

Mercusio:(grabs the notebook)it's for Azalea Anrayes.

Tommy: You mean that Beautiful Viewer Chick. What's so great about her?

Mercusio:I think she's a very lovely young lady.

Paul: no dude. she's weird, and she's too romantic, and she's to pretty that she's ugly. (He laughs, and Tommy joins with him.)

Mercusio (now angry) SHUT UP PAUL! you don't even know what Azalea is like. She's Beautiful, Talented, and She's my lover.

Tommy: Lover? Mercusio, you're 17. I swear Mercusio, you are from a different era.

Mercusio: Well I rather be from a different era, and I can be a Lover if I want, because I'm Beautiful Viewer.

Paul: Well let's see if you can be a lover of this!
(He slaps Mercusio across the face)
The boys begin fighting.

Later on Mercusio who is full of scars gives his poem to Azalea.

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